5 days post op!

I just turned 25 and I have been wanting the BB:...

I just turned 25 and I have been wanting the BB: for about 3 yrs now and Im finally doing it! I have tried everything and nothing is going to give me the shape and size of ASS that Im wanting! So i have already scheduled my procedure but my Dr is more conservative than what I originally thought.

I want about 500 cc's per cheek (or more) but he's apprehensive to do it. I've paid my $2000 deposit already and want to make sure Im going to get exactly what i want. What is a good amount of cc's to get to insure a BIG round booty with enough projection?

This is supposed to be exciting but Im more...

This is supposed to be exciting but Im more nervous than anything that the Doctor isn't on board with my expectations!!! I Already paid my deposit!! I called the office today hopefully she calls me back with some news to calm my nerves!

Just spoke to my Dr and he said he was going to...

Just spoke to my Dr and he said he was going to make sure that Im happy!! So we will see!!! Cant wait!!

It's getting closer to the date and I just put...

It's getting closer to the date and I just put another $800 down!!! YAY! I'm just getting a little nervous about the surgery and the pain during. I'm getting Aqualipo on my upper and lower abdomen, flanks and lower back. I am not going under just local anesthetic. So i'm basically awake which is very scary! HELP!!!

Has anyone done the Aqualipo?? Any feedback?

Has anyone done the Aqualipo?? Any feedback?

Well unfortunately I have to push my appt date to...

Well unfortunately I have to push my appt date to May 18th. It was a disappointment but Im still positive. Cannot WAIT!!! IM SO READY!! SO I will post pics of my after just as soon as I can :)

BBL on this Friday May...

BBL on this Friday May 18th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im so excited and scared at the same time. Are there any other vitamin besides arnica to take for swelling and bruising. Also has anyone else had the aqualipo??? Thats what im getting and want/need some feedback !!!

Surgery was on may 18th...it went well. I am still...

surgery was on may 18th...it went well. I am still very sore but all in all am satisfied w/my results!

I'm 5 days post open and pain is getting less and...

I'm 5 days post open and pain is getting less and less. Still swollen and haven't had a bm since surgery date which is freaking me out. Plus I started my period so I know my stomach is bloated. I'm loving my results just need to get back to work so I hope I feel better soon!
Dr. Mauricio Giraldo

Dr Giraldo was fabulous!

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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How much cc in the buttocks? I'm follow you for sure. Wanting to do a bbl during the summer :)
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how did he charge you? for the ccs or the lipo? you didnt get a lot of ccs. the price seems steep! im looking for a texas doc to do my bbl.
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I got 700cc in each;)
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Ey!! congratulation u r just like me !!!
my surgery was on may 17, today is my date 7, incredible I never feeelt any pain. and I started my period yesterday :( soy we will be more bloating!

how much do u get cc? lokk good im extra swollen .I see myself as a beer keg :(
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Oh wow I missed that 5'4...sorry yea that would be alot much/....lol
Im 5'10 and big bone if I must call it that...lol I hope I can get at least 800 in each cheek...have you checked out blondies profile I would like to have similar results....
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Hey starr,
Im in Texas and going to Salama also. When are you scheduled?
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May 31, sooooo excited! Hope I can get 1000+ I dont want to have to go thru round 2, plus im having the tt aswell, when are u scheduled?
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I'm only 5'4 ...I think 1000cc may be too much=\
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May I sugest 1000cc per cheek is what i want! Ive noticed that 500cc is not much difference.
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I believe bromelian, not sure on the spelling but this is what I have. Hope this helps. Happy surgery day, sooooo happy for you.
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Oh no!! Did the Dr tell u why it didn't stay?
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Why are u having to redo it?
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I'm having it redone because after the swelling went done so did my results :'( I was injected with 600cc's and if it stayed the way it looked when it was swollen I would've been fine with that but one day it was nice n plump then I woke up n it was gone...LOL...
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Thank you! Yes I know I have been researching for about a year and def want it to be larger than a typical butt lol I want 500-600 cc's per buttock and I just talked to my Dr and he assured me that I will be satisfied so until then all I can do is wait! 2 months to go!
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That's good to hear. 2 months is gonna go FAAAAST!! I have mine in 1 month, but I've done it in august last yr and this is a retouch (different doctor tho), so I kinda know what to expect, except it doesn't make the pain less bearable.
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Good luck on your search and surgery. 500cc is good to get a nice shape, just realize that there will be some fat that will be absorbed back into the body that won't take, and your physician should be aware of that, if not after a couple of months you will look no different than before you did.the surgery. Do some extensive research if you can, cuz the last thing you want to do is invest a lot of time and money to only be unsatisfied and wanting to do it again.
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I know, at first he seemed to be in the same page but when I went to see him last week he was like " Im not going to give you a HUGE butt" lol I was like I dont want huge! Just proportioned. Ive already paid the $2K and am a little worried that I shouldve gone with my first choice Dr. Salama in Florida. ALL of his reviews are great!
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Good luck on your procedure, I chose Dr.Salama, so far so good Im from Texas myself, but after all the pics and reviews I decided to dish out the extra bucks and go with him, I reckon it will be a drive but were looking at it as a mini vacation my family and I, they can hit the beach while i suffer in pain,,,,lol
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your doctor is supposed to make the client, you paid and you should get what you want, hopefully it turns out the way youd like. im in the dallas area and im trying to get BB done too, good luck
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Hi there, thanks for sharing your journey with us. Please keep us updated on your progress!

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