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I'm 5'7" and weigh(ed) about 140... size 32F bras...

I'm 5'7" and weigh(ed) about 140... size 32F bras were growing tight on me and my breasts just didn't match the rest of my body. I could hide three fingers beneath the sagging and had lost fat on my shoulders from the bras digging in. It was bad enough that insurance covered approximately 90% of the costs. I had the procedure done a few days ago and I can already tell that it was a great decision. I feel lighter, my lower back feels better, and I feel more confident, even in the surgical bra. I have J shaped scars rather than the traditional anchor-shaped. Once I've healed a bit, I plan to come back and add before and after pictures.

Adding pre- and post- op pictures

I see my doctor today for my first post-op check-up! We're removing the ends of the sutures and doing a general check-in. Here are some before and after pictures. Once the incisions heal, I'll add the "final" product!

Got the surgical tape off!

I'm thrilled with the results. The scars are much smaller than I expected and are getting less noticeable every week. As you can see, my right incision is giving me some problems, I think it's a minor infection but my doctor says it's nothing to worry about. In the meantime, I'm rubbing Bio-Oil on twice a day. I see my doctor again on Tuesday, I'll keep y'all updated!

Having a hard time

Well I won't lie, I'm pretty unhappy today. I've been dress shopping and bra shopping and I'm having all the same problems that I used to have... all the dresses that fit me are too small in the breast area, but the ones that fit my breasts are too large everywhere else. Plus, I got professionally sized, and I'm a 32F... which is exactly what I was pre-surgery. My old bras even still fit. My breasts are starting to sag again (which is normal, I know, but indicative of a problem). I really wanted to go so much smaller, down to a 32C, and I'm so disappointed. I see my surgeon tomorrow for my four month check-in, and I'm not sure what to say.

I don't feel any better about my body, in fact, I feel worse. I may just be in a bad place right now, but I feel like all I got out of this surgery were some nasty scars and a lighter bank account. Have any of you guys been through this? I really don't know what to do, I'm just sad. Advice is welcome. Pictures are attached.
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Very professional and understanding. The entire UT Southwestern plastic surgery department has been wonderful, I highly suggest them.

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I think that yours look smaller and premier, and the shape is improved. I am having similar feelings to you though. I wonder if it is a four month, they have dropped and fluffed thing?
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That was meant to be perkier. I am sorry, it changed it on me!
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When I had a fitting last week (I am six weeks post-op) the lady brought a DD and I was aghast. NO WAY was I a DD! She explained that with the swelling and scarring along the sides, I needed larger space under the breast area and the wings in order to hold things in place. She brought a smaller band size as she upped the cup size. At least she explained it to me. I am still big after surgery but definitely smaller than I was and they are the same size, which was my main concern. I think yours look smaller and perkier, don't fret. Can you try on your old bras and clothes to compare?
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I've actually been wearing my old bras, they still fit perfectly. And according to my doctor I don't have any swelling. Although he seemed more concerned about my scars not being faded... So I'm going back in February to have them lazered off, which is kind of cool
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I'm a little over 2 months out; i was a 36DD/34DDD. The day after my dressings came off, they looked so small and perky- like a B/C... now, I'm afraid they seem to be close to the same size as they were before. I really wish she would have taken more out. The one difference I do notice is that my nipples are now pointing forward instead of down, which I'm happy about, but I am definitely not as small as I want to be. I have noticed that when I wear the genie bra, I can wear the button up shirts that I used to not be able to wear, but if i wear a normal bra, the buttons still pull like they did before. I understand where you are coming from, but I feel like they are getting bigger every day. Keep your head up. Let me know what your surgeon says.
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Unless your pics are showing on my computer thru a special "funhouse mirror" filter, there is no way you're an F cup.
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Hey, that are wonderful results :) What size did you want to go and what do you think they are now? Greetings
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I wanted to be about a 32C, I think they're somewhere around a C or D, so I'm pretty happy!
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You are healing nicely!
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Wow! You are looking great! This gives me great hope, as I'm about the same body size and shape as you were pre-op. I'm 5'7" and 145 and a 32FF...hoping to go down to a C...dr. asked me if I had a choice, would I rather him make me smaller or larger than a C...I said, definitely err on the smaller side! Will be following your progress.
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Good luck! I'm so happy with the results, worth every second of it.
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I told my doc the same thing, Tambu. I am a 36H
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I guess there must be some women out there who are unhappy with being smaller, but for myself, I just don't get it. Why go through all that pain and recovery and still be like a D or DD? If I go through all this and end up being not at least a C I'll be crying like a teenage girl with a bad perm. I guess sometimes they can only take so much without ruining blood supply and what not, and I guess if you are super huge, maybe a D or DD would be much smaller....not trying to judge, just trying to understand.
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It looks like you are healing nicely, I go in this week and am hoping to have the same results. Thanks for sharing, helps us future pre-oppers
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Welcome to the community.  You are going to feel so much better once you are all healed up.  Keep us up to date with your posts.

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