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Hello world :). First I want to thank everyone -...

Hello world :). First I want to thank everyone - and I do mean everyone for posting your experience...now it's time to share mine.

I have suffered back pain for a few years. I am 30 and have no children. I wanted to wait until I married/had kids but who knows when that will happen lol. Anyway, I need relief. I have considered a BR for over a year. If you are thinking about having a reduction read on and check out the other experiences. I am sure most of you can relate to the saying(s): I didn't realize how large my chest was, I didn't realize I was uncomfortable or in as much pain. I can definitely say that I have gotten used to the pain & discomfort. I am 5'5 and weigh 220lbs...I know right.. I have always had a "chest/bust" even when my dress size was in the single digit range lol. My wake up call came when I was told that I am a DDD/E size. I gave up. I am going to give a brief rundown of my experience so far...

Watched a show called Embarrasing Bodies...Saw a lady with a large bust speak with the doctors about back pain and breast reduction (BR) options, I felt like it was a wake up call.

I go with my "gut" (instinct) and call a PS (plastic surg..) to see if I can get a consultation. The receptionist is very nice. She verified my insurance (in network), and set up an appointment for me to come in on Sat. 5/19....I'm thinking ok, too good to be true.

Consultation day. My only relief is wearing a sports bra. I check in, wait in my robe and say hello to the doctor when he comes in. He greets me, reviews my paperwork, and immediately discusses how the surgery will be performed, time frame for recovery, and the time frame for the day of surgery. I haven't opened my robe yet!!! I then tell him that I want my insurance company to cover the surgery. He says that it should not be a problem, and that I am a great canidate for the surgery. He made me feel comfortable, and took my measurements, and photos of my breasts to include with my pre-cert for the insurance company. I leave feeling like I'm on cloud 9 and sched a follow up appt for 2 wks later...

2 Weeks later...
The insurance company BlueCross Blue Shield has "not received" my paperwork from the doctor's office. I call the doctor's office and they explain they have forwarded everything to the insurance company. I continue calling both and agree to cancel my follow up appointment :( with the doctor.

-- Insurance woes...I wonder if it is me or if the people for the claims dept for BCBS (and Care First) really hate their jobs. I rcvd the same response "we have not rcvd anything from your doctor & you have a preferred PPO ... you don't need apprvl/pre-cert as long as it is "deemed" medically nec your claim will be reviewed and paid (hell no - I want confirmation just like the dr)... I even check the mailbox daily for my approval letter (it was really bad). It is funny that I realized how much pain I was in daily and ignoring it. I said that I would be patient and wait for the ins co to rcv my paperwork.

I continue to follow up with the ins co and my doctor's office.

I have purchased so many ice packs and keep taking aleve/pain meds to numb the pain. I notice pain from my upper-mid back, shoulders. I stop watching Nurse Jackie because I start dreaming about my BR surgery and pain meds...

I speak with a rep at my dr office - she tells me they sent my pw to the local BCBC location, and it was forwarded to pre-certification on 6/4. I am really starting to lose faith but keep my cool and tell her that I will follow up with the ins co.

Finally - 6/25/12
I follow my "gut" and call the ins co. I am again routed to pre-certification and speak with a friendly rep (for the 1st time). I explained when my doctor's office sent the paperwork. I ask if they need the dr office to resend the pw and the rep provides a fax # for their department. He explained that it could have been "routed to another department in error". I give the info to my dr office.

I rcvd a voice mail from the dr office stating that I am "approved". I was in so much shock I played the voicemail at least 8 times...

I scheduled my pre-op appt for 7/3. My tentative date for surgery is 7/27 (they will confirm this with the surgery center where I will have my BR).

so now that you have the timeline...keep the faith.

- here are a few things that I will verify 7/3 and keep you all posted on:

my out of pocket expense
how much my dr plans to remove *intially he advised I would be C cup (works for me)
the type of pain meds that I will be on
recovery time

surgical bras (do I get one or have to but it ... and can I purchase more than 1 if they provide it)

surgery prep (do I have to take an enema or anything like that) and what my cut off time is for my last meal before surgery

aftercare / post op

I cannot think of anything else but will keep you updated and will post photos of the before/after

Oh., I did verify that my doctor is a board certified PS before my consulation, and checked to see if there were claims and his ratings so far so good..

Peace & Blessings

After posting this I hit all-time high with my...

After posting this I hit all-time high with my back pain. I had to go to Care Now to see a doctor after work. I feel much better, but I have to make sure that I let the doctor know about my prescribed pain meds. I'm so excited I have my pre-op appointment today with the doctor, and I have a long list of questions lol. Will keep you updated.

Okay I went to my pre-op appointment. Everything...

Okay I went to my pre-op appointment. Everything went well we discussed my to do list before and after surgery. I don't have to buy anything, But I did request that they have an additional bra so I'll buy that on the day of my surgery. I went over the amount that they'll remove - so far he expects to remove 700 cc from each breast. Change in plans....I'm having the surgery on July 11. I am so excited I put my prescriptions on file at the pharmacy and we'll pick those up Friday or beginning of next week. I'm going to keep you updated, but I need to take something for my back. I hope everything is well for everyone. I will follow up with The Surgery Ctr., Friday or Monday to verify my out-of-pocket expense otherwise everything is in order peace and blessings.

Okay so I still have back pain but I'm ready for...

Okay so I still have back pain but I'm ready for surgery next week. I'm waiting on my doctors office to return my FMLA paperwork to my job. I plan to go in on Monday to pick it up in case they didn't get a chance to send it today. I made a list of a few items that I need to pick up for the day of surgery but mainly it'll be snacks and things to keep me comfortable. I'm not nervous about the surgery I'm just ready to have it because I'm tired of this back pain. I will say it does seem surreal because it's next week. I have received so much support so again thank you. I called the surgery center where I will have surgery today. The rep in admissions told me that my insurance is going to pay 100 % and I don't have to pay a deductible copayment! I will pick up my prescriptions for the surgery tomorrow and run errands to get everything in order for my surgery. I hope everyone is recovering well and that those who are waiting on insurance don't have to wait long I'll keep you updated :).

Ok my phone is acting up. My surgery is sched at...

Ok my phone is acting up. My surgery is sched at 11:00 tomorrow. Its after midnight and I am starving. I plan to arrive at the surgery center at 8:30/9. I confirmed again that I will not have to pay anything out of pocket. I am nervous about my expected size. My doc said he will remove 700 cc from each breast and I should be a C cup. I am not nervous .... yet about surgery just ready forbthe back/neck/shoulder pain to end. I purchased another bra at the dr office for s46. I wanted an extra bra just in case. I asked if I needed to buy anything or gauze, and the rep at my dr office said no. She also gave me some gauze. So....remember that it does not hurt to ask questions. I did not have to buy anything else except a few baggy shirts. I could not find any cute button down pajama tops....i wanted something soft and comfy. I was told a loose top will be fine. This is new since it is also my 1st surgery. I stocked.up on Pinkberry, and have everythimg ready. Mu surgery will last 3-3 1/2 hrs. Can't upload pics now but I will later. Well, thats it for now. Thanks everyone for your support ;) I think that helped keep me calm...so far. So on that note ... GOODBYE GRANNY TATAS!

It's almost a week since my surgery. Sorry for the...

It's almost a week since my surgery. Sorry for the delay but I've been out of it and weak. I went to the doctor earlier today because I thought I had an infection but I didn't. I'm extremely tired walking up & down stairs wears me out. But everyone heals/feels different after surgery, and I've never had surgery. The surgery went great. I believe I was in surgery for 3 to 3 and half hours. They couldn't find a vein in either of my hands so they put me to sleep with gas then found a vein in my arm. When I woke up the nurse put a bra on and Lost her grip so is snapped back...that hurt. I made it home took my meds and slept propped up on pillows. My mom has been a wonderful nurse so far my breasts look better and my back pain is gone away pretty much. I'll try and get some photos for you all tomorrow or by the end of the week. I definitely don't regret it and don't care about the scarring I just wanted to feel better. Before you have your surgery ask your doctor how much they plan to remove, what they recommend that you should wear on the day of your surgery. My doctor recommended that I take a multivitamin that has fiber after my surgery. Before your surgery ask your doctor how you should apply gauze to your breasts or in your follow-up appointment. I should be able to apply scar treatment in 2 weeks. I'm tired of sleeping on my back but I'm comfortable propped up with pillows lol. There is tightness in my chest but that is ok since I'm not at work I'm able to stay home and recover. I'm getting drowsy again so I'll follow up with you all later have a great week and don't lose hope for those who are waiting :)
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

He was in network, and a family member had a surgical procedure done by the doctors brother.

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I live in the St.Louis area. I am having all of the pains and problems that go along with the "big breast". I had a consultation and was told yes I need a reduction. My problem is that my insurance company wont cover it at all! What do I do now? Isn't this an expensive surgery?
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glad to see your doing good i cant wait for big day patients patients is the virtue hehehehe yes post pics soon .... : )
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Glad to hear that you are recovering well. If you are taking pain meds that will really make you drowsy. But certainly don't let yourself suffer in pain! Before long you will have more energy than you know what to do with. Congratulations!
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hey just coming threw your page to see how you are doing i hope surgery went well god bless you and keep us posted post some pics soon ok...
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Hope everything went well! Can't wait to hear from you!!
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Good luck MG!! ((hugs))
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hey girlie two more days i know you are so excited see you soon....
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Wow, that is wonderful that your insurance is covering it 100%! Congrats! Life really is different when that pain isn't a constant burden. I have been more active this past year than I've ever been in my adult life. It has truly improved the quality of my life.
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right im gonna need your help with all that so yes one week for you and 4 months for me wow heeheheheheheh but im coo girl im just being patient but yes keep us up dated ok i need to know what i need but they will tell me that at my pre op appt right....
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Thank you so much November will be here before you know it. I'm figuring out what I need to purchase and do this weekend so I can be comfortable lol.
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its getting closer and closer girl good luck at pre op appt today god bless...
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Hi MG82: I am 5 weeks post op. I watched the same episode of Embarrassing Bodies!! And I listened to every word on the edge of my seat!! My consultation was beginning of April..and I had my surgery on 5/30. This has been the best decision Ive made for myself. I went from a 38H to a 38D and I am in love with my new "body". Because it really does change your body image. This site has been a God-Send. Good Luck!!
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Thank you so much. I hope everything went well with your recovery also. For me every day I am more and more aware of the back shoulder and neck pain. I can't believe I put up with it for so long lol. I will keep everyone updated.
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Thank you and I definitely will keep you posted. I'm glad you're happy about your surgery results and I hope that I'll be a full C. After my first post my back pain was so bad I had to go to a after hours doctor, and they gave me two pain scripts and one for back spasms that really helped a lot. I am so ready for the surgery :)
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Congrats MG! It took my ins co a long time to approve my BR as well. I was ready to give up. I am 14 wks post and love my C cups. They are such an improvement and a big relief to my shoulders. No more migraines no more neck spams! Good luck and pls keep us posted :).
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Oh ok! Well it's just been a little over a month for me and I would do it
All over again! A lot of bruising right now, but I can handle it. I'm going to post
Pictures today.....
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This really helps me a lot. I think I'll take bruising versus the back pain lol. It seems surreal to have the surgery since I waited so long for the insurance company to respond.
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I'm 10 1/2 months post-op and am so happy that I had the surgery. I will be excited to hear your updates as you progress through this next month and recovery!
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Thank you so much! I can't wait today is my pre-op appointment with the doctor. I need to get more pictures up. I'm going to wait until the day before the surgery and go get fitted again so I can list my final measurements for you all.
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Best wishes to you! You are going to love it! I was approved in April and had my surgery 5/24/12...... Love them!!!!! I was a 34DDD.... Not sure where I am as of yet. I'm out of the surgical bra's(thank god) and just patiently waiting for the bruising and swellen to go away. Your Doctor will provide your surgical bra, I was giving two and had to wear them for 5 weeks. Not too bad, but hot! The worst part of surgery for me was the recovery. I was totally sick!!!! Dizzy, nausea and all! But it was expected being that I was in surgery for 5 1/2 hours. Other than that I has no pain when I eft the hospital the next day. That's right absolutely no pain! Thank you Jesus!!!!!!!!! But anyway good luck an congratulations, this is a worth while journey to take.
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Wow that really helps me I feel much better and I'm excited about the surgery. I'm going to take my time for the recovery and will definitely stay inside because it is hot in Texas. Thanks :) I'm going to have a bra burning before I have my surgery.
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