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So...I have talked about a breast reduction for...

So...I have talked about a breast reduction for years, but didn't really think that I would ever actually go through with it. I am so tired of having to buy tops extra big so that it will fit across my boobs. I'm tired of not being able to get cute empire waist tops or maxi dresses because my boobs are huge. My consultation is tomorrow. While I am starting to be a nervous wreck, I'm really excited to start this process towards being a C cup and am hopeful to have my medical insurance cover it.


Hi Josiahsmom, I completely understand how you feel. I'm a 42H and my PS is sure my ins will cover it. I've been putting it off for 20 yrs. I had my consult on the 5th and surgery is the the 25th. I am also excited but nervous! Hope your consultation went well!
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That is a super quick turnaround between your consultation and being able to schedule the surgery! Have you heard back from your insurance yet?


*sigh* I was very excited to have my consultation yesterday, but it ended up having to be rescheduled. Of all the days of the year to possibly come down with strep, it would be the day of my breast reduction consultation! UGH! I'm going to call today to get my new consultation date with Dr. Anigian and I have another consultation for mid-July with Dr. Young. I wish I could get everything done right away, but with my sister's wedding (in which I'm matron of honor) coming up at the end of August and moving to a house coming up about the same time...I'm probably going to be shooting for mid-September to actual schedule the surgery.

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Finally posting a pic...so looking forward to not being this large.


I completely understand your anticipation. I have talked about having a breast reduction for the past 10 years and also never thought I would go through with it. After talking to a few friends who have had it done I finally made the decision. Since the DAY I made that decision, having the surgery done has completely consumed my thoughts. I am now 3 weeks and 5 days from surgery (but who's counting, right? :)) so it will come. And it will be worth the wait. Good luck!
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Right who's keeping count and totally consumed by this??? (Raising hand slowly)
Congrats on your journey Im 2 months post opt And I had seen so many stories of people are sad that they are bigger then they wanted to be. I couldnt stress this to my surgeon when he marked me up before surgery. I think some surgeons must think B and D sound so much alike!! Good Luck I did get some itty bittys!!!
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Delayed post...consult went great!

Tuesday morning I went to the doctor and actually had my consultation. As I pulled into the parking lot, I was so nervous I wanted to throw up! Walking in...my nervousness was completely misplaced. The receptionist was kind. The nurse was so sweet.

The doctor was fantastic! She actually sketched on a piece of paper as she was explaining the surgery to me. She didn't use a bunch of medical jargon, but "dumbed it down" so that I could understand. She thinks that she can easily get me down to the C that I would like to be. I'm slightly higher risk because of the size of my breasts and what I want to go down to, so I'll have an overnight hospital stay.

Now the torturous part. Waiting to hear from insurance. 6-8 weeks!


good luck, i know the waiting will be hard
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You will get there, I promise. Last thing I did before the surgery was take a two day trip to Universal Orlando, and I have a pic of daughter and me in front of the globe landmark. All I can see is my humungous boobs LOL! Blotting out several continents! So happy now.
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It is so hard to be patient and wait to hear from the insurance company! I want to call every day and ask, but at the same time, I know I was told 6-8 weeks, so I'm trying to give it at least the 6 weeks before I start being a pest! EEK!

Updated my title...just got fitted on Friday for a strapless bra for my sister's wedding. I'm 36G. Can't wait to be SO MUCH SMALLER! (Victoria's Secret vs specialty shop...here I come!)


i hope you hear soon, i waited 23 years, don't wait any more. it is so worth it, best thing i ever ever did for myself
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Definitely call your hospital and check on your insurance claim weekly, that's what i'm doing (tomorrow)!! They always say 6-8 weeks but the insurance for my wisdom teeth got back to me in three or so. I switch insurances mid september after my birthday and the hospital wanted to wait to schedule my surgery untill 8 weeks after that and I said no way! I'm confident it won't take that long to hear back. Good luck! I wish you all the best!!!
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