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Hi, I am 31 years old and a proud mommy of 3. I...

Hi, I am 31 years old and a proud mommy of 3. I breastfed all 3 of my children until they were well past a year old and wouldn't trade it for anything but it wreaked havoc on my breasts! I have been saying for years that one day I would one day get breast implants and possibly a lift, so when my husband agreed a few months ago to let me go for a consultation I couldn't believe it! I am extremely self conscious of my breasts and how saggy and deflated they have gotten over the years! My aureolas also stretched out quite a bit from breastfeeding and my nipples have kind of collapsed.

I feel very comfortable with my surgeon and believe that he is the best Dr. for me. I will be having an anchor lift and have requested that I want my breasts to be perky, not too big, and not too small! (What more could a woman want, right?!) My Dr. did not try to push a lift, but when I showed him the results that I wanted to achieve, he said it wouldn't be realistic without a lift. I don't want "porn star" boobs by any means, but don't want to go so small that it isn't worth it either, since I have heard so many women say that they wish they had gone bigger. My goal is NOT to attract attention with my breasts...I consider myself to be a very conservative, down to earth person. I don't want to wish I had gone bigger either. I am trusting that my surgeon will make sure that the implant fits my frame. I am going with silicone memory gel.

My surgery is scheduled for Monday, August 6th, so it is just a couple days away! Super excited, and of course, nervous! I have gotten my list of OTC medications, and have picked up my prescriptions. Other than button front pajamas, which I plan on going shopping for tomorrow, is there anything else that I should get for recovery? I hope recovery isn't too bad...with a 1 year old, 5 year old and 7 year old, I am only going to get a 2 or 3 day break...yikes!

Just got home from surgery...WOW...I had NO IDEA I...

Just got home from surgery...WOW...I had NO IDEA I would be in this much pain. I can't lift my arms, sit up, or lay down on my own. I wasn't really sure what to expect, but this is awful. BUT, I'm sure it will be worth it! My husband helped me unhook the surgical bra and we just took a look. It's hard to tell because they are all taped up, but I have a feeling they are going to be exactly what I wanted. It seems so strange to see myself non-saggy breasts. It's even hard to tell what size they are right now, with the surgical bra smashing them!
I started getting a little (okay, I lied, ALOT) of anxiety when I arrived, thank goodness they gave me a zanax almost right away! :) Never had it before, but I liked it! After they finished taking my vitals and the Dr. marked me up, we went back to surgery and I was wrapped in all kinds of stuff and laid on a very warm operating table, which felt wonderful because the room was at sub-zero temps. (Did I mention they gave me some really fabulous stockings to wear to help my circulation?) I didn't know that I would have a catheter which I really wasn't wild about, but I guess it makes sense. The anesthesiologist gave me a little shot to numb the back of my hand, then she said I'm giving you something to make you a little sleepy...and I literally remember nothing else! I think I was in surgery around 3 hours. Nurse woke me up and told me my husband had already been to the recovery room to see me. Don't remember that either, lol! She kept talking to me and I was really confused. I think I asked her her name approximately 47 times. All I wanted to do was sleep, but she was pretty determined to get me out of that bed! I think I must have been napping a good hour or so. I slept off and on the 45 minute car ride home and was still kind of loopy. Now, I am laying in bed and am going to enjoy every minute. It's not very often I get to take a break with 3 little ones! :)

Anyways, I am super excited to see how my "newbies" turn out.

I am still in quite a bit of pain. I woke up at...

I am still in quite a bit of pain. I woke up at about 4:30 this morning and can't sleep. Just took a vicodin and valium and hopefully they will help me get back to sleep. Probably doesn't help that I spent most of yesterday sleeping after surgery. My husband has been very sweet and helpful and brought me soup to eat for lunch and dinner yesterday. A bed tray is very helpful these first few days at home so I can eat comfortably in bed. Have my post-op appointment first thing in the morning. A little nervous to see what the "newbies" look like without the bandages! One nipple is a little higher than the other...I hope they "settle" evenly!

Day 2 -- Had my post-op appointment today. My Dr....

Day 2 -- Had my post-op appointment today. My Dr. said it was a home run and I looked perfect for one day out. I have had a lot of pain during urination which is probably from the catheter. He gave me some medicine to help with the pain and if it is still hurts on Friday he will call me in an antibiotic for a UTI. My breasts are still very sore but I am able to get in and out of bed on my own and walked around the house a little more today. I have been having some stomach cramping this evening, I suspect it is from all the meds in my body. My breasts of course still have not settled, and one breast is slightly higher, but Dr. said they will even out after the swelling goes down. So grateful to have my mom staying with me for a few days helping with the kids. Looking forward to showering tomorrow!!!

Day 3 -- Got to take a shower today and feel so...

Day 3 -- Got to take a shower today and feel so much better. Of course, I am still very sore but not nearly as sore as I was on Day 1. Where the incision starts under my breast on the outside I have a little tiny knot under the incision that hurts pretty bad. If it still hurts tomorrow I will call my Dr. The pain seems to be pretty bearable as long as I take my vicodin every 4 or 5 hours. I am going to start taking the valium only at night to help me sleep.

I forgot to mention that my Dr. went with 340cc's...

I forgot to mention that my Dr. went with 340cc's on the right and 360cc's on the left, behind the muscle.

Day 4 -- Bruising is worse today, which I'm sure...

Day 4 -- Bruising is worse today, which I'm sure is perfectly normal. I still have a very sore spot along one of the incisions under my right breast that burns and feels like it is going to rip open if I reach for anything. Not sure if this is normal or not. As long as I am in my compression bra and don't move around too much, I am fairly comfortable.

Day 5 - All these these meds make me feel so tired...

Day 5 - All these these meds make me feel so tired and dizzy. I can't wait to be back to feeling normal again! Bruising has increased a little today.

12 days post-op: Well, I am pretty much back in...

12 days post-op: Well, I am pretty much back in the full swing of things...Driving, cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping and chasing the kids around. I am still a little sore, my left breast is more swollen and sore than my right, but I think that is to be expected. Still have some bruising, but the incisions are healing nicely and my PS gave me the go ahead to start using the scar gel (which is EXPENSIVE, but I guess if you are going to pay this much for boobs, what's another $95 for something that should hopefully make the scars less obvious). I am finding it uncomfortable to sleep on my side, and I have always been a side sleeper. It just doesn't feel right. Maybe because there is still swelling between my breasts. Or maybe that is just what life will be like when you have implants. I am regretting that I did not go bigger. Don't get me wrong, I am so happy with the look of my breasts, and my PS did EXACTLY what I asked for, but now I feel like I should have gone a little bigger! I think they are plenty big when I am topless, but when I put on a shirt, they really aren't that a big at all. I hope once they have settled and I get some good bras they will look a little bigger in clothing! Can't wait to go to Nordstrom and get properly fitted for all new bras!!! :)

2 weeks post-op: What a difference 2 weeks makes!...

2 weeks post-op: What a difference 2 weeks makes! Although my breasts are still tender, I would say that it is a 90% improvement from where I was 2 weeks ago. I can't wait for the ugly bruise and redness around my nipple to go away. I am amazed at how quickly the T-shaped incisions are healing. I think the scar gel is really helping. Incisions around my left nipple are still red and tender, hopefully that will go away soon. My breasts are also getting softer. Have been doing my "booby exercises" religiously, and they are already softening up. Push the implant in for 6 seconds and release, push the implant up for 6 seconds and release, 6 reps on each side at least 3X per day for the first 6 months, after that once per day for the life of the implants to reduce the risk of capsular contracture. I am also taking one antihistamine (zyrtec) per day for 6 months, as my Doctor says some studies show that this decreases the chance of capsular contracture. Once the bruising is gone, I will add one anti-inflammatory per day for the first 6 months.

7 weeks post-op: I have had some soreness off and...

7 weeks post-op: I have had some soreness off and on. After the 2 week mark, I started experiencing different kinds of pains. I think probably because I was doing too much. I woke up every morning for weeks with my breast bone feeling like it had been hit with a hammer. Most of that has gone away now. I still have occasional soreness or shooting pains, but for the most part I feel like I have recovered. Incisions are still not completely healed and still occasionally have a suture poke out with a little puss, but Dr. said that is completely normal. I hope that the scars continue to fade. I know they will always be there, but hopefully some of the redness will go away and they will diminish over time.

6 months post-op: I have been having some...

6 months post-op: I have been having some sensitivity with one of my nipples. It is like I have been lightly zapped by electricity if something rubs against my nipple the wrong way or when I am sprayed by the shower. I have been concerned so I visited my Dr. yesterday, and he said that although this does happen sometimes, he has never seen it last permanently. He said it is basically like the nerves don't have "insulation" around them where they were cut, and it has to grow back (or something like that). Also, my scars are worse than I would like them to be. He said they will continue to fade for the first year, right now they are at their "peak" as far as how bad they will look. If I want him to, he said he will give me a shot on the scars to help shrink them and will laser them to help them fade. So, I definitely think that is something I will pursue in 6 months, although he has assured me they WILL continue to fade. The scars still itch occasionally on the outer side of my breast, and he reminded me it really takes a year before I am fully healed. I am still very happy with the results and have adjusted well to the implants.

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May we please all hear the name of your doctor? Why such a secret?
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Wow, your lift is one of the best ive seen, Excellent results!! Can you please message me the name of your PS? Thanks so much!
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Who was your surgeon here in Dallas? I have 3 kids 4 and under. Nursed them all and now ready to have my boobs back :-) Looking for a dr and would appreciate it. Thanks!
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Hi There! Can I ask what PS you used? You're lift looks great.
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Great post:) I've been looking for a Dr for 3 yrs. I like your results, and not too big. I am also very conservative, would like to be a perky C again. Can you plz tell me who your Dr was? Thank you so much
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Thanks for posting your story! I think the size you got looks great with your figure and proportions. I have had a couple of consults and they've each recommended a different type of lift... it's hard to know which is best. Just curious... Who is your dr in Dallas?
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You look so good! I can definitely relate to your before picture so seeing results that have that full/natural look makes me feel more confident about getting a lift/implants in the future. 

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Thank you for your post. They look great! What is the name of the cream for scarring you are using? Also what would you recommend people having a lift and augmentation under the muscle must take with them? I'm going over seas.
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Thank you! The name of the scar gel is Scar Recovery Gel made by SkinMedica. I can't think of a whole lot of things you will need but I found the non-padded Hanes Barely There Bras were very comfortable to wear until I was able to wear an underwire. Crackers are nice to have on hand the first few days after surgery to take with you medicine so you don't get nauseous. I ate soup the first day because I wasn't really sure how a heavy meal would sit after surgery. I also bought some small gel ice packs which helped with the pain and swelling. My Dr. also said to have Benadryl (for itching) and Milk of Magnesia on hand (the medication can cause constipation), but of course I would consult your Dr. about what medications you can take. That's all I can really think of! Good luck to you!!
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Looks amazing! Which PS in Dallas did you use?
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Thanks! I messaged you the info.
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You look AMAZING! Your surgeon did a fantastic job.....I could only hope that mine turn out that great!
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Your results look great. Hoping mine are just as good.
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Thank you very much! Good luck to you! :)
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Hi there! I am sceduled for a breast lift and augmentation in 2 days. I have been following your story and it has been very helpful, thank you. Looking at your pictures I feel our bodies are very alike. I will be doing a donut lift with 300 cc saline implants. could you tell me what size you were pre op? I am not sure if I will be going too small?? I am 5'11" and 145 lbs but because I am so tall I always feel so big and am scared that large boobs would make me feel even bigger. How are your scars?? I am really nervous about that as well!!
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I believe I was about a 32B after I had finished breast-feeding all 3 of my kids. I am 5'6" 114lbs. It is hard for me to say if 300cc is going to be too small for you, but I do know that most women wish they had gone bigger. 300cc on you could look totally different than it would on me because it depends on how much breast tissue you already have to begin with. Hope that helps and good luck to you with your surgery! :)
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You look amazing! I can't wait until I'm at your point. I am almost 3 weeks and I am still having lots of pain. I feel that I am healing nicely but I get really bad sharp pains into my boobs. I can't wait for another month to pass!
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Looking good.
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You look great... i want your boobs lol ;)
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Thank you = I am in exactly the same boat as you prior to your op. Not wanting Porn Star breasts, Ive had three beautiful babies and was a big girl when my breasts first sprouted! I am now a healthy mum who is the lightest Ive ever been in my life (6ft and 59kgs), size 10D of skin really... just left with bags of sag. I am ashamed of my breasts, and and am so very much excited to get the augmentation and lift done in May 2013. Thank you for sharing, this has made it a bit more real for me, and I understand that it will not be an easy ride, but well worth it! Cant be anyworse than childbirth right>!?!?! Thank you. :)
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I forgot to add that I have been fitted for a bra and I am now a 30DD
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Who was your plastic surgeon, he did awesome!
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Looking fantastic. I suspect you are very healthy coz you are healing so well, so quickly.

Your surgeon did an amazing job. As good as it gets. Symmetrical, and the horizontal cuts are exactly where they belong

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Thank you so much! I think my PS did an excellent job. Just wishing now I would have gone bigger.
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Thanks for sharing your experience. Your Dr did a good job.
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