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I had my first breast augmentation consultation...

I had my first breast augmentation consultation yesterday after contemplating it for YEARS. Today I called the doctor and set my appointment for August 7th, which is only 15 days away. I am a very small A cup, if even, looking to become a full C. He said i have plenty of breast tissue and recommends me going with 440cc of Sientra cohesive implants. I don't know how large that will be on my small frame. 5'4", 122lbs, 10.9% body fat. Im not sure of my measurements, i've always worn a sports bra or nothing. Just wanting opinions because, as of right now, I'm just going with whatever the doctor thinks is best.

My measurements

So I just did my own measurements at home and if I did all the right places my bust is 32", waist is 26", hips are 31" but if I measure hips around my butt it's 37"... who knows. 7 days, 11 hours. Couldn't be more ready!!

1 day 6 hours

It's 0215 and I can't fall asleep... im trying my best not to think about tomorrow's surgery. I'm excited and sad all at once. I never thought I'd ever miss having my tiny breasts but I know I will.. they have been part of me for so long. Even my husband said he was going to miss them. I'm hoping this isn't a terrible mistake. Though it is something I've always wanted. Something that has always bothered me about my appearance. I'm sure this indecisiveness is natural.

Can't sleep... surgery in 7 hours.

I'm slightly terrified. Not sure why. It's kind of the same feeling I had before giving birth to my daughter. Like completely excited but so scared to death!! I know that process was fairly easy and I only hurt a few days and I'm guessing this will be similar but, AHHHHH!!! I can't sleep because I'm too anxious yall! Lord help me lol I need some shut eye. And some peace of mind....

Headed to surgery

On my way to surgery! The husband is driving. I think feeling ok now.. Probably won't really hit me again until I start getting prepped for everything. In the mean time, all my piercings are removed and im in my comfy pants. Ready to start recovering already! Thanks for all the support this far ladies :) so thankful for this site.


Apparently the nurse said I'm awesome. She's never had a patient put their own clothes on and act like nothing happened immediately after surgery haha I'm sleepy and hungry tho! Ready to be home and relax.

This wrap makes em look huge!

Ended up going with 465cc! It was that or 435cc... im excited!

Wrapped up

So I'm still all wrapped up and shouldn't have it taken off til tomorrow at post op. I'm hoping they stuffed some extra gauze or something on my left side because it looks quite a bit larger! They used 465cc in both and I know for sure my left breast was a bit bigger than my right already. I'm not worried tho.. I guess that's pretty normal. Ready to see these babies!! I am a bit sore now under my arms. Just finished icing them with a gel pack I made and it looks like it kind of pushed them down. I had it sitting on the top if my chest. Is that a bad idea? Sorry I keep posting so much. Can't sleep and can't do anything lol

Just got the wrap off

At the post op and had my wraps removed, just wanted to show yall how they're looking. Surprisingly in no pain. Only taking codone every 6 or 8 hours. They are a bit tight but I think they look nice already. Quite far apart but so were my originals.

Didn't upload with last post

Apparently these didn't upload with my last post. Here's my girls all unwrapped.

Super swollen

They have swollen so much since we took the bandages off.. very uncomfortable. Just took a shower and laying down. Been up and about so maybe I over did it. Though my stomach is HUGE and it's never bloated. Praying it goes down by morning.


Can't seem to upload pics of swelling!

It frustrates me that you can't edit posts


Here are a few pics with some new shirts i bought and an old swimsuit cover. I like what I see so far!


The swelling under my arms is starting to go down. And even though I've gone to the bathroom (more than I'd like) my stomach is still out a lot. All is well. Showering isn't easy but it's sooooo nice under that water. Shaved my legs and pits today too!! I feel so clean! Lol.

Changed my tape today

Went and had my tape changed today. I can hardly believe how small the incisions are! They want me back once a week for 4 weeks to keep changing the tape until the stitches dissolve. Asked the doctor how the girls are and he said "they're absolutely perfect is what they are!" Ha. That makes me sooo happy! Apparently they're settling nicely and I don't need a bandeau/strap. Just keep the sports bra on.
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You should post some new pictures so we can see how your girls are looking! :)
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I feel so good i almost forget I just had surgery. Trying to remember to take it easy still. My girls are getting soft already and dropping soo well!! The swelling under my arms is nearly gone today and the tightness isn't as aggressive. My nurse STILL hasn't gotten the paperwork taken care of but I am allowed to start light duty while waiting. Things are great and it's only one week post!
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Yeah, I'm so happy for u! Even if u have to write a sticky note & put it somewhere, it's good to take it easy... I'm so glad u are trying to take, it easy & I really think this week off from work is wonderful! :) Did they tell u that u can message them yet? I'm 4 wks post-op today.
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Day 5-7 is hard! I'm almost 4 wks post-op & some mornings I feel engorged & like I need to breastfeed an as the day progresses it gets better everyday! I hope u are healing well :) it really starts to be more comfortable as each week goes along! Once your breasts start to "drop & fluff, " hopefully your muscles & skin won't be as tight!
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Is it OK to wear a normal sports bra or should I keep wearing the tight compression one I've had on? I just wanted to wear a normal sports bra when I left the house since it's smaller. The other one has a full support back, thick straps and front closure.
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Have u tried on your regular sports bra yet? If so how does it feel? Your PS might not want u to wear something that doesn't have as much support & compression. Are you allowed to massage your breast yet?
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how soon can i start massaging these things and how am i supposed to do it?? they are so TIGHT! day 5 has to be the most uncomfortable day I've had yet :(
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The doc will tell you about massage when he feels you've healed enough. Usually it's around week 2. Massages may make the tissue swell. Have you tried cold packs? Frozen bags of peas are used a lot.
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You really should wait until your PS tells u to start massaging. It's best to wait for the dr.s instruction. My PS didn't have me start massaging until 3 wks post-op. He had me only use gentle pressure at the top of my breasts by my armpits. You're going to be tight, they're still stretching it's almost like going through puberty! Hang in there, call your doctor & ask if u can start massaging. :) best of luck to u! BTW how was work today?
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Ugh. I've iced them til they've nearly froze lol I'll keep icing them.
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Something I did was gently touch my breasts, sort of small circular movements. Days 5-7 should be the hight of your inflammation! Once u start massaging it will increase your inflammation. Can u call the Dr's office & ask about massaging as well as advil, ibuprofen or something for the inflammation? I wish u all the best, are u still propping yourself up when u sleep & when u r resting? I know it took me until the end of my 3rd week before I could lay down without a lot of pillows. ☺
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Oh I'm definitely gonna wait til I'm told I can! I barely wanna touch them lol too scared. My nurse hasn't received paperwork from my doctors office yet so she can't let me come to work. Which I'm not complaining about. I've been spending time with my 5 year old :) she's such a weirdo. She'll walk up and just start gently petting boob haha.
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What a precious little one u have! That's so sweet... I'm glad u are home healing :) your daughter sounds like such a sweetheart :) It's so funny, I would find myself rubbing & gently touching my breasts though out the day. Sometimes it just hurts to have a sports bra touch your nipples. BA almost feels like puberty on steroids! Lol I hope you can start massaging soon.
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I don't guess I ever had a normal puberty because I don't remember growing pains or anything. Yeah I've been falling asleep with my hand between my breasts under the bra. Even tho I wear a 34 and this a 38, it's still very snug. Kylii is a handful. She's a little strange. She absolutely gets that from me AND her dad. Haha. She's doomed.
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I am definitely still propping myself up. Laying flat on my back is awkward. I'm a stomach sleeper but sitting up to sleep has been very nice and relaxing. The doctor has me on an anti inflammatory.
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Told ya! :p they are already changing. Looking great!
  • Reply look awesome already! Just wait, it will keep getting better and better :)
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Awesome photos! Love the dress!
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Congrats on a successful and pain-free surgery. You look great. Be sure to tell your doctor about the constipation because it can become dangerous if it lasts too long. My older sister had that problem after she got implants and she took everything in the book to make it go away, but nothing worked. Almost two weeks into the constipation, she had to have a doctor manually go in and remove the waste to get the process going again. Gross, I know. That was about 20 years ago, though, and they have better products now, but it really is an important thing to tell your doc and to get fixed before it gets worse. It's a very common consequence of being put under anesthesia and they're used to dealing with the issue. Good luck on your recovery! They look great, and as they settle, they'll look even better in time.
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You look fantastic!!! I hope you are more comfortable today. Your bloating will go down. I promise. Lol. Your girls are beautiful.
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Thank you! I love em. It's so weird! They're numb today. Been over 24 hours since I've taken a pain pill, still stopped up, and now my boobs are numb. They also feel and look like they've gotten further apart. I'm hoping the doctor gives me a bandeau or strap for them tomorrow. I don't need these puppies in my armpits lol
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I do not think they look too far apart, but you are the one who can see and feel them. So I believe I would def state your concerns to him. You look beautiful though. I like them :P They will come together. :)
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You'll notice as more time passes they will actually get closer together in the middle, you'll probably have some side boobs too especially because of the size of your implants. I wouldn't worry too much, they'll look fabulous. I try to make sure I have a lot of support when I sleep or lay down.
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Hello anncoel, I hope u r feeling good today? Has the pain started to kick in yet? I hope you have a great weekend :)
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No pain still. I actually took my last pain killer this morning and haven't had more since. It's so strange how easy this has been. I know I'm not supposed to but I did dishes and laundry today and cooked lunch. The only thing bothering me is the constipation. There's still a lot of swelling on the outer breasts and under the incisions but nothing hurts :) I'm so glad!
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