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I did it bc I am 31 and had my kids young and lost...

I did it bc I am 31 and had my kids young and lost a lot of weight and my breast were sagging. I looked good in a bra but that was not good enough for me. I realized that when I was naked in the bathroom that I never looked in the mirror and when I started to look I realized that my breast made me sad and I had probobly tried to avoid looking.

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If I could rate a 10 star for his bedside manner I would. At one of my pre op appointments I expressed that I was unhappy with my nipple size. He started telling me this amazing stuff he could do using my own tissue and charged me nothing extra! He is so in demand and works in like 3 or 4 departments at the hospital but if I had not done my research I would have thought he was a young surgeon trying to work hard on patients returning for another procedure. What I mean is that he will listen and keep eye contact and give lengthy replies if needed as if you are his only patient that day. I have read some bad reviews about his wait times but I have waited longer to get a Subway sandwich, and besides if you are waiting that only means that you are going to a popular doctor who takes time with every patient. I sure would not want I "drive threw" breast proedure. I have never met a surgeon that is this talented and sooo handsome and not cocky. Maybe the popularity remarks have not been relayed to him yet but he is unlike any PS I have met.

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It is totally crazy what those babies do to our breasts. 

You sound completely happy and loving your new body.  That's wonderful:)  When did you have this done?


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I had it done on 6/2 and since my last post I developed an ulcer from stress in my stomach. I could not eat or drink much for almost 2 weeks off and on. I think that stalled my healing and I have an open sore were my bra sits! Dr. T said it should be ok I see him in 2 days.
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Sorry you are going through all of that:(   Hang in there and take good care of yourself. 

Please update us on how you are doing ok?

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Hey guys, thank u for all of the support. I needed it! A lot of things have gone wrong for me in my personal life since I have had surgery. It was not related to the surgery just regular stuff. I did develop an ulcer in my stomach from freaking out over everything. That caused me to throw up for almost 2 weeks when I tried to eat or even drink water!!! Not good when you are healing. I developed what I finally decided had to be a pressure wound that was getting infected. I came to this conclusion based on pics and blogs on reliable sites. I saw Dr. Trussler today, I almost fell off the table when he took a look at me and all I remember is a lot of good things must have been said BC he was smiling. Then he actually threw in the word FABULOUS! I could not believe it. I was prepared to get a good lecture on healing considering I have lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks from the ulcer, but he didn't. He did say buy some carnation instant breakfast and eat really well. But I was worrying myself sick and that is sad. And the "pressure sores" that I diagnosed myself with tuned out to be crazy 2 to 4 inch dis solvable stitches that he had already pulled out of the hole before I could even feel it. I was also told to stay off the internet, which in my case is a good idea until I get a little better. Can you guys imagine if I had found that suture and pulled on it and it came out 4 inches long! I know I would have decided right then and there that my new boob was going to completely unravel like a sweater before I could get to him. You guys, seriously need to read my story every time you start to worry. I left his office and actually sang with the windows down, no A/C in 100 degree 5 o'clock Dallas tollway traffic! I realized that I feel better tonight than I have in two months and it is because I have the most awesome and talented surgeon in Dallas and because after all I had been threw in 2 weeks he still thought I looked great! Nothing else changed but just knowing I am OK is so nice. And the way that I read I was supposed to dress the wound was all wrong!! All I needed was a bad aid! So do yourselves a favor and go to Dr. Trussler for surgery and only use these sites for moral support and not if you are mentally unstable!! Ha Ha just kidding but kinda serious. I am a worrier because i tend to have bad luck. But if I would have seen him as soon as I thought some thing was wrong, I might not have an ulcer who knows but if anything else scares me I will make the long drive from Aubrey, TX just to fell as good as I do tonight. My boobs do look good I may put a pic up in the future but not until it is one that would not help any woman to self diagnose. See you guys in 6 weeks when I see him again and he said I should be healed up then!!
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