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I have had my saline implants for a little over 10...

I have had my saline implants for a little over 10 years. Five year into I developed lupus and it attacked my lungs. I believe implants caused my auto immune attacks. Fast forward 5 years I am now ready to remove them. I have consulted 5 ps and opinions are different. I am scared to go under general anesthesia since I already have a lung desease. Number 2 , there are different opinions on whether I shouldvremove the capsules or not. I have contracture. Very soft. I found one physician who does ivy sedation for removal and capuslectomy. I have been warned that are serious risks of bleeing with total capuslectomy. One ps tried to talk me out of it... Help! I am scared and confused but I am ready to be implant free


I'm so sorry you've developed lupus and can totally understand why you want to be implant free! I don't know about the risks from a capsulectomy. You might want to post a question to doctors here to help you sort that out.

Please keep us posted!

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My surgery is scheduled for Monday April 23rd. I...

My surgery is scheduled for Monday April 23rd. I found a doctor who will do it under IVY Sedation. I am told the surgery takes about one hour ( he will remove as much of the capsule as possible in both breasts) I am very excited to have these things taken out of me..I am so scared but now I am counting down the days ... WIll post the before and after pcitures ...


Well ladies... My surgery is tomorrow at 8am. Wish me luck! I am so ready but a bit anxious... Will update....
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Next week, wow! I'm excited for you.

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I am excited too! How do I post pictures?

Well I did it. My husband drove me to the...

Well I did it. My husband drove me to the surgery center today. Got there at 8 am and was out by 11. Everyone there was great. He removed the implants and capscules on both sides. I Am really drowsy right now...will post pics later


Good Luck!!!!Today.Everything is going to be okay!!
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Thank you precious. Everything well swimmingly well. He romoved the imolants and both capsules. I am feeling drowsy but ok! Thank you so much. I am so glad I did it!!!!!
I am glad everything went good!!! Get some rest, Let your husband help you as much possible, so you can recover fast.

Hello my beautiful ladies Today is 4th day after...

Hello my beautiful ladies
Today is 4th day after my removal and capsulectomy. The second day was rough as the anesthetia started to wear off. I was extremely sore and in a lot of pain. I was taking pain Meds every 4 hours and sleeping. My hubby and BFF made several trips to wholefoods for healthy nutrition. My loving husnabf fed me and woke me up every 4 hours to take my medication. I am feeling much better today. Thank god! I am down to 1 pain pill every 4 to 6 hours. I called my doctors office, the nurse said the pain is from the capsule removal.
Still I have I have 0 regrets. I would do it all over again! I am happy to be implant free. I keep thinking i cnnot complain, this is all self inflincted. It definately helps to have a supportive husband
Hoping to be back in the swing on things shortly. Stay blessed and strong

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I managed to post the before and after pictures...

I managed to post the before and after pictures for those who are thinking about doing this and hesitating bz of the fear of waking up with pancakes. :-)


Hi!!! naturalista How are you doing???
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You look amazing! Hardly any difference at all on your pictures. Hope all is settling. Well done.
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Thanks flash girl. I think when the swelling goes away they will shrink a little! They definitely not pancakes. I will update in a week....

Hello ladies Had my one week post op visit...

Hello ladies
Had my one week post op visit yesterday, unfortunately I have fluid in my breasts ( I guess medical term is saroma) the doctor says while it's normal and body tend to absorb it over time, we don't want it to get infected. So I am going back Thursday morning for him to reassess and possibly drain it. I pray my body starts sucking up the fluid like now so he won't have to drain! If anyone has experienced this or has some recommendations on things I can do naturally please let me know.
Thanks ladies. God bless


Hi you look great. How is your lupus after explant? do you still have symptoms? Thanks
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how is it going? i read your last post about fluid build up, did the doc drain it?
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Hi naturalista!!! can you post some recent pics pleasesseee!!! im getting my implants remove and may go with your same doctor....thank you and god bless!!
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Dr light

Doctor and nurses are awesome. The lady collecting money is a bit abbrassive

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