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I've never really had a problem with having small...

I've never really had a problem with having small breast. Never even thought about getting a BA before. I just hat a baby 4months ago and many small B cups shrunk down to what looks like an A. I don't even remember exactly how it happened but I ran across the 24 hour BA and thought, of that all it takes less do it! I did about a weeks worth of research\googling found Dr. Deuber. Went for a consultation, and about two weeks later set my surgery date! I'm not one to wait a long time contemplating if I want to do something. He recommended about 400ccs moderate profile under the muscle. I chose silicone. I don't want to be huge, maybe just a full C cup. I don't want to need a padded bra ever again. I've only bought bras from Wal-Mart. Never again... I'm going to Target from now on! Lol jk, kinda. I can go to Victoria Secret for bras and not feel like I'm wasting money.
How is the 24 hour different than regular?
The 24hour recovery method uses a certain technique during the actual surgery. It's not as rough and blunt. After the surgery pumps or narcotic pain killers are not needed. You dont have to stay in bed and recover for days or weeks. You can lift your arms above your head immediately after, you don't have to sleep propped up and uncomfortable. Dr. Tebbetts came up with this technique and my surgeon, Dr. Deuber shares and office with him. There is absolutely no way I would be doing this if I couldn't. Take care of my baby as far a changing diapers, bathing her feeding her... I will be able to do all of this the next day. Of course there will be swelling and pain but very minimal. It pretty much feels like a super hard chests work out or like you've done 820 push ups. You can google it or go to my docs website for more accurate info. This in just my understanding from research and talking to my doc. Post surgery instructions are critical to a fast recovery and are very precise. Once im out of surgery which should only take 30-45 minutes I get sent home with no bra. Take a two hour nap, wake up, take 2 ibuprofen for swelling and pain. Then I take a shower and do my arm lift excersices. The reat of the day he want me out of the house. Go out to eat and shop. The more you move the faster you heal.
That sounds great. Good luck! I will look for an update.

Getting my Brendas (i just randomly decided to call my new boobs that) sooner than expected!

My original BA date was November 22 but after finding a long lost check from July that I didn't even know I had received, I can now get them on the 6th! Yeahhh. I called to find out the earliest date available and that's what I got. Dr. Deuber only does surgery Wednesday and Friday I think.

My friendgirl went with me to my first consultation and she's more excited about my Brendas than I am. My preop it's Monday afternoon. I have Narcolepsy but I no concerns about that. If anything it may take me longer to wake back up from the anesthesia. I will have to talk to my doc about that and find out exactly what type of anesthesia will be used. When I had my C section my mom told me I the anesthesiologist super nervous because I kept "passing out"during it and I was supposed to stay and awake the whole time. All i remember is singing a Fugees song to my mom and telling him I couldn't swallow over and over. My birth story is pretty funny but I'll save that for baby bump. Anyway...

I went to Target and got some tank tops and the ones with shelf bra. I think that's what it's called.

I'm excited about the surgery and not afraid at all. I'm never afraid of things that I most everyone else would be, like having a baby, or going to boot camp. I'm just excited to finally have some heaviness up top. I've had a huge behind most of my life except boot camp. I had ZERO butt and a 6pack. Lol I also have really narrow shoulders. Shirts never fit me in that area. Dresses definitely don't... and don't get me started on button up blouses. I'm like a size14/15 on the bottom and a small from the top of my ribs up. Lol enough blabbing... good day ladies and breast wishes on your journeys!


Please forgive the typos, I'm on my phone. I'll add some pre-Brenda shots soon
Thanks Jackie

...and your boobs are sitting on the table.

I was watching one of those house hunter shows on HGTV. This lady sat at the kitchen table in one of the houses and said they made it the perfect height because she hates when she sits a down and get breast end up resting on top of the table. Lol I CAN'T WAIT TO HAVE THAT PROBLEM!

Thank you for the good laugh in your Nov 1st post about the lady on HGTV. I literally laughed out loud! How did your surgery go? Please update us once you're feeling up to it. Happy healing!

i should have did 24 hr too
How was your recovery? What I'm new to this,let me go look at your story first. Lol

high and wide

My surgery was yesterday. It went pretty smooth. Two things I did not like... the anesthesiologist did not tell me that i would be (can't spell this right) intubated. Also I have narcolepsy and it takes me quite a bit longer to wake up after being put under. They really rushed me of the recovery room and I was so confused because it felt like I had only been there for 15 minutes I was like why are y'all rushing me out!? They kept trying to lift me out of the chair but I would stay shivering so bad and that would make my boobs hurt. Ugh that was really frustrating. I went home slept about 2 hours. Woke up ate slept another hour Then took a shower. No pain except right near the incision and only a small amount. I woke up today only a little sore. I was able to feed my baby and move around pretty well. My boobs feel high and wide. My arms touch them on the outside. I hope they down soon and come out of my arm pit. They will be perfect then. Oh... I ended up getting 525cc moderate+under.

post op day one pics

They feel too high, how do they look to you ladies. Please be truthfull
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