Bbl or lipo with fat transfer to hips same procedure? Or diffrent?

I'm petite, small build, and naturally curvy 5"1...

I'm petite, small build, and naturally curvy 5"1 34-27-39 126lbs. I have very stubborn belly fat that diet and excercise doesn't melt off. I don't have "muffin top" but can still pinch a good amount on sides and above butt. I also have hip dents that I would like to be rounded out. But I'm happy with the size of my butt. Would love to see dr medienta? In Miami but don't want to travel to far. Anyone in Texas?? Dr.Cortes? I'm not impressed with anyone's work in Dallas.

Bbl in Texas?

Going to Miami

I'm so excited for a upcoming consult with Dr. Cortes but his reviews are really making me nervous. I love his before and afters but all the bad reviews kinda scared me away. So my heart is now set on traveling all the way to Miami to see Dr.Mendieta. I plan on calling tomorrow for a consult and book flights asap.

Wish pics

First consult with Cortes

I'm so excited and nervous!! I had my first consult with dr Cortes. I really want a full Bbl but told me I don't have enough fat. I have already gained over 7 pounds. And the way my body is I gain gain fat on my lower body anyways. So he suggested to have lipo on tummy, flanks, back and inner thighs and have fat transfer to my hips to round them out. The only thing that makes me nervous is that he did mention that my skin on stomach is a bit loose and could possibly have uneveness. Has anyone been told that before??? I never noticed it before but now I see it all the rest of my skin is firmer.

Lipo on inner thighs??

I never thought about getting lipo on thighs but Cortes did mention it would give me a better shape with hips and will also give more fat for transfer.. Has anyone had it done with him before?
Dr cortes

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Good luck realself sister. Im sure you will have awesome results.
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Thank you!! Have you decided on a Dr? I picked Cortes since he's in Texas. It's to much to fly and stay all the way in Miami which I originally had planned
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Welcome and thanks so much for sharing your journey with us.

Good luck with your consultations, I hope they go well! It's good to have several so you can choose the person who feels right for you. You should check out the BBL Guides while you're preparing as there's some very useful information in there. The BBL Forum is great for support from the other girls also.

I hope this helps and please do keep us updated with your progress.
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