Breast Reduction June 13 - Dallas, TX

Hi I have been lurking for awhile but have...

I have been lurking for awhile but have finally decided to join since my surgery is in just 23 days! I am 49 yrs old and I weigh 152 lbs. (recently gained about 5 lbs that I cannot get off~ so frustrating!!) On June 13th I am getting a breast reduction, lower eye lid, and chin lipo.
I am wearing a 34DDD in Wacoal brand bras right now. My doctor asked me to bring in a Wacoal bra in the size I wanted to be. I would like to be a 34C, I think. But, the picture of me wearing the 34C makes a 34C look REALLY small. After reading all the reviews here I am really hesitant to ask for a D because it seems like more women are wishing they had gone smaller than bigger.


Well I'm two days out and about what I expected as far as pain is concerned. They are a lot smaller bot the drains sure get in the way. Lol. Stille pretty weak and will add more and some pics later.
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Congrats on your upcoming surgery! I can't say enough good things about this awesome surgery . I can't wait to hear about your experience . Best of luck .
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Welcome to the community and thank you for crossing over to the other side:)


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3 days post op

Bandages off and first showe


Thanks! I took in a wacoal bra in 34d...that the dr made measurements from as he marked me up for surgery. None of my friends can really tell that they are smaller now.... Everyone says that I hid them well.... Which I was not trying to do. Anyway, I know they are way smaller!!!
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You look great!
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What size did you end up asking for? Looking great!
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Almost 3 weeks

Almost 3 weeks. Most of original tape still on. Love them!


You are looking awesome!!! Are you still in the surgical bra? Did you end up asking for the C, or the D?
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Thanks! I asked for D cup. The doctor had me put on the 34d cup bra before surgery so he could see approx how much to take off. I spilled out almost as much as on the c cup in the photo. The doctor exclaimed "wow" when he saw me in it. I don't think I look much smaller to most people. ...I am not going around asking everyone! To me they look tiny when I am undressed and in clothing they still look "ample". Main thing is that I am so much more comfy. I was just in bandages for 5 days. The nurse said the stitches would hold everything up for that long. Then I started wearing a fruit of the loom front closing bra. At night I have been wearing a cotton sports bra that just pulls on. A couple of nights for comfort I have just worn a tank top b/c of soreness. I figured as long as I was on my back it wouldn't hurt anything.
Yeah, being comfortable is the most important thing! Good for you :)

1 month

I keep thinking they are still big...but then I wear a bathing suit or tank top and they err WAY smaller.

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6 1/2 weeks

I feel great! I have an appt tomorrow. I still have some tape on. I was instructed to let it fall off on its own. I was replacing it up until a few days ago.
I have very little tenderness on my incision lines and I am back to normal activity and lifting. I went to a Zumba class this week but I have not gone running yet.. I have been sleeping on my side still and will try to continue that. I wish I was a little smaller ( and it just my boobs!) but overall I am so happy I did this.

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6 1/2 weeks with some remaining tape.

(Last post I meant NOT just my boobs)


Appt went well! Said everything looks good. Nurse said I could use scar treatment stuff or vitamin E. She said it is fine if I don't... that the treatment would just speed up the process. I think I'll just use a little vit E oil.
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You look great! It looks like you're healing perfectly. Let us know how you're appointment goes.
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Ugh! "your" We need an edit button.

Finally a bra I like!

I actually fit into a 36d sports bra! Yea! It is nice and snug so I can feel comfortable running. I am a little worried it might be too tight in my scars. I'll try it tomorrow. I am not sure of the brand.

I finally found an everyday bra that I love! It is a Bali comfort revolution in size SMALL!! I got a pack of 2 for $23. The cups are soft, but have a nice division between them and it hooks in back. I was getting tired of rolling bras down over my head! I'll post phot of the package.

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I meant 34 d.... For sports bra...which is size I requested!


How awesome! You look great!!!! I'm so happy that you're thrilled with your results! You definitely should be :)) I cannot wait to feel the joy that you're expressing right now!!!! Yay for you!
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Past the 3 month mark

It has been about just over 3 months and I am SOOOO happy I had the BR done. I still have those days when all I want to do is come home after work and take off my bra... but it feels AWESOME to go braless!!! Bathing suits are so easy to find now too. I haven't gone running yet - several reasons... tired from work, a little lazy, but also b/c I still need and want to wear a very tight supportive sports bra and I am a little bit sore where my scars are. I'll add pictures soon and I'll report back when I do begin running again.


Which surgeon performed your surgery. I live in Houston but my family suggest I get the surgery in Dallas so that they can all be with me during recovery. I prefer to go to dallas as well
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