Ecstatic and nervous

I'm in my early 20's, 5'1, 92 lbs, Pre op- A32 ...

I'm in my early 20's, 5'1, 92 lbs, Pre op- A32 .

I started researching for plastic surgeons years ago, but lacked the confidence to schedule a consult. Until three weeks ago, I woke up one morning and asked myself "What am I waiting for?". Soon after my decision, I started daily supplements of multi vitamins and healthier meals to prep up.

I had two of my friends refer me to the same PS out of state. It was a 50/50 with me because one of my friend had complications afterward. I decided to stay local, I narrowed it down to three doctors in Dallas. I based my decisions on credentials,experience,before and after photographs and creditable reviews.

My first consultation at "Dr. B's" office ( coincidentally the other two doctors on my list worked in the same building). I expressed my concerns to Dr B... I am petite and have little breast tissue, and I want to have natural results. I'm aiming for a small B. I don't want a drastic enhancement, well at this point any changes will be drastic. I still want to be modest, but to actually have nice breast. After Dr B measured the symmetry of my breast, he recommended 275cc silicone moderate profile, inframammary incisions and implants will be underneath the muscle. Initially I asked if we can go smaller and he went through all the sizes starting at 200 which would be too narrow for me, he said 250cc would be the smallest he recommend. I will take his professional opinion into consideration. Overall the consultation was a pleasant experience. I felt there was no need to look any further, Dr B shall be the one to fix me up.

Random... this is what I answered on my patient form for my bra size " Technically... my cup size is non-existent but for the sake of my medical record, lets say... A32".

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I am having second thoughts on the size of the...

I am having second thoughts on the size of the implants. I feel my petite frame will not hold 275 cc silicone well. Any suggestions?


Hey Erk! I had my BA done on Dec 5th! I am 103 lbs 5 feet tall and like you, I didnt want huge boobs on my small body. Plus I am a runner, and I really didnt want anything bouncing around. I got 225 cc in one and 250 cc in another. And I have to say I think the size he picked was perfect. The post op bra for me was a 34 B and I didnt even fill out the cupsize after surgery. Exactly what I was looking for. I asked to be a full A or a mid B :-) Now I will have to tell you, that I talked to my PS 3 times. Each time emphasizing that I didnt want big ones. Because as you probably have already figured out, there is this syndrome called boobie greed...LOL. MOST ladies regret not going bigger than they chose. So many PS will take the liberty and add a little "extra", you know, bang for the buck. I made sure my PS knew, CLEARLY, that was not what I was looking for. Thankfully he honored my request and I love what he gave me! I went saline, under the muscle, crease incision. My hubby said no to silicone. Best of luck girl!
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I scheduled a 2nd consult, I plan on emphasizing that I want a modest look. Nothing more than a B! Thank you Redwall for your comment, it was very helpful!

You have to go with your gut on the size issue. Have you tried the rice test? That can sometimes give you an idea of what to go with.

You might also want to read what doctors have to say about implants sizes, cc's and going behind the muscle. Hope this helps!

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I had my pre-op last week.I was suppose to meet...

I had my pre-op last week.I was suppose to meet with the PS patient coordinator but she didn't show up so I had to see the office manager( by the way she is AWESOME). I signed papers , we went through the do's and don'ts and all that good stuff. I must say I am very disappointed in the PS coordinator for not showing up and she moved my surgery time without telling me. She did me a favor by moving me up, but this was the third time I have been move around the schedule. Not angry, just annoyed. I did see the PS bc I wanted to try on the sizers, which I did not get to do for my first consultation. Guess they forgot?

When I was at the office I was sure that I wanted 250cc, now I am debating whether I should go for the recommended size for me which was 275cc. My surgery is in 3 days. Honestly I don't even know what I want. I'm not that normal? I guess I will feel everything the day of.

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Quick recap: I stop taking prescribed pain meds...

Quick recap:
I stop taking prescribed pain meds on day 4 and opted for Advil ( only needed to take it for another 2 days and I was completely off) . Pain was manageable, only experience intense pain 3 times. It was a sharp shooting pain on my right breast. No swelling, only tightness which lasted 3 weeks. After my two week check up, I was told to wear a tshirt bra or no bra at all. While the nurse was demonstrating massage techniques on my right breast , I had a clear white liquid coming out. I was told breast implants stimulate the milk glands. It only lasted a couple of days. I was able to sleep on my side after 3 1/2 weeks. Massages helped my breast to drop and become fuller and softer.

The incision site is darker than expected. My left scar is kinda of puckered , not totally flat. I am using scar guard and vitamin E. I switch back and forth.

Happy with results but should of gone bigger. I opted for 275cc , wished I had gone with 300cc. I wasn't even considering it; I was fiddling with 250 or 275cc. Live and learn.

Bought a couple of bras at VS(week 4), they measured me at 32D/C.

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