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My big day is tomorrow! I've been wanting to do...

My big day is tomorrow! I've been wanting to do this since I went back to school. I am 55 years old. Had first set of implants in '87. 13 years later they became hard and were replaced in 2000. I had never gone to college but had a successful career in the legal field. After my son was admitted into medical school, I decided I wanted to go to college. In 2005 I started at the local community college. (College algebra was a trip after 30+ years!) But I soon noticed all the different shapes in the young girls. And no matter what, they were proud of whatever they had. I realized that I had felt the need to conform to society's idea of a perfect body.

Also, I felt the gaze of these young girls on my chest and their thinking, I know a woman of your age doesn't have natural boobs that perky. Also, my two sons chose women with very very small breasts. I love these girls and feel that I am sending the wrong message with my abundant chest. But my husband loves my big boobs. I started researching the internet several years ago by typing in "I want to remove my breast implants" and was surprised to see the hits. Evidently I wasn't the only one feeling this way. My new theme was "I want to be my self." My husband has heard this now for several years and is finally ready to accept it. My undergrad degree continued to a law degree. I just took the bar. Throughout this experience I checked internet posts and was encouraged by all the women writing about their experience. The day after the Bar, I called the PS of my choice after considerable research. This was March 1. I got an appointment on the 6th and surgery scheduled for the 12th! Tomorrow!

At first the PS tried to convince me of how ugly my breasts would look naked. I think I had a crestfallen look on my face. His assistant said that I reminded her of a patient they had who had to have her implants removed b/c of rupture. She had intended to re-implant. But after healing, she liked her results so well, she decided not to. I think my determination changed his tune. I said that I had been looking forward to this day for several years. Now it has almost arrived. Thank you for all the wonderful women willing to write about their experiences. This gives me so much peace.

It's been a week since my explant procedure. I...

It's been a week since my explant procedure. I had my drains removed two days ago. I am to keep my breasts wrapped tightly for a few more days and in a tight jog bra for a couple weeks after that. I have hesitated to post pictures. But I realize the pictures of others are what helped me to make the decision. So here goes.

I'm feeling very good about my decision. By the way, simultaneously I had a brow lift procedure and lower eyelid surgery. (I think studying for the bar exam aged me 10 years!) The explant procedure was a breeze in comparison.

I thought I had replied to some of these comments...

I thought I had replied to some of these comments and am just now realizing they didn't get posted.

I was a 34A before surgery. My second procedure included a lift which accounts for the vertical scar. I am now 3 weeks' post-op and pleased with the progress. I go in today for a checkup. I do hope that some of the dimpling smooths out. From what I hear from others on this site I should see some improvement. Still, I am very happy with the results. Never expected perfection anyway. I am so happy to not have the grapefruits bump into my arms everytime I type. That's just one of the positive effects. There are so many wonderful new bras that can create the illusion of cleavage. It's ironic removing implants only to buy what we used to call "falsies." But they're much better than the old ones, not to mention do not involve surgery.
George Toledo, MD

Internet research. And his office suite is in Highland Park so I was confident that if he was good enough for Highland Park ladies, he was good enough for me.

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How are things going w/ your recovery? You are a couple of weeks ahead of me :) I used turning 40 as the pivotal decision to have mine removed (in for 15 yrs). I had them put in while living in Dallas-I have seen quite a few TX posts on here! Did your sons' wives/GFs know you were having them removed? You ARE sending a more positive message...
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A few years ago I told my son's wife that this is something I'd been wanting to do, but I didn't tell anyone I actually made the appointment and did it until a week after I did it. My sons' comments are generally that I should do whatever I want to do that makes me feel good about myself, whether that includes implants or removing them. My recovery is going very well. Very happy to be rid of the extra ball and chain that NEVER goes away.
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Congratulations- I think you look fantastic! And as you'll see, it just gets better all the time! Looking forward to your updates!
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Hi! You're looking great. Our skin bounces back and just takes time. Thanks for sharing your story and photos. :)))
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Thanks for sharing your story. You didn't mention what size you were before and after BA. Looks like you have quite a bit of natural breast tissue. You are going to heal nicely. My surgery is April 12th after 28 years of silicone over the muscle implants. I appreciate you sharing pics as it does give us over 50 ladies an idea of what to expect. I'm 56 so expect similar results. I too notice vertical scars...is this from removal? Congrats on all your accomplishments...you should be very proud. Positive healing thoughts sent to you.
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Your story is very exciting. You have done alot for yourself in the past few years with going to college, law school and taking the bar! Now the explant, you have arrived. I am excited about getting one too. Mine isn't until June 5 but I am so ready! This forum is so great and so encouraging! I have gained so much from it already and hope I will be able to contribute also. I have had implants for 38 years altogether, that is 2 sets, the first ruptured and were replaced. Age and life experience has a way of making you look at things differently. Seven years ago I experienced a brain hemmorhage and am so lucky I didn't die from it. I look at life and what is important very differently now. I do not need these implants any longer, really never needed them! I know some of my problems probably have stemmed from them. Certainly the neck and back problems I have experienced for years. Best of luck in your recovery - keep posting for those of us who haven't had it done yet!
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are your vertical scars from some kind of lift? I've never seen vertical scars in an explant procedure with out a lift before, I find all these different methods interesting!
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Implants look so huge when seen outside the body! Thanks for sharing the photos, things will improve and take shape nicely in the coming weeks as we have all seen happen on realself. You're off to a great start! I'm so inspired by your going back to school story, congratulations on your accomplishments and the Bar exam! I'm 31 and in community college, I sometimes feel so old in some of my classes, but I want a degree so I am sticking with it! Happy healing!
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Great pics and so inspiring! You could be my mentor :) I am also in the legal field and would like to go to law school after my kids are grown... Oh, and I also explanted last week! I feel a million times better in my clothes - especially since button down tailored shirts and blazers are a big part of my career wardrobe, and those items do not work well with big falsies. I am sure that you will love to start your legal career at your natural size, so that your words and thinking will be commanding all the attention they deserve, you worked hard for it. Congrats on our explant and passing the bar! That is really hardcore, you should be proud. Oh, and if your naked pics get you down, take a look at my post-surgery pic... Lol. Oh well, that's what great bras are for.
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I love your new mantra. Congrats on finishing that bar exam and getting to this place. You ARE a determined woman :)

I hope you're healing well and are resting comfortably right now. When you feel up to it, please let us know how you're doing.

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Congratulations! We both had explantation yesterday. Mine were only in for s few months but i am pretty happy to have them out so i can regain all the freedoms small chests offer :-) I hope uou are recovering well with little pain. I plan on unwrapping my self to take a look today or tomorrow. I peaked under the dressings and it didnt look as bad as i thought.
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Today must have been a good day for you - I hope everything went well . Please keep us updated on how you are doing. I can't wait to get rid of mine either! 34 days to go...
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Wow! You sound so amazing and strong! I'm guessing by now you are done worth surgery? I'd really like to know how you look and feel. Personally I think big boobs are a thing of the past. I know I can't wait to get rid of mine. It is just so ass backwards that those of us who want to go natural are looked at as some sort of freaks.
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