Hello to all the brave ladies! First and...

Hello to all the brave ladies!
First and foremost "thanks" to so many of you for poring out your hearts and sharing your most intimate thoughts and emotions. You've been great and your stories have given me courage and inspiration to move forward with this live changing decision.
I turned 40 in May and that's when the decision was finalized. Now I wait.....I'm scared, excited, worried, and a little overwhelmed and wish I could just speed up time....

I have a few concerns and thought I'd ask the experts; you.
My pre-op is coming up soon, it's scheduled for Friday, October 16th - are there any specific questions I should ask my PS at that point? I've only met him once before, during my FREE initial evaluation. I was really nervous then and I'm sure I'll feel similarly this time around. I mean, who wants to let it all hang out in front of a strange man.....right? Certainly I may not ask all the right questions, so I'm counting on your guidance.

I've also read many of you talk about purchasing a post surgical bra. Several recommend; Annette Seamless Brest Surgery Bra, it's pricey, but is it worth it? Others mention purchasing a simple "sports" bra from Wal*Mart. Any suggestions on this topic?

Also, my biggest wonder - WHAT SIZE bra do I purchase? Since I'll be getting a reduction do I go with the size of my "new boobs", or do I purchase the post surgery brazier to match my actual current size? I keep pondering about this...

One more curious thought: What is you advice on purchasing/using healing supplements and vitamin kits. How about ARNICA Oil, a natural supplement which supposed to reduce bruising after surgery - have any of you used? And if so, what were the results.

I also have a some what of a "dumb" question, but I'm going to ask it anyways. I've been extremely lucky never to have to have been hospitalized > so, what does one bring with them for an overnight stay during this type of surgery?

Thanks in advance for any advice offered,

No pictures available at the moment, but I promise to do a couple of uploads this weekend so you can all see the before, then after results! o:)

Hello everyone! I'm scheduled for surgery on Nov...

Hello everyone! I'm scheduled for surgery on Nov 2nd and getting more nervous by each day. I'm scared of what they will look like, but am mostly concerned about the recovery and the time it'll take until I'm able to move around comfortably again. I'm taking 3 weeks off from work - but will this be sufficient amount of time? I'd really hate to call in requesting additional time off - no one knows about my procedure and I'd like to keep it that way.
Still haven't had the chance to upload a few photos, but will try to do so this weekend.

As the countdown continues; 2 weeks to go (exactly...

As the countdown continues; 2 weeks to go (exactly 2 weeks). Completed my blood work this afternoon - it's starting to feel more real now.....

Had my preop this afternoon. Everything seems to...

Had my preop this afternoon. Everything seems to be in order. I asked my PS about natural remedies, i.e. armica, natural scar oils, etc. He's recommendation was not to take or use anything at this time. He feels there are no known studies that proof beneficial results. As a matter of fact he mentioned cases where users have had negative effects. I guess I'll skip it for now. He also suggested I hold off with purchasing any sports bra's. Since I'll be given one after surgery he suggested I wait and see what will fit best a little later on.
Then there is the "size" issue I'm having. During my first visit we really didn't focus or talk much about my desired breast size. I remember the Doc mentioning something about making me a full C - which I don't want. I know some will probably think I'm nuts, but my wish is to be smaller than a C. I've had "big, hanging boobs" for most of my live - I refuse to go through all of this only to end up with a C. What if they naturally get a little bigger, then what - I'll be back to a D. No, no - I want to be smaller, but have concerns whether or not my PS will listen.

Well, it's Tuesday night, tomorrow will be...

Well, it's Tuesday night, tomorrow will be Wednesday, then Thursday and then "THE DAY". Getting more nervous and my job is driving me nuts. Everyone is panicking not knowing how they'll manage without me for the next three weeks. I guess it's good in a way that things are a bit chaotic at work as it helps me forget and not dwell about BR. Hang in there "Nov2Team"!

Thursday night - about 16 hrs to go. Trying not...

Thursday night - about 16 hrs to go. Trying not think about it, except the all day stomach knots are making it impossible to forget. Next update will be, hopefully, after a successful procedure.

Nov 5, 2012, 3 rd day after surgery. I'm adding a...

Nov 5, 2012, 3 rd day after surgery. I'm adding a few pictures we took yesterdays evening during initial home exposure...Will write later...ap

Today is Thursday, 6th day after surgery. I feel...

Today is Thursday, 6th day after surgery. I feel good, although still extremely swollen, especially on the sides where I had lipo done. The breasts remain hard like rocks. When I touch them I feel like someone had beat'n them up with rocks. My surgery went very well, lasting as anticipated about 4 hrs. I had no after effects to anesthesia, except a little nausea, but only for a very short period of time while I was still in recover room. And by the time they rolled me back to my room and gave me H2O I was fine. No hallucinations, or emotional distress, etc. I was given 2 pain killers, chatted a little with my family and before I knew it, I was out a sleep and resting.
I'm really surprised to read some of the other reviews from woman who had surgery on or around my date. I'm puzzled as to their burst of energy and the ability to immediately start running bra-less errands. I understand that everyone's healing process is different, but I was hesitant to remove my brazier even only to take a shower. I felt uneasy, thinking I may disrupt a scar or move something out of place. Secondly, as long as I was taking the pain meds the only thing my body wanted to do was sleep, or at least lay still as I rested. Strange..... Other than that, for all those anticipating their bid day I only have few suggestions; make sure you have someone who can be with you for at least 3 days. You'll need help with stuff like getting out of bed and going to the bathroom. ESPECIALLY if your doctor leaves your drains in. Mine were removed the morning after surgery before I was DC home and since, I've had no drainage what so ever. Ohh, and by the way, for all those petrified and wondering whether or not it's painful - it's NOT. It took my Doc 30 seconds to pull one then the other out. I couldn't even tell when he started or when he was done. I knew he was coming to take them out at around 7:30 am, just before my discharge, so to ease the pain in case there was any, I took my pain pill about an hour before I saw him. Also, as long as you'll continue to take the pain drugs your head will spin a little - it's safer to have someone around during that time. I took my pain meds for the first three days and then only one at bedtime. My first shower w/washing hair and all was only yesterday - my Mom assisted, bless her heart. The days before were only quick wash-ups on my knees in the bathtub - which was sufficient. I wanted to keep the wounds dry for as long as I possibly could. I continue to wear gauze and padding inside my surgical bra and have had help changing my dressings daily. Although as mentioned, luckily there has been no bleeding so there's not much that needs changing. I'll take a few new pictures, maybe later today and post them for you to see. Wishing everyone well healing and best of luck to all those going into surgery shortly. ap

Took another shower today, this time all on my own...

Took another shower today, this time all on my own - although my Mom insisted on coming over to the house, just in case I ran into any issues.....:o) She's really been there for me the most, I'm lucky to have her. I'll add some more pictures - but I don't see much change, not yet. I'm still very swollen, and the breasts feel like they are full of heavy rocks. My scars are deep and very noticeable, probably because of how much was taken out + the lipo. I hope......Looking around, some of the Ladies look so beautiful, as if they never even had a reduction. I'm trying not to worry and remain optimistic that the chopped up look will disappear with time.

OMG, I don't know what happened or what I may have...

OMG, I don't know what happened or what I may have done, but my boobs are KILLING me today. I haven't had to take my pain meds for days and tonight I plan on taking one + a sleeping pill. I am hurting really bad. Has anyone experienced this? I don't know what's going on????? Tomorrow is my f/u appt with my PS - thank God! Maybe he can tell me why this pain all of the sudden.

Had my first PostOp f/u - the doc said EVERYTHING...

Had my first PostOp f/u - the doc said EVERYTHING is looking "great" and healing as it should be.....hummmm When asked about the sudden pain, he said that's normal and I may have these types of episodes again in the future. He confirmed it may have been from overdoing it, or maybe the boobies are "adjusting" - that's my theory! Got a refill on pain meds, just in case. Will take pic this weekend to show progress and changes in shape. Hope everyone is doing well! lol

All of the sudden I have a small open wound under...

All of the sudden I have a small open wound under my right breast....? The scabs were large in that area and although healing and drying out, I think wearing a tighter bra disturbed them and opened up a wound. I've switched back to the original surgical bra and am hoping the wound will close in a day or two......

...No idea how this happened, but all the pictures...

...No idea how this happened, but all the pictures I had posted disappeared - nice, real nice!!!!

Going back to work tomorrow - I don't know how I'm...

Going back to work tomorrow - I don't know how I'm gonna' make it....Otherwise I feel fine, just very sensitive still, and swollen. Will let you all know what kind of effect a long work day will have on me tomorrow. Happy healing my friends!

Well Ladies - I'VE MADE IT! I've SURVIVED my first...

Well Ladies - I'VE MADE IT! I've SURVIVED my first day back at work. I'm a little tired and feel a bit more swollen now, but maybe this is all in my head...lol Let's see how the rest of the week plays out. Lots of hugs to all!

Doing great and feeling just as well. Will try to...

Doing great and feeling just as well. Will try to take and post some new photos to show changes and healing. LOVE the new, small boobies! They are so much more comfortable, accomodating and easier to live with this size. For all the "new sols" who are considering, debating and pondering whether or not to go through with it - DO IT! It's the best decision I've ever made and have no regrets. ap

just passed the 6 mo mark.

I will take pictures in a day or so and post at least a few. Gosh, looking at this journey - how different the girls look now!

3 mo short a year....

Hello Ladies! Hope everyone is feeling great and their bubbies look fantastic! What a difference the way mine look today.....I must post a few photos - promise to do as soon as I can motivate my sister take a couple of good shots....

Almost 1 yr post procedure (Nov 4th 2013)

I feel fantastic! However, will be going back in October for a little more suction on side of each BR. Not enough fatty tissue was removed leaving each breast with a little bit of a "diamond" shape look - hate that. Posting a few pic's - scars are almost invisible....
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I am going back for lipo on sides in january and a small revision where drain was..not really looking forward to hurting..but i need the sides gone to feel better, and for them to sit better...and the revision is simple..so he said!! good luck..i will follow your recovery for more inspiration
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I am 4 months postop and the changes my breasts have hone through are amazing . I am so happy with my results . .So glad to hear you are going well .
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I am anxious to see your 6 month pics :-) I am 37 days post op and wonder what I will look like at 6 months .
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Yes, I will definitely post a few real time pictures. But you have to remember that everyone is different and your body will shape accordingly and it may not look the same as anybody else's. I have very little visible scaring and the shapes have evened out as well. I'm not in any pain or discomfort and the only concerns I have is the fact that I have not regained feeling in the entire breasts. I'm wondering if other Ladies experience this too? I also have two, tiny pointy areas of skin sticking out a bit on each side of the breast near my underarms - I think a little more fat needed to be suctioned out in that area. But I have a f/u visit w/my PS in two weeks and will discuss options. He'll probably have to make small incisions and correct that. We will see....
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so glad u dont regret it. its hard to see how things will shaped right after surgery but now omg its amazing to see the changes. i dont regret mine either! glad ur doing well hon!
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Thanks Sassycharly - you're looking fabulous yourself! And thank you for all your bra displays = I've taken a lot of advice from you on brands and styles.
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Your scars look so good! I am 4 weeks post op and still so red and a little scabby!!
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congratulations! so happy for you!
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Thanks for sharing your story. I had lots of hardness on the sides of the scars and i didn't think it was normal but the doctor said it was. i am glad to see your healing well and happy with results
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Congrats on surviving your first day back at work! I was definitely tired and more swollen my first few days back. I worked a few short days and napped almost every day when I came home. Just remember you're still healing so rest when you can. You're looking great and healing up really well!
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Good advice - I keep forgetting, probably like many of us, that the healing process for this lasts a while. You look wonderful! Your scars seem to have vanished so quickly, are you using anything in particular? I plan on starting applying Mederma, but probably not until next week once all the scabbing falls off. o:)
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Looking great hun & hope work goes ok. Healing hugs x
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I think ur girls look great !! They will shape and soften in the next few months. Ur healing well ESP in the front!! Hope work was ok for u xxx
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Thanks guys, as always for all your amazing support and positive feedback! Made it through my first day at the "sweatshop," will try to do the same again tomorrow! Hugs to all!
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Good luck tomorrow..you look great! And you won't have to carry extra baggage any more...that's a big plus!!. Congratulations!!!
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Thanks so much natalierw - I'm mentally physicking myself out. Had a rough night, couldn't sleep and when I did doze off, I kept waking up every couple of hours....How are you doing? Your date is getting closer - you must be very excited....o:)
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you will do grreat and if you tire.rest. yes one day i cant wait.next day i dread it!!
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Take it easy at work tomorrow. I hope that you will do fine, If not call your PS and tell him you need another week off, due to separation anxiety!!!! Just kidding.
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LOL! I see your "big day" is tomorrow - wonderful! Congratulations! No need to be nervous, not at all - this experience is NOT painful at all! They'll give you meds for after the surgery and all you'll need to do to insure quick and safe recovery is to get plenty of rest and keep your arms down for a while. Not sure if you have someone who will be assisting you right after - I hope so, as this will make a tremendous difference in your recovery. Be well, I'll think of you tomorrow and pls update us on your progress as soon as you can! I'm happy for you!
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Thanks natalierw - they're not great looking yet, but I also know that healing after this type of surgery takes a long time and the breast will continue changing their shape and feel for moths and moths after. Therefore, I remain optimistic and hopeful that the new boobies will one day reach the desirable shape I have in mind for them.....lol
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Lookin great!!!!!
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so glad doc says its ok. rest up and take it easy this coming week. let ur body heal. its hard not to over do it when ur starting to feel better :) let us know how it goes. xxxx
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i had that a few times...off and on when i was more active. esp the during the first two weeks. if ur seeing ur doc tomorrows thats good u can mention to them that u were hurting so they can make sure ur ok. u will feel better once he deems u ok. let us know how it goes. hugs xxx
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Thanks, I feel better just knowing that this is not a isolated occurrence. We had company yesterday and I did a little "light" vacuuming and windexing in the am - I wonder if this is what caused this discomfort.....????? Hope ya'll are doing fantastic and healing well....
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No, you aren't alone. For the first 3 weeks I was in a pattern! Day 1 pushed it too hard, day 2 pain meds and rest, day 3 back to manageable - rinse, repeat. I hit 4 weeks last Thursday and this is the first string of days I've felt good. Keep your spirits up - it's very easy to get frustrated and discouraged!
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