26 Years Old In Need Of A BBL !! Lol - Dallas, TX

I Am 26 yrs Old I have No kids in Dallas Tx. I...

I Am 26 yrs Old I have No kids in Dallas Tx. I Don't even no where to begin I am 5'6 220 Ibs I Know i will have to loose way more weight which I can do since I've lost almost 20 Ibs since April of this year. I have huge boobs and want to offset them with a Big ol booty lol If any one can let me know what I should be looking for or any other things to speed up the process. Thank You

I So Want Dr Fisher !!!

So I Sent My Hideously Disgusting Flat Booty Pictures To See If He Can Help Me Lol.. I Have Had Some Crazy Things Happen To Me Lately. But, Today I Start My Weight Loss Journey.. Have To Lose This Weight For Me ...! I Love This Site ..

Waiting Game ..

So I Still Haven't Heard Anything Back Yet.. /:

Got A Call Back Whhhoooaaaa!!

So Happy Smiling From Ear To Ear!! So Just Got My Call Back ( They Have Been Calling But I Didn't Know The # So I Never Answered ).. So They Said I Needed To Lose 25 Ibs Which Is No Biggie I Want To Lose Maybe 30-35Ibs. She Said They Are Running A Special For $4800!!!! Not Bad At All Also $1200 For Recovery House.. It's Becoming Reality Now Can't Wait Have To Lose This Weight And Get This Paid For ASAP!!!

Cant Wait Til Tmrw

Going To Put Down Some Money To Lock In My Price Yay I Can't Wait I Want It Like Now!!

Recovery Plans ..

So Those Who Went With Dr Fisher Where Did Y'all Stay At For Recovery I Need Help On Where To Stay Thank You In Advance

Made My 1st Payment Yay

Paid To Lock In My Price Well The Price I Was Quoted Wasn't The Price I Got Which I Have Emailed Jessica To See Why I Wasn't.. Any Who One Step Closer (:


I Have A Fear That I Won't Lose The Weight In Time../: Even Though I Know I Have Plenty Of Time But I Want To Be Where I Want To Be Not Trying To Lose Weight After I Have The Sx. Since I Have Been Considering The Sx (Couple Of Months Now) I Don't Want To Go Out, Buy Any New Clothes, And I Don't Even Feel Pretty Anymore Its Weird Bc I Am Always Shopping Dressing Up.. I Think It Hit Me When I Took My Preop Pix I Was So Disgusted. /:

Time To Get Serious

Tomorrow Will Be The Day I Take This Weight Loss To The Extreme I Need To Get.On It!! The More The Better


It's Like Every Other Day Vanity Has A Different Rep Call And Offer If I Pay Half Or In Full They Will Give Me This Or That !!! Smh If I Had Half Or Full Payment I Would Already Be Getting It Hello!!! So Annoying Put It In The Notes Or Something

Getting Excited

I've Been Reading So Many People Journey And Honestly I Can't Wait. I Didn't Want To Fiance it But Now I Do Just So I Can Get It Faster !! Still Deciding (: Just Want To Thank Everyone That Really Goes In Detail About Their Journey It Helps So Much!! All I Can Say Is Wow!!!

wish pics

My Poor Little Booty

Felt Butterflies????

So When I Called To Make My Payment. Jessica Told Me Be Sure To Send Me A Copy Of Your ID So We Can Start Making Your Chart!! Cheesing From Ear To Ear. I Can't Believe I Am Going To Actually Doing This. I'm Ready For The Pain Because The Pain You Will Feel Better And Look Even Better. Yes I'm Scared To Death and Scared That I Won't Get The Results I Am Looking For. But Hey It's Worth The Try.. (: Come On Feb


TODAY I'm going to buy a few things

It's like a dream But Better It's Really Happening!!


So just talked to my grandma she's a nurse and is going to give with me down there!! We are going to stay with my aunt who lives like 20 mins away from Miami!! I can take a breath now Yay got some supplies


I am addicted to this site there's so much info

Getting Mad

So Jessica Is My Coor. I haven't heard from her she keeps telling me she is going to email me my new I invoice and my receipt.to sign but Nothing /: idk What's going on

Over this already

So every time I call vanity to make a payment they never send me what info I need. I would think if I am giving you money you would be at least professional and do what you say you will do. I heard horror stories about vanity Customer service but I didn't want to believe it But damn smh


So today I sat down with my hr and asked her about my leave. Well she informed me that I could use my sick or vacation time but when I came back I might not have my job, Since its a cosmetic surgery which pissed me off. This whole time she has been bad mouthing me. Telling why are you getting it is it for you? Saying just because the outside may looks nice your brain needs to get right .. Blah blah so today I went unglued I told her no one ever talked bad about you when u got your gastric I was there every step of the way and now you wanna act like a bitch .. Her eyes were like O O idc though I have been working a 2nd job working almost 19 hrs a day to pay this off I will be damned if someone think there opinion matter .. It's has been a hard rough journey I dont even know what will happen next but I am so excited I can't wait Jessica (my coordinator)gets all my last nerve but I don't care my booty is what I care about !!!! 102 more days

its Official

February 3 !!!


So i want to buy my tickets but idk if i should. What if vanity changes the dates.

3 Months Exactly

I'm So Excited I Put In My Leave

Bought My Tickets

Bought My Tickets Feb 01 2015 I'll be in miami !!!


Time Off Request For A Month Approved!! Less Then $2000 Left To Pay Ughhh Can't Wait

Thanks Giving Day

and I'm at work ): but I'm always done paying off my surgery so it's so worth it!! Happy Thanksgiving


Today Is Your Big Day Good Luck!! Was Just The Other Day You Were 100 Days!! Time Passes So Fast I Can't Wait To See Your Amazing Results!! Thank You For Your Encouraging Words And Wish You The Best!!


Vanity is so annoying every time i pay they never send me my invoices its so ridiculous. I'm so close just want to get it over with because I know Dr Fisher is awesome just want to not deal with vanity anymore. Got massage info will book Friday! Like everything is falling into place I can't wait (:


I am so thinking switching doctors I'm so done with Vanity I would be embarrassed to work for a place like that no customer service skills at all.. Jessica is all informative when you are about to pay but you cant get her to even answer some simple questions or to send your invoice. Smdh for real

I let myself down

So only 46 days left and I haven't lost anything at all between working two ft jobs to pay the surgery off Which I'm done!!!! But my personal trainer said it can be done but have to go hard everyday!! Which I am going to try so hard. I can't believe I waited to the last minute but sounds just like me Please pray for me because I've worked so hard. Headed to the gym happy healing beauties
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