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New here. Almost 30 year old mom (end of Dec) of...

New here. Almost 30 year old mom (end of Dec) of two beautiful babes. One is almost 5 yo and the other is 2.5. I breastfed my son for 18m and my dd is actually still nursing currently at 2.5yo. We are in the process of gently weaning and once finished Mommy wants her boobs back!

Before kids I was a barely B, when nursing my largest size was full C (LOVED THEM) and now, 48 months total of breastfeeding I am a very deflated, no upper pole, B cup.

I'm 5'8 weigh 132. B cup hoping for full C (or maybe even small D, sigh, the greed already.)

Swimsuit Pic

Looking through some old pics, trying to find likes and don't likes with my breast size changes over the years of nursing.

Consults Scheduled!

I now have consults scheduled with the two PS I'm interested in. Monday February 3rd was the first day one office had available, and since they are five minutes from each other and an hour from my house, I scheduled them on the same day.

Feb. 3rd 10am- Dr. Gibby
1:45pm- Dr. Rohrich

One Month Until Consults

Sick as a dog today with what I hope is just a horrible sinus infection and not the flu. Earlier today I realized it's January 3rd, which means ONE month until my two consults! :)

Due Diligence?

I can't bring myself to go to the explant discussions. Is that bad? Not wanting to face the reality of what could/has happened to others?

Missing My Inflated Ladies

Today my husband found some old pictures of me from when my daughter was only 9mo and I was much fuller (nursing). Man I miss the volume, especially the upper pole I once had.

My hope is to return to the full C I was whens she was a newborn.

End of An Era

After 6 weeks of a gentle weaning process, my 2.5 year old daughter and I have closed the total 49 month chapter of my life that was breastfeeding. It was wonderful, no regrets, but I am also now happy to have my body back to myself. Today marks one week of weaning.

I went bra shopping last night, seeing as how I've been nursing so long I had no regular bras, only nursing bras. I'm sad to say I no longer am a B cup, I now only fill up an A cup. Honestly it just solidified my wanting breast augmentation. Ill only be an A cup for a few months.

Maybe Extra Help?

I just found out my grandma will be in town the first three weeks of March! My mom will be on Spring Break (hs counselor) the 2nd week of March.

I'm in the post-weaning wait process, PS rcmd 12 weeks post nursing to allow your breasts to return to non-lactating state. 12 weeks would be the 3rd week of March. I'm going to ask at my consult (feb 3rd) if they would do BA at 10 weeks instead of 12. That would mean I would have much more help taking care of me and my two kiddos (almost 5 & 2.5)

Of course if they say the results wouldn't be as good, or ssomething similar, I'll wait. I'm hoping, that since we were extended breastfeeding, and I wasn't making a huge amount of milk, that perhaps that shaves off some of the wait time.

I guess I'll find out on Feb.3rd, which is so close, yet so far away. Thankfully I have my son's bday party and a mini winter vacation to keep my mind preoccupied for the next few days.

Questions for Consult?

5 days until my two consults. Hoping to decide which PS and make surgery appt after 2nd consult. I'm afraid I will think of more questions AFTER my consults. Here is my list so far:

Method for muscle separation?
Technique for dissecting implant pocket?
Cautery or blunt dissection?

How long in recovery?

Same or different cc's ?
Will nipples become more uneven?
Bottoming out?
Capsular contraction?

rate of encapsulation?

Post-op complications? $$$?

What questions am I forgetting? Is it Monday yet?

3 more days until consult!

Woohoo only the weekend stands between me and my two consults. I'm petting the finishing touches on my wish pics to take to PS.


I had two consults today and I scheduledmy surgery date today! Friday March 7th is the big day, pre-op two weeks from now, Feb 19th.

I had consults with Dr. Gibby and Dr. Rohrich, chose Dr. Gibby, LOVED HER!

So, 4 weeks to make to do lists and prep,llet the fun begin!

8 days to Pre-Op

Pre-op is in 8 days. My homework from consult is to find more ps pics (ss opposed to selfies) that have the same beginning shape as mine so that I can see a more true possible outcome.

Also, I received my Pre-Op packet in the mail a few days ago and I'm almost finished reading through all of the paperwork.

Next up is to make a list of things to do, and things to buy!

I'm getting nervous thinking about the minutes before surgery, especially the iv. That part scares the crap out of me.

Is It Time Yet?

Even though my surgery date is 3 weeks earlier than I thought it'd be, I'm still having trouble waiting. The more I think about my BA, the more time I spend on here, the slower life feels.

Pre-Op is in 2 days, and then surgery is 2 weeks +2days after that. I have plenty of things to do this week, and week of surgery will be spent cleaning. Next week is the week I think is going to crawl by.

Part of me is secretly hoping that at my pre-op in two days they magically tell me there's been a cancellation and can I come in tomorrow for surgery. Ahh, a girl can dream.


Pre-op went well, nothing terribly exciting. Signed my life away, had pictures taken of my breasts, went over more like and don't like pics I brought. Got a run down of how long to expect surgery to last and in office recovery. Now just have to wait it out.

I was pleasantly surprised when filling my prescriptions that they only came out to be around $67 for all four. I was expecting around $200. Went ahead and bought stool softener, gauze pads,(ps rcmd) non-adherent dressing(ps rcmd), silicon scar sheets, bendy straws, polysporin ointment (ps rcmd).

Still need to buy the danskin front closure bra from Wal-Mart, along with low sodium soup, crackers, 7-up. Bought my arm rest pillow the other day since I've read great reviews about those.

Just found out that my parents are taking my kids camping the weekend of my surgery so that will be something really fun for them to do while I'm recovering.

Alright, I'm tired and rambling. 12 more days :) Is it here yet?

5 more days!

Grrr, just wrote this long post on my phone only for it to get erased. Quick version:
*Can't believe I'm actually doing this!
*Bought all supplies except for front closure bra and fruit.
*In case I haven't mentioned:
Saline, around 350cc, under muscle, breast fold incision.


Holy shit tomorrow is my BA! Sorry ladies, but the reality of this has just hit me. I've been so busy planning and cleaning that I haven't really stopped to let myself get nervous, until now. Time for the xanax they said I could take before bed. Leave here at 7am, he+ drive depending on traffic, need to be there at 9am. Is this real life?


Only had enough energy to try on one shirt for before and afters.


All done.


All done done and home. Keep passing asleep with my mouth wide open. Trying to post picture.

Pictures aren't cooperating with me.

Pictures aren't cooperating with me.

Pictures aren't cooperating with me.

Pictures aren't cooperating with me.

The Day in Review

Hoping I don't fall asleep too many times trying to write this.

Took a xanax last night, didn't help still woke up multiple times a night. Alarm set for 640, woke up at 630. We had to leave at 7am, appointment was at 9am. Arrived 30 minutes early. At about 9:10 they called me back, hubby stayed in waiting room for a few minutes. They had me pee in a cup for pregnancy test, weighed me, took blood pressure, then had me take a valium, and 2 pills for nausea. Soon after I changed into the surgery gown, and my husband came into the room. He and I waited and talked, laughed (the valium was nice as previously I was freaking out). Finally Dr. Gibby came in, made her markings and asked if I had any other questions. I didn't, so she said she would see me soon. Next the anesthesiologist came in, talked about using the lidocaine to make the IV less painful (TOTALLY WORKED) and made sure I didn't eat or drink after midnight.

A little later, the nurse came in, I put on my hair net, and she asked if I was ready. We all walked out of the room, my husband headed for the lobby, the nurse and I headed for the OR. Next I climbed onto a super warm bed, had the IV put in, leg compression machine on my calves, and next thing I know I woke up in the recovery room! WOW!

I felt tons of pressure on my chest, but not super real pain. About 30 minutes (or an hour) later they wheeled me to the truck and my husband drove me home. He said I was super annoying (in a loving way) and kept asking all of the same questions over and over. He laughed, but said it got old fast.

Throughout the afternoon I would try to text my friends, falling asleep at least twice during each text. As soon as I would fall asleep, I would wake up about 15 min later. Never sleeping for any large amount of time. Weird. Anyhoo, keeping up with meds, have only fallen asleep once during this message, and still feel like an elephant is sitting on my chest. Or like I had an intense chest workout, and my milk is coming in all in the same day.

My husband said he asked the PS what cc's she used (had planned for somewhere around 350cc but I knew she would make the final decision in the OR based on my pictures. Turns out she used (according to my husband) 440 and 450cc. I told her I wanted to err on the side of a bit too big, and fit into a large c, small D. We shall see.

130am, oww oww oww!

130am, and holy cow, the tightness! Woke up 20 minutes before my pain meds alarm went off. Went ahead and took 2 vicodin. I'll reassess at 430 and decide 1 v, 2 v, or 1 v + 1 xanax. Currently feels like two elephant sitting on my chest. Poor hubby is doing such a great job taking care of me. Even has to pull my pants up and down to pee.

Its Morning Boob Somewhere

Its Morning Boob Somewhere. Ugh I've been sleeping off and on all day, and each time I wake up my boobs are stiff. Kinda like when you're pregnant and have morning sickness that really lasts all day.

Appetite still great, had biscuit and bacon for lunch, arbys cheddar melt for lunch, crackers and cheese for snack, and about to have one of my prepared freezer meals of Poppy Seed Chicken for dinner.

Had a nice nap and still drifting off typing this.

Post-Op day 1

Hubby took pic for me. Post-Op day 1

My Ps is so Sweet

Dr. Gibby just called to check on me and see how I was doing. She said to call her with any questions or concerns. Love her and feel so confident with her as my PS!

Oh another note, I feel constantly hungry. Hubby asked if I wanted a little 9pm snack, so I sent him back to Arbys for the same thing I ate at lunch. Weird bc we never go to Arbys but its the only thing that sounded appealing. Oh well, I'm chugging water like no ones business so I'm not concerned about salt intake.

So Fresh. So Clean. So Sore.

Finally showered tonight. Actually I stood there while my husband washed me. Still took every ounce of energy I had. So tired and sore now.

Back to Reality--kind of...

Well I was suppose to have childcare lined up for today, but things fell through a bit. My 5yr and 2.5yo are pretty self sufficient when they want to be, so I'm managing. Hubby got all snacks, breakfasts, lunches, everything all pre-made and laid out on the counter and fridge. He's planning on taking off Thursday, but just couldn't today, so he did everything he could do ahead of time. Great guy I tell ya.

So yesterday I took half a pain pill every 4 hours, last night I took a full pain pill every 3 hours (really wanted a GOOD night sleep) and today I'm trying out one extra strength Tylenol every 4 hours. So far so good. I'm still feeling super pressure and tightness. Can't say that I've been in real pain this whole time, just LOTS of heaviness and pressure at the worst of it. I'm still not sure when I should start trying to move my arms around more. My instructions said keep arm movement to a minimum for the first 48hrs, not sure past that. Bc this is SPring Break, my first post-op appointment won't be until Monday which will be 10 days post-op. I'm fine with that, I've read enough stories on here to not be super concerned with anything.

Still sleeping upright in the recliner in our bedroom, although now I'm able to slightly turn to one side or the other. Haven't been brave enough to try laying down flat. Last night I took the surgical bra off for about 30 minutes to free the ladies. PS said I can wear it, or a sports bra, or no bra, doesn't matter, just no underwire. The surgical bra had been cutting into my underarms a bit so I thought perhaps the Danskin sports bra I bought would feel better.

The surgical bra is a 36C set on the loosest hook. The sports bra is 36D and felt like I was going to explode it was so tight. No idea what all that means, but I put the surgical bra back on and sucked it up.

Yesterday I had one very small bowel movement, but I'm still super crazy bloated and really need to go. I'm sure it doesn't help that since I got out of surgery I've been super hungry and have been eating a lot.

Hmm, what else, I feel like I'm blabbering on and on. I'm doing my best to not pick up anything too heavy, kids understand they have to hug me very carefully and slowly. I got my hand caught behind my daughter this morning and hurt my armpit muscle pretty bad for about a minute or two, but it feels ok now.

I still have crazy frankenboob, my husband thinks it's hilarious. Good thing I prepared him for what recovery looks like.

Boobie Blues

Boobie Blues have set in. Thoughts like

"will I ever feel normal again, without tightness and heaviness alllll the time?"

"will I ever sleep on my stomach again?"

"Were little boobs really so bad?"

I know in reality these are silly questions, and that in a few weeks I will re-read this and laugh, but right now, as I'm laying here heavy chested, trying to get comfortable upright in a recliner just feet away from my once comfy bed, I want to cry.

Picture Update

Picture Update 5 days post-op. Crazy boobs.


Today has been so much better, crazy the difference ONE DAY can make. I woke up with WAY LESS pressure, and for once didn't feel like my breastbone was going to crack open. I'm still sore, for sure, but man the heaviness is so much less. I also noticed they don't seem to look as crazy today. Not sure if that is swelling going down or boobs dropping the tiniest bit. Either way, I'll take it!!! Answered prayers! :)

Day 10

So one week and a few days post-op. Feeling pretty good. Much better than this time a week ago. Sleeping is still a pain, so I've still been sleeping in the recliner. I feel like in the recliner I have more support when I turn slightly and also like being able to quickly adjust how reclined I am. I tried two nights in a row days 6&7 to sleep in my bed slightly propped up with two pillows and about two hours later moved to the recliner bc I was uncomfortable. Time heals all wounds..even from a BA. Actually the difficult part ids still taking things easy even though I'm feeling better each day. I want to pick up my kids, wrestle with them, ride my bike, exercise, HAVE SEX, but all of these are off limits at least 2 more weeks. Tomorrow is my first post-op, a few days later than normal so Dr.Gibby could enjoy spring break with her kids :) I'm eager to start massages that I'm sure she'll give me and also hear how she thinks I'm healing up.

2 weeks Post-Op

2 weeks (and 2 days) post-op. Feeling great! Still have a slightly limited range of motion, and still taking it very easy for another 2 weeks per doctor's orders. No heavy lifting, no exercising, just protecting the investment and avoiding causing a bleed until 4 weeks post-op.

My breasts are getting (a little) softer every day, I'm currently still doing my first set of massage exercises that I was given at my 1 week post-op which is pushing my breasts together as close as possible, holding for ten seconds, and releasing. Ten times, twice a day. I go back this Wednesday for my 2 week post-op appt and will be given a different massage exercise to do.

Starting today I no longer need to put polysporin on the incisions and cover with dressings. I will now begin the scar treatment. I have purchased ScarAway silicone sheets, I'm to wear those as much as possible for 4 weeks I believe, or longer if I desire. I'll probably try to do 8 weeks.

Yesterday as I was looking at my incisions I noticed my right breast has a small Mondor's Cord. Thanks to this website I know what they are, and didn't freak out. I'll mention it to my PS on Wednesday at my appt, if it is still there.

Sleeping is getting better. Sometimes I sleep in the bed, other times the recliner. I am now able to sleep on my sides, with a pillow behind me for support, a pillow between my knees (leftover habit from pregnancy days) and a pillow in front of the breast that is touching the bed, for my top hand/arm to rest on, bc it is uncomfortable for my arm to lay on top of my top breast. Most days that I do sleep on my sides, I wake up with breasts feeling rock hard and very sore. Not fun. I guess you just have to decide if the comfort of sleeping on your side is work the sore boobs in the morning. Sometimes it is, and when it isn't, I sleep in the recliner.

I will post picture separately for fear of losing this entry, real self can be finicky sometimes. :)

3 weeks

3 weeks (+2days). I had my 2 week post-op last Wednesday, PS said everything is looking great. She said what I thought was a mondor's cord was just internal stitching, dont worry about it. She gave me another massage exercise to do morning and night in addition to the firstone. These massages are done to keep the pocket wide and open so that the implant has lots of room to move around and movement would look natural, and also, a wide open pocket helps drastically cut down on the chances of capsular contracture. So now in addition to my squeezing in massage, I'm also now pushing up my implants.

PS said once I hit the 4 week mark I can slowly get back into exercise and activities. 5 more days!!

I still wake up a bit sore from sleeping on my sides.

Keep forgetting to add pics...

Forgot to add 3 week pics
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

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You look fabulous!
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Sounds like you are healing more and more every day! Can't wait to hear about the final result!
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Yes, you will feel normal again. Yes, You should be able to sleep on your stomach again (my PS actually suggested it before I was even ready). This will all pass, but you're in the thick of it right now. The not picking up and playing with the kids was SO HARD for me. As was the no sex and no working out. Once those things fell back into place, I was a new woman! The wait is hard. I remember those feeling vividly! You're doing great!
  • Reply
Thanks friend! One more week and I can start easing back into real life.
  • Reply
any updates?
  • Reply
Congratulations! I'm so happy for you! You're almost over the hump. How did the post-op appt go?
  • Reply
I'm just curious. You didn't start massages the day after? I am learning there are a bunch of different recovery methods. I girlfriend's Dr. Had her raise her arms above her head in recovery. It's strange to hear about all the methods & results. Anyway just wondering.
  • Reply
Sorry, just saw this. No massages day after. Very limited arm movement for the first 48 hours. Massages started one week post-op.
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Congrats! Every day gets better!
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Hang in there, every day gets better! I remember on my worst pain day, I was asking myself "why did I do this?" But 3 weeks later and I'm loving them and wondering why I didn't do this sooner! Haha the first week in my opinion was the worst. After that I literally noticed each day was less pain, more movement, and looking better each week!
  • Reply
Thanks! Today marks one week, and looking forward to the better each day.
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Congrats! How are you feeling? One week down!! Its just gonna get better and better!!
  • Reply
Feeling pretty good. Much better thant time a week ago. Sleeping is still a pain, so I've still been sleeping in the recliner. I feel more support when I turn slightly and also like being able to quickly adjust how reclined I am. I tried two nights in a row days 6&7 to sleep in my bed slightly propped up with two pillows and about two hours later moved to the recliner bc I was uncomfortable. Time heals all wounds..even from a BA. Actually the difficult part ids still taking things easy even though I'm feeling better each day. I want to pick up my kids, wrestle with them, ride my bike, exercise, HAVE SEX, but all of these are off limits at least 2 more weeks. Tomorrow is my first post-op, a few days later than normal so Dr.Gibby could enjoy spring break with her kids :) I'm eager to start massages that I'm sure she'll give me and also hear how she thinks I'm healing up. Thanks for checking in! :0)
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Awesome!  Like so many of us have said, every day brings improvement!  You're well on your way!
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I was exactly the same and now I look back 17 weeks post op and love them. once you drop and fluff your going to look amazing by 7 days it was alot better x
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:0) thanks. Today has been much better.
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It's been 6 weeks since my surgery and I have been sleeping on my stomach again for a couple weeks I think. I was worried I would never be able to again but I rolled over one night, when I woke up on my stomach I was like well I screwed up now. Everything was fine and now it back to like before the surgery. You will be fine. Happy healing.
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Thanks happym0m, one day at a time.
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Hang in there! I know what you mean about ever feeling normal again! It is exhausting always feeling this pressure and tightness.. I'm over it too! It will get better in a week or so! Hang in there! Why are you still in a recliner? I only did that the first night for my comfort but I have been in bed ever since! My doc told me I could sleep however I felt comfortable.. Let the pain be my guide.. He said sleeping on my side, flat, or reclined won't change the implant or where it settles.. Funny how every PS is different! Hang in there!! We will feel soooo much better in a week or so! Looking good tho!!
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Unfortunately the recliner is the most comfortable for me. The arms on the side allow me to shift ever so slightly to the side and still be supported. It also makes it easy to adjust my incline level quickly. I actually started out in my bed last night, but just couldn't get comfortable. Thankfully I slept much better last night than the night before.
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It's okay to feel that way--it happens to many (if not all) of us.  But just to confirm, yes, your boobies will feel normal again.  Eventually.  And even before they feel normal, they'll feel comfortable, if you know what I mean?  Like it may take you a while to get used to the size.  Also, I don't know if you have any numbness, but my numbness means that my boobs don't feel normal, exactly, but they feel comfortable enough.

As for being able to sleep on your stomach--maybe.  Probably.  I used to be a stomach sleeper prior to my pregnancies, but pregnancy knocked that out of me.  I am no longer capable of sleeping on my stomach.  After my BL, I was terrified to spend any time on my boobs, and it was very uncomfortable.  I thought I'd never be able to have another massage or go to the chiropractor.  But of course I can.  Sometimes I just ask for a small pillow or folded blanket to put under me, just below my boobs, to take some pressure off.  But I need that less and less.  If it goes a long time, though, you may find you're not longer as comfy on your stomach due to other reasons.

Finally, no, little boobs aren't so bad.  But if you'd loved little boobs, you wouldn't have done this.  It was not a momentary lapse of reason.  You are gonna love those babies once they settle!!!

So love yourself now.  Acknowledge the sadness as hormones caused by pain, lack of sleep, and your body going through shock.  Respect that you will not feel great immediately.  Then let it go.  You will get through this and you will be so happy!

Happy healing!
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Thank you :) I can do this, I can do this....
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What a great response! I'm on day 9 and going through the same roller coaster!
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@Canadianmumma:  Words can only help so much :(.  But I went over and looked at your pics and you look fantastic--that's gotta count for something ;).
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Hang in there!
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