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This website has proven invaluable to me--many,...

This website has proven invaluable to me--many, many of the stories here have provided information, suggestions and support. The honesty has been so refreshing--and as I start my [very short wait time now} journey to explant, I simply wanted to chronicle my thoughts here, too!

As a teenager I had terrible problems with my jaw. After many years of braces, night-guards, visits with orthodontists and the like--I was diagnosed with osteo-arthritis of the tempero-mandibular joint {jaw}. I had a very difficult surgery my second year of college, spent an entire summer wiring myself shut every night, and finally began the road to recovery. I remembered my sweet surgeon telling me that my body was quite delicate, and that I needed to take excellent care of it. He also warned that I would most assuradely have joint/arthritis problems through out my life. I was eighteen.

While in college I convinced myself that I would never be beautiful or confident without breast augmentation. I found a wonderful doctor and had mentor smooth saline implants placed over the muscle. I went from a tiny size 32AA to a 32C. One month after the surgery my mother was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. My surgeon assured me that my implants were behind any natural breast tissue I had, and would actually allow for better mammogram imaging, and that I had a full, healthy life ahead of me.

Fast forward a bit--engagement, marriage, two precious babies {both breastfed}. I'm now 36 years old with a laundry list of aches/pains, arthritis, carpal tunnel, fatigue and thyroid issues. That said--I live a full and happy life. My husband is my best friend, my children are adorable handfuls--ages six and four. I have an amazing extended family. I am truly blessed.

And the plain and simple truth is I want these implants out. I have learned, through a very expensive lesson, that I was beautifully designed by my heavenly father, and these implants have done NOTHING to improve my self-worth, confidence or appearance. I choose health and happiness. I don't want to live my life having repetitive surgeries to fix/lift/repair implants. I don't want any interference with mammograms. I don't want to tell my daughter that she's indescribably beautiful while implants are inside of me. I don't want to teach my son that a women's value is based on her appearance. I have changed, and I'm so HAPPY to be at this point in my life where I don't need or WANT implants any longer.

I am scheduled for a consult with Dr. Melmed in Dallas on November 26th, surgery to follow the next morning. I do not yet know if I will need a lift, but suspect that I might.

Bottom line--I am just so thankful to the women here for their candid honesty and their courage. I'm hopeful that the next few weeks of my journey--chronicled here--will help someone, too. More soon . . .

Wanted to post quickly about my experience with Dr...

Wanted to post quickly about my experience with Dr. Melmed and his office. I called a few weeks ago, spoke with his office manager/receptionist, and within minutes she emailed me information about the procedure, anethesia, hotels, after-care and pricing. She gave me her email address, and reminded me to call with any concerns or questions. Within an hour, Dr. Melmed called me THREE times. He is so warm, kind and tender on the phone. I felt immediately at ease with his "bedside manner" and personality. He clearly believes in what he does, and offers support, wisdom and information readily. He asked me to email pictures/info about my age, weight, history and the implants. Talk about eating humble pie to send someone pictures of yourself topless!! But, he called me back early the next week to let me know he had reviewed my information and bloodwork and I was an ideal candidate. He also asked gently if my husband was supportive of my decision, and was I absolutely certain I wanted to explant. I told him I was 100% certain and my husband is the best friend in the world, who supports my every endeavor, including this one. He and Janet scheduled me immediately, and again, both told me to email/call with any questions. Wonderful and exemplary service! :-) Less than two weeks to explant!

My explant surgery was a little over a week ago. ...

My explant surgery was a little over a week ago. I've spent the last ten days really taking it easy, and I AM SO HAPPY I DID IT! First things first--my breasts are small and lovely and real and NOT at all deformed looking. Dr. Melmed was wonderful and his staff was just as fabulous. The hospital experience was outstanding.

I am still healing. I have some slight twinges of pain every now and then, and have learned to really rest and take the necessary time to recover. One side bruised, and is still quite yellow, but both breasts are looking great. I'm probably a true 34A, and am THRILLED to be back to "just me". Tomorrow is my last day wearing the sports bra, and I need to keep the tape over the incisions for another week or so. My only complaint has been nausea--which stopped as soon as I discontinued the pain meds, on Day 2. Day 2 drains were removed {ouch--but it was fast}, and by Day 4 I was in the car heading back to Houston. I developed small blisters on my abdomen where the drain tubing rubbed a bit, but that is healing and looking good. Day 6 I found I could sleep on my side with minimal pain . . . And now I'm at Day 9, and I feel fantastic. I haven't done any house work or picked up children or dogs . . . I have worn the sports bra around the clock, excluding the shower.

Ladies--I'll post pictures this weekend--and in the mean time I want to encourage each of you considering explantation. It's a JOY to be back to my delicate, feminine, slender self and the journey was worthwhile. I am so thankful to God for the chance to do this . . . And I'm also truly thankful for the new appreciation I have for my REAL body.

Thought of a few things that might help others . ....

Thought of a few things that might help others . . . And that's the whole point of this, so here goes!

-I did have an internal lift. Both sides were "bottomed out", a term Dr. Melmed used in his exam. I also had a small {maybe an inch or so} cresent-shaped piece of skin removed from my left side. My left side measured two inches lower than my right on the day of surgery. Dr. Melmed drew on my chest, breasts, collar-bone area and took several measurements just prior to surgery. I have had more bruising/swelling on my left side due to the additional work needed to even things out.

-I'm terrified of IV's. Silly, I know. The nurse numbed my arm before administering the IV. I felt absolutely NOTHING! It was wonderful--and I will request this for all future surgeries for both myself and my children.

-After having the drains removed I was allowed to sleep in a front-opening sports bra. I couldn't get comfortable in it, and so I wrapped myself back up in the surgical bandage {Ace-type} which felt more "secure". Dr. Melmed suggested that I might prefer the Ace-wrap during my travel back to Houston. For those of you flying or driving soon after surgery, this might be a good idea.

-I ordered a front-closure cotton bra prior to surgery, and wasn't comfortable in it. On Day 3 I went to Gap Body and bought a light-weight sports bra. I stepped into it, as lifting my arms was strictly prohibited until Day 10. I've worn a different bra for the last few days to give me a little shape, but as soon as I get home I grab my stretchy Gap bra and put it back on. It's oddly comforting right now, and limits any bouncing or movement.

-My sister helped me quite a bit around the house. Dr. Melmed told me NO making beds, vacuuming, house-work or exercise. He actually told me that I "was allowed to do three things. Feed my face. Brush my teeth. Wipe my bottom." Something that helped was moving things down from overhead cabinets so that I wouldn't have to reach up. Also, put a small stool in the kitchen for about a week.

-Dr. Melmed saved my saline implants and returned them to me. I weighed them--they felt so heavy--but they were only a pound!

-Okay, this is kinda gross--but I took plain stool softener for about a week post-surgery. Surgery can really slow down my system, and I just didn't need constipation problems, too!

More soon, and new pics when the tape is gone! XOXO!
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Melmed was a prince. What a compassionate, caring person--and an exemplary surgeon. My results are impeccable, and the care I rec'd was nothing short of outstanding.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Amanda, your small breasts look lovely! I, too, originally was this size -- with implants only ~34B. (Implants are 230cc and 210cc, overs). I don't expect results as good as yours, but I sure wouldn't mind them small & lovely again. (I've had silicon implants 30 years! CC for 30 years! Ruptured implants for 15 or more!) ...Not sure how I will ever be able to afford to get mine out, but I am so ready!
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Also when were you able and feeling well enough for working out? And how many weeks when you were comfortable doing pull-up, push up or any vigorous exercise?
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I just got cleared to start slow workouts (i.e treadmill, elliptical) and I am 4 weeks post op today. My incisions are still tender so I'm not pushing it. Doctors are different and depends on extent of your surgery. Good luck!
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You look fantastic! I had my consult with Dr.Melmed yesterday, all went well he was so knowledgable and genuine. I was wondering how your scars around your areola are healing? Looks wise and pain? I'm nervous about that part. I feel best about going to Dr.Melmed so now just waiting to see if my insurance will accept and set the date. If they don't I will still be using him more than likely.
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Hi Amanda - I just want to thank you for posting your story. I have silicone implants over 20 years old that I have asked the implant surgeon to remove but he continues to encourage me to not remove them. Thanks to you, I found Dr. Melmed and he is removing my implants on July 25th. I loved him and his staff immediately when I met them for my consult in June and I am so excited about becoming my "real self" in just 14 days!!
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do you know if insurance pays for explant? is the price higher to capsule removal?
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Amanda, I am going to see Dr. Melmed and I would like to speak with you privately. Can you e-mail me at kat2313@yahoo.com. I would certainly appreciate it. BTW - I think you look great!!
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How did your consult go? Planning on seeing him in the next week or two.
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amanda, you look positively beautiful! i had an internal lift and capsules removed the day after you, so i know how you must be feeling recovery wise! i have quite a bit of soreness around the incision on my left breast, and feel quite a bit of nerve tingling as well. my implants weighed 1 1/2 lbs -good riddance i say!
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How are you feeling NervousGirlie? I'm doing better and better--still find myself occasionally feeling a bit sore, but it's rare! My left side had more work, too, and I think I can feel the stitches next to the incision--weird!! Wonder how long they take to actually dissolve. I'm with you--good riddance to our heavy old toxic-bags!!! Congratulations, Honey!!!
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Would love to ask you more questions. Setting up a consult soon.  Thanks!

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Hey guys, please use the private messaging system to share email addresses, thanks!

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Amanda what did you do with your implants? Just curious to know... I miss my femenine shape but i definitely not miss the implants per-se. Did you talk to your kids about it? I had to explain my 10 year old because he was a little confused as he didnt think it was necessary because he has not perceived me as being "sick" as to need an operation.
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Hi Health1st! I've been keeping up with you--hope your holiday was wonderful! I did not talk to my kids about it--and they haven't noticed a thing. This will be long-ish--I've been reading a lot on giving children too much information, and information that they aren't mature enough to process. My mother-in-love is dying, and hospice is in, and it's just a matter of time now . . . So, I'm sort of reading up on how to either prepare them or comfort them once she's gone. B/c of all my research, I just decided that unless they noticed and had questions, there was no need to bring it up. I did tell them that I had a bad boo-boo and that they had to be very careful with me when they hugged me. They were sweet about it! Now the funny part--my implants are in a drawer in my bedroom!!! :-)
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Hi Amanda, sorry to hear about your mother in law... At least you are at the other side of surgery and feeling good. I am a firm believer that God does not give us more than we can handle... Carry on!
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Oh Amanda you look so beautiful and elegant! I'm so happy for you!! xx
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Sweet Demi--thank you so much! That means the world to me! You look positively lovely--you look real and feminine and pretty and normal! You have "fluffed" beautifully!!! I have some serious wrinkles today, as the swelling is gone now, but I'm hoping to fill back in a tiny bit. That said, I'm just so glad they're OUT!!! Know you know exactly what I mean! Sweet dreams, Demi! XOXO!
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Bless you!! Your figure is amazing and you now have boobs to match it!!! Well done!!!!!!!xx
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I just had my explant with Dr. Melmed on Wednesday and my surgery was much more involved than yours, full T lift, but I agree - he was wonderful. I don't think I'd trust anyone else after seeing how he transformed me when others were afraid. If I continue to heal with no complications, I will be thrilled! And I hate IV's and I couldn't agree more. Don't know why all places don't numb first. I didn't feel either and it took like 15 extra seconds to do that way. I've tried to get other places to do it and they just say they don't do that so I've had to use LMX numbing cream.
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Hi Regrettingit! First of all--CONGRATULATIONS!! How are you feeling? I am sure there's lots of R&R on your calendar this week. Take it easy--baby yourself--and when you have pain, snuggle up with some pillows and a blanket! I'm so glad you went to Dr. Melmed--he and his office are like a team of angels! PS I'm willing to have a huge fight w/ future hospitals over the numbing shot pre-IV! I'll be "that girl" if I have to!
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I'm pretty good. Day 6 and if I only do Ibuprofen, I still have pain. I tried 1 pain pill and that wasn't enough so had to do two. My right one is really bothering me today, yesterday was the left one. My hubby washed and blew dry my hair tonight, that was interesting. I'm about a week behind you. Hope all is still going well!
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Day 6! You're getting there--I'm Day 15 now, and I still have LOTS of twinges of pain. Nothing that shocks me or really hurts, I'm just aware of it. Lastnight I rolled over in my sleep and something on my left side really hurt, but went away after a few seconds. Some of the twinges kind of itch or burn a little bit, but again--it's not bad, I'm just aware of it. I did sit in the tub {bra on, water up to my tummy} and it really relaxed me. Did you get a prescription for Celebrex? That helped a lot. Hope you have a good day today and get lots of rest!! PS I have had a LOT of frizzy hair days!!!!
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Hi Amanda, I live in Houston also and thinking of calling Dr. Melmed for a consult. I noticed you spent $8,000 for your surgery. Is it so high because of the internal lift? Also did that include hotel stay? Also I know he is suppose to be the best so was it worth going all the way to Dallas? Thanks!
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Good Morning NewMom87. I did have the interal lift--and I believe I paid full price for everything--no insurance--so the $8K included hospital, anethesiologist {sp?} and Dr. Melmed's fees. If you pay with check or cash, Melmed discounts $500, so my actual total was $7500. If you call his office, Janet will email you all the information for fees, medical information, hotels that are close by, etc. She is super-funny and loves to tease, FYI. His nurse Linda is a sweetheart, too. Something I did which really helped me--I emailed him my photos and information about my health {age, weight, implant info} and he called me for a phone consult prior to my actual office consult. I cannot say enough good things about him, and I am so happy with my results. I think what he does internally is nothing short of miraculous, and my breasts look normal and healthy, at twelve days out. If you want to call me, or email me privately, message me and I'll give you my contact info. I'd be happy to answer any questions you have. XOXO!
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I really enjoyed reading your posts about your whole journey..so inspiring...i am almost one year (01/18/2012) post explant and am so happy with my decision...god bless and you look great!
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