Well, ready or not, I scheduled my surgery. I'm a...

Well, ready or not, I scheduled my surgery. I'm a 48 yr old Mom with 3 kids, 18, 15 and 13. I swore I would never have plastic surgery; yet here I am. I think my motivation is that I work out religiously~ 5 days a week and of course, no amount of exercise will get rid of the excess skin on my abdomen. I eat incredibly healthy and just got frustrated that I couldn't get the results I wanted. I thought I might just need lipo, but then a friend who is a nurse who worked for PS informed me that's not fat, it's just skin.

I decided to do the BA as well after watching my breasts continue to shrink as I become more fit. Shrink and sag is probably more accurate. I breastfed my kids and seem to have the classic "mom who breastfed and now has no boobs syndrome". I believe I'm going with 300 - 350cc silicone above the muscle. Due to the amount of weight lifting I do, my PS recommended on top of the muscle will reduce muscle loss and they will not impede my workouts, which are important to me. I want them to look natural, not looking to go large, would be happy just to fill my bra cup in my 34 c's please :)

Okay, I'll try to post some pics tomorrow. Happy to be on this site, and love all the pics and updates everyone offers.

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Posting Pics... Realized in my determination to...

Posting Pics...

Realized in my determination to post (finally!) on this site, I left out some of my stats...I'm 5'6" and weigh usually around 140 - 145. Lately been hovering around 142...

Hubby is supportive...@ first when I broached the subject...(well over a year ago) he was shocked @ the amount of $$. I've been considering for awhile, and just finally told him I really want this...and he's okay with it. He travels quite a bit; so I chose February for the surgery knowing it's a bit quieter around here. Altho just signed daughter up for club volleyball and realize hubby may have to step up for a couple of weeks...Haven't brought that up yet...:)

I'm posting pics because most women on this site have been open and generous in sharing and would like to give back....certainly not proud and hopefully will not be as self conscious about sharing the "after" pics...


I am 5'7 and 137lbs...thinking about having a BA with the range of 300cc-350cc...I will be watching your transformation..... Congrats on your decision of MM
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Thank you for sharing your story. It's exciting to hear about everyone's experience because they are so different. Reading them are also inspiring. My surgery is in January and it's all I think about these days. I can't wait to see how I look after seeing everyone's transformation on this site. It's also good to know that you are thinking about going with 300-350cc because I was thinking the same range and my PS suggested 339cc under the muscle. This makes me feel better because you are taller than me and I want to look natural too.
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Thank you so much for paying it forward and being open, too. I'm sure you'll help lots of other ladies embarking on a mommy makeover journey. February will be here before you know it. Please continue to let us know how you're feeling as the big day nears!

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Okay, so it's been awhile since I've posted on...

Okay, so it's been awhile since I've posted on here. Holidays and work kept me busy. I am currently 5 weeks away from scheduled BA & TT and am nervous and having second thoughts. Feeling guilty about the amount of money and concerned about recovery.

I really don't think I will back out @ this point; so I guess I could use some advice on what items were valuable in your recovery. I spoke to PS's office last week to inquire about doing a cleanse 2 weeks before surgery. PS's nurse thought it was a great idea.

Okay ladies, do's and don't's prior to surgery? Any advice and feedback is greatly appreciated. Oh, I am scheduled for February 21 and plan on spending 2 nights @ hospital in recovery....


I am on 2/15/13, similar to your stats! I'm going with 400cc silicone smooth round under the muscle! I ordered the vita kit for the 2 week before/2 week after, we shall see how it works!!!!
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Thanks JayLu, heard about the vitakit. Will run that by PA's office. Thank you and good luck!
Just read your profile. We are similar in many ways. I have 2 girls and a boy...3 dogs too...that is so awesome you can go to your mom's for a couple of weeks to recover. The hubby and kids will survive. It will be good for them :))...I was a runner for years...now mix cardio and lifting. Have been contemplating the seat for shower...hoping for borrow the toilet seat from a local realself girl...Good luck w the marriage...been married almost 25 years...it's hard work!!

I just hit the 2 week mark from my surgery...

I just hit the 2 week mark from my surgery yesterday!! I'm getting very excited and a little less nervous.

I met with PS on Tuesday for my pre-op and settled on 300-325cc's for BA. I think I'll be happy; and hubby I think was hoping for bigger....lol...but of course :)...Although compared to what I have now, I believe it will be big!! I am really looking for a more natural look, and honestly don't think I would be happy with really big breasts...:))

Have ordered some pre-surgery vitamins recommended by another RealSelfer...Gonna start some arnica montana per doc as well. Otherwise, I'll just order a front closure exercise bra and maybe some comfy t's for under compression garment. uggh...they are sooo ugly....and I can't help but think about the doc and nurses getting that garment on me after surgery....some thinks are better left not thinking about...:))

We'll I'm off to the gym and a busy Friday planned.

Hope everyone is well and have a great weekend!!


Good Luck! I am under a week away! I havent prepared yet! LOL! I bought a couple things which is good for me! I am definitely a last minute girl! I had an appointment today and went up in size. I look forward to following your story! Me and you don't have much longer!
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Your gonna love it! I ended up with 300cc's and they are perfect for me! I started taking 2 stool softeners a week before surgery and I had a BM the morning after surgery with ease. (I'm very regular and wanted to stay that way :)) no need to worry about major preparation. It will all fall into place as long as you have loving help lined up.
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Watch, them 2 weeks will go by like this!!!!! Keep us updated when it's time!!!
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I'm getting ready to head out the door to surgery!...

I'm getting ready to head out the door to surgery! OMG, I can't believe how fast it came. I have been meaning to post all week on this site, but work has been crazy busy....

I'll be spending 2 nights @ the hospitel, so I'll post as soon as I'm home on Saturday.

Good luck to all the other surgeries today :)...I'll say a prayer for all...See you on the flat side...Happy healing :))


Cant wait to see pics - really trying to decide breast size, so anxious to see what yours are like when they fall - and I want above the muscle too, so want to see that. Thanks so much for sharing
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Time did go by fast!! Good luck to u and everything will come out ok!!!!
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Thx chicalife. Morning after and everything went well. Surgery was 4.75 hours Made it up to room last eve around 5. Nurse has been wonderful. Slept off and on for about 4 hours last eve. Sitting up in recliner and just had an egg white Omelet. Lots of pressure on tummy and barely even feel boobs. Went w 325 cc's Gonna do some walking in a bit. Percocet is a awesome drug :)

Made it home from hospital around noon today. Am...

Made it home from hospital around noon today. Am resting pretty comfortably in a recliner set up in my bedroom Walking bent over is a chore and have a zinger in my right hip. Drain tube is apparently hitting a nerve when I walk which feels like someone holding a hot poker to my hip. Otherwise I must admit today is so much better than yesterday. Was able to sit @ dinner table w family for dinner and just finished a shower with hubby and older daughter helping. What a blessing that was! Have stopped Percocet and am taking vicadin today and hopefully will move into Tylenol tomorrow. I will attempt to post pcs from my iPhone. If no luck, I'll get laptop and post from there...hope everyone is healing well and resting comfortably.


Morning Just read your profile and realize we are quite similar: although what are your stats? H/W? I did p90x as well. Now have switched to weight lifting and cardio on my non-lift days I am currently post op day 2 and am scheduled to head home today. I stayed @ the "hospitel" the top floor of the hospital which is more like a hotel for the first 2 nights after surgery. My PS recommended it and i am so glad I did it. The nurse was amazing and managed all my meds and food. Had a catheter in the first eve so don't need to leave bed. It's rough, I won't lie. I don't even feel my breasts; all discomfort is w my TT. I managed 3 walks yesterday and although it's hard it's so worth it. I will be heading home today and will hopefully take some photos after my shower. I did go w 325cc's over the muscle and am happy so far w results. :)
I think being able to stay in a hospital for a couple of nights would be great. Don't think my ps offers that but i am gonna ask or possibly hire an in home nurse for a couple of days. Glad you are doing well. I am 5'5" and 135ish fluctuate between 131-135. When i hit 135 I start panicking and go into natzi work out mode-lol. I am looking forward to following your story. Prayers and fast healing your way!

While in the bathroom earlier I noticed some...

While in the bathroom earlier I noticed some bleeding @ my drain tube site. It seems intact and don't recall yanking it although have dropped it a few times. Can see the stitch around the tube just want to make sure this is normal. Also when I walk I experience a sharp burning pain in my upper rightl leg. It almost feels like someone holding a hot poker to my leg. It hurst like a #*€£% and effects my walking.My nurse said its probably a zinger which is the interior drain tube hitting a nerve when I walk. Has anyone else experienced this? Otherwise I'm feeling really good but feel like I'm walking less than I should because of this... Any advice from you ladies would be greatly appreciated!


What size implants did you end up with? You will feel so much better once your drain is out. While I did feel really good at two weeks, I couldn't see exercising. It's weird how your body is so fatigued. Just mentally prepare yourself so that if it doesn't work out and you can't do it just yet, you won't ge majorly disappointed or get depressed. Remember your mental health is as fragile and important as your physical health. Happy healing!!! :)
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Hi! You look amazing! And believe me, you'll be working out again in no time. Please enjoy the few weeks that you have off from exercising, letting your body recover. I was on the elliptiacal by wk 3 and running, biking, and doing and workouts by wk 6. Now back to XCski, snowboarding, surfing and training for upcoming tri season. Sorry I'm not sure about the drains 'cause I didn't have drains. Sounds like you're having a pretty comfortable recovery, apart from the zingers (I got the zingers in the boobs...and I'm still uncomfortable in my skin around my tt scar and over the numb parts of my boobs). Best to you in your recovery!
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Thanks Pisces...Am hoping to be on treadmill by week 2. Elliptical maybe another good choice..Hope to get drain removed tomorrow. Feeling pretty good, just lower back achy from walking bent over (and swollen - looks weird) told hubby after shower today I look like the bride of Frankenstein.......so ready to walk straight and maybe even drive :)..

Morning Ladies...PO day 10 and feel like I'm...

Morning Ladies...PO day 10 and feel like I'm really turning the corner and feeling stronger and able to do daily things that couldn't do just a day or 2 ago. Yesterday was a day of many firsts...I rec'd my first massage from a masseuse that PS refers and requires as a part of recovery. She came to my house and set up right in my bedroom. She was AMAZING. Also, my first outing which I drove solo (another first) - my son had a jazz band festival @ his HS. Was able to drive myself (even got a Starbucks @ the drive thru) and was able to watch him perform and several other bands. Was out a total of about 4 hours. Mostly sitting in an auditorium (comfy seats, thankfully). This morning was able to make my daughter french toast and eggs prior to her leaving for a vball tourney. What an accomplishment for me! Hate feeling like I need help with everything and am SO HAPPY to be able to function and help around the house a bit.

I'm posting a couple of pics that I took after my shower yesterday morning (also got to wash my hair, another first!!)...hubby asked me to try on a bathing suit, so I obliged and had him take a few shots. I'm still super swollen on the side shots, (not proud, but will post for other women to see it's SUCH a process)..but am pleased with some of the front shots :))

Hope everyone is feeling better and recovering well...Happy Sunday :)


You look amazing!
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Thank you :)
You look great! Glad you are feeling better.
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Well, it's been about a week since my last update...

Well, it's been about a week since my last update so I decided to add some more pics and let everyone know how I'm progressing. I started sleeping in my bed PO 10 or 11 and haven't left my bed since. Not totally comfy, but managing okay. First night I tried my side, but was too painful. I can sleep on my sides now, but switch positions quite a bit. Pillows always under legs when I'm on my back and between legs on sides. I also am more comfy if i prop a pillow behind my back when I'm on my side. It offers more support and is more comfy for me. If I get 7 hours of broken sleep, I consider it a success :)

Hubby was out of town all last week (2nd full wk of PO), which kinda sucked, but I managed. Some days were longer and busier than others, one eve had to make a trip to the mall w my youngest. It was a 2 hour trip which WAS too much walking and was super sore and cranky by the time we left. On Friday, (PO, 15) went to dinner w/ a few gf's to celebrate a b'day. Was on the fence about going, but pulled it off and had a great time. Most didn't know of my surgery and those who did were impressed with my progress.

Yesterday (PO 16) was my first trip to the GYM!! Was excited and nervous. Per PS I was instructed to do low impact cardio only! Walked on treadmill for 15 min @ a 3.4 pace and incline of 4 and 15 min on elliptical working up to level 8 (not doing arms). Was able to complete that successfully. I was surprised that the treadmill was way more uncomfortable than the elliptical..(I'm not a fan of elliptical at ALL, and never use it in my normal workout - I'm an old injured runner who spent many years running outdoors and on a treadmill)...I was expecting to swell up like a balloon from workout but surprisingly didn't swell too badly. I will say I did have some side stitches during the day which I attribute to my workout but overall it felt great to get my heart level elevated a bit :)) Also weighed myself @ gym and am down ~ 2 lbs since morning of surgery. I did purchase a "bike short" type spanx for my workout which fit perfectly under my compression shorts that I normally wear to the gym.

Last eve hubby and I went to a movie and dinner. We saw Silver Lining Playbook (great flick) - yes, even had some popcorn against my better judgement, it was so GOOD!! - and a late dinner around 9pm. That is normally my bedtime (lol) but hubby was hungry and I obliged. Went to a great restaurant (Gloria's in DFW) and enjoyed some lobster and shrimp soup...Again, swelling wasn't as bad as I had anticipated from high sodium foods and slept surprisingly well.

I'm attaching some pics taken yesterday afternoon after gym workout. I noticed this morning as I was downloading that left breast appears larger and dropping quicker than my right. I realize that they will drop @ different rates, but a little curious about the size difference. May just be swelling but I'll be keeping an eye on this for sure.

I hope everyone is doing well and recovering nicely :) Happy Sunday ladies :)


You look fantastic! Congrats !,
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My left is a little behind my right. It looks a little fuller right now. I'm hoping that's normal and when they even out they will be the same.
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It's hard to believe it's been 6 weeks since my...

It's hard to believe it's been 6 weeks since my surgery. Time has flown by so quickly. I'm really feeling well, almost myself. My BA is a non-issue. No pain to speak of, and I'm so happy with size and how they are dropping.

I still have tightness in my abdomen and am allowed 5 hours daily w/o compression garment. I don't always take all 5 hours, and sometimes exceed it a little bit. I never thought I say this, but there are times when I look to put it back on...as much as I hate it; it offer me support and comfort I guess...lol...

I've upped my workouts @ the gym. I'm up to 20 min on treadmill (incline of 8 and speed of 3.8) and then 20 min on stairmaster (intervals @ level 6). I'm also doing reverse lunges and step ups along w some arm exercises w 15 lb weights.

I'm pretty much back to normal, as far as work and managing around the house. I still avoid heavy lifting and find my the end of the day I'm truly worn out...try to be in bed by 9 or 10 the latest. I sleep pretty well, switching from side to side and on my back. I'm still most comfortable using a pillow either supporting my breasts or under my knees if I'm on my back.

I've attached some pics. I am having some numbness in my abdomen which can bet a bit annoying (especially when I'm out of my garmet) and have to keep surgical tape on till my appt. next week. So EXCITED for that (my 6 week check up on week 7) and am hoping for full clearance to exercise, no more compression garment and removal of surgical tape.

Hope everyone is doing well...I miss you guys!!


You look amazing, Really great result. I just booked today and scared and excited that Jan can't get here soon enough lol.. Keep us updated on your success.
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Hi, I'm curious to know what bra size you have turned out to be so far? I know that you were hoping for your C cup. Have they dropped and fluffed yet? Are you happy with the size that you chose? I'm going with 339cc and my before boobs are similar to yours in size. I'm shorter than you too.
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You looks fabulous dear
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I visited 3 PS's who were all referred to me. I chose the one I felt I connected with best and seemed the most in tune with me and what I was wanting. He was almost the most highly recommended from a friend who had some surgeries with him as well.

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