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I have been researching about this procedure for...

I have been researching about this procedure for the last five months (and saving money for it), looked at many before and after pics, name of top Doctors and prices, etc. Can somebody tell me an average of price for the Brazilian butt surgery. I know it varies depending on your body but would like to know if I will have enough money to do it. Thank you!

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Hi,im from Dallas n im going to Dr.Yily my total bbl&tt $3800
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whre is he located
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she's in the dominican republic
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I'm going to say the average is btwn 7-10k. There are ppl tht charge as little as $3000 and as high as $22k, but surgery alone is not just it. Don't forget to factor in travel, lodging, transport, nurse care, massages, garments, time from work, etc. Extras can run you upwards of an additional $2k, good luck.
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