Chubby Plus Size BBL - Dallas, TX

This is just some of my wish pics. I'm a small...

This is just some of my wish pics. I'm a small chubby plus size 21 year old gal. Still thinking about which Doc I'll be going with. I don't want to touch my stomach, thighs nor arms just my whole back and love handles.

I'd still love to look chubby I just don't have much of a bum. It's just not rounder and fuller.
How has your search been going? I basically want the same thing as you, but I haven't seen any photos of a plus size/chubby bomb shell.
I am also a little chubbier, just looking to add more shape to my body. Please let me know how your search goes. I am also a healthy girl, good lifestyle with good blood pressure, etc
Hay how is your search going???
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