My Case is Ongoing I Am a Breast Cancer Patient - Dallas, TX

Dr. ANIGIAN came highly recommended! I wore he...

Dr. ANIGIAN came highly recommended! I wore he and his staff out with a gazillion questions but they were always amazing and super professional and managed to answer all of my questions even through the high struggle! I AM STILL a work in process because I just got a bilateral mastectomy. I had a breast oncologist take care of that part of my surgery (yes she was awesome too, what can I say, I know how to pick 'em) and then just like a wrestling match, Dr.A was tagged in! Well not really but you get where I am going. Any who for now I have tissue expanders and everything looks great so far, I will be updating with photos

my first fill today

just a little entrance for my first fill
I was so nervous but per usual Ruth the nurse was super comforting and bam I got some saline and it was a successful fill. Here are some more photos of my ongoing reconstruction! Ps. I feel like I am a walking talking water bed. Love it

Aug 8 (Background)

Diagnosed with stage 2 triple negative breast cancer in January! Chemotherapy. ..check
Reconstruction part one...check! I have had great doctors and I am grateful and ready to start the next step! The next step will involve taking my tummy and turning it in to a nice pair of breast! I think it will be a Diep flap and honey let me tell you, there is plenty to give away! If only kicking cancers butt came with a stripper pole! Clutching my pearls. Hehe

More photos (Background)

sooo I have one week and a day (6) radiation treatments before.....

I get one more fill and the big surgery.December 8th. Ladies I am coasting through. Ready for my sexy post cancer body! On another note I didn't get badly.birned with radiation thanks Dr. BARKER who is extremely awesome. But my one boobie did get a little toasty tan. LMAO. Imagine that, now I have to go put the other boobie near a toaster if I wNt balance. Haha. My LIFE

more photos

I am now scheduled for February to do the big surgery! Nervous but confident that it's going to be ok! I have been instructed to get my abs and back strong and conditioned. So I am about to turn it up. I'm fully released for lifting and heavy workouts. Lets add these pictures and I'll add more in thirty days! P.s. go to mytittytriedtokillme*** for my full story and a laugh

taking the expander/fat tummy walk of shame

that last little video... Hmmm didn't Kim Kardashian shoot to fame after her video
Well guys the time has come for me to become a real woman again (sounds like Pinocchio right) these expanders have run their course and me and my fabulous self are ready for the next step! Thankful for this website. I get to be nude without consequences. Lmao. Later babe's (and yes I did see 50 shades of grey)

well guys it's done

Whew. I'm comfortable but man oh man I highly suggest yoga and pilates to help with reovery. And back exercises. Whew. I go home today

staying bent over but still got a friend d to take photos.

Ten days post op

took a solo shower almost 2 weeks post op

You know I'm healing and chilling. First few days were very challenging but my walker and I are getting around beautifully

you nasty little surgical tape

I always have one piece of tape that likes to ooze and get too fancy. Hmmph! Stay tuned for who will win the tape against mytittytriedtokillme and her incision battle

Let's see. I'm creeping closer to 4 weeks out each day

Standing taller each day! A little weeping belly button and no rest but hey......

photo shoot...again?

With my little spanx and sports bra and my Betty button after carterize process. It's still weeping but maybe it will stop being sad and be happy soon. It's only been one day. I am just by the book, I dare not mess up my surgeons work. ok. I'll keep you posted on that. Until then ciao my fellow real selfers

further proof that pesky little cat is stealing my shine

Can't just get sexy all by your self these days

still angry belly button but no infection

Just red and oozy and a little itchy so I'm letting it breathe for a bit. I'm still swollen 4 weeks post op but look how cute that tummy fits into my jailbird inspired panties

this is what angry looks like


Laughing through it all

if you only knew
The funniest journey in my life. My bellybutton is still oozing after caterize, the remix. Sounds like a movie huh?

so I find out the chemo threw me into menopause

And all of a sudden I have heavy bloating. I can't with this madness. But check out a video I made when I found out! I was a rambling meSS! LAUGHING THROUGH IT ALL
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

A great physician with great bedside manners. What more can A Girl want! Go check him out because he rocks...oh and he's handsome. Boom shakalaka

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