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So, almost everyone on my Facebook feed is selling...

So, almost everyone on my Facebook feed is selling these It Works body wraps. After seeing countless, and I MEAN COUNTLESS, before and afters, I decided to take the plunge. The pictures they post, if anything, are incredible. They distributor claimed that it was not a weight loss product, but a cosmetic cream, but the photos were saying something else. Pictures of women with years of stretch marks, saggy skin, and fat, melted away in little as 45 minutes! So, I paid my money, and in great anticipation started my first wrap. I drank all the water I was suppose to and waited. Nothing. I didn't get upset because they said you see results after a full treatment. Well a week later, nothing had changed. I did not loose a inch, but I did get really itchy skin through the process. In a nutshell, It's Works is your classic pyramid scheme. They do not care about the product, they need the product for their company to be legal. What they want is you to work under them so they can make money off of you. To me, what is really sad is the person I bought them from, Lydia Diaz, was always preaching her faith, and talking about God on her Facebook page, so I assumed there was no way someone like that would be selling a false product. I had two other friends buy the wraps, just to see if I was just the odd man out. Nope. They too lost 100 dollars and no results what so ever. It is sad that there are people in this world that prey on other people to make it rich. I beg of you, save your money. Go to the gym, eat right, and take care of yourself. That is the only way to true weight loss.
Lydia Diaz

Lydia Diaz is the one who I bought the wrap from. She sold me a lie. The wraps are nothing but a scam. The most scary thing is that she comes across like your best-friend, and so godly. At the end of the day the number one goal of these people is not to get you to use the wrap, but to sell them. It is sad to see such a beautiful person blinded by greed.

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Any company that wants to recruit and not sell is an MLM. Like Mary Kay
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I agree, tried 3 wraps, NOTHING. Definitely a scam.
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To nancycopper124---- sorry if that sounded mean I just hate when people say " they seem so godly, But" one is perfect. I just feel you could have gave her an anonymous name instead of having others question her character.
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Its really sad that Lydia probably really felt the product worked, and just because it didn't work for you, you drag her name in the mud. "She sold me a lie." Sounds like you need a pt instead of a body wrap.
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... It's sad how people cry scam when it doesnt work for everyone. It only works for those who dont eat right, dont exercise and dont already drink a lot of water. If you do all those things there is nothing to change in your body, ergo it's NOT going to work. Get that through your heads before getting into it. Try it the first time if no result at all then dont buy more. You should see a little bit of a different in 3 days, if not then dont buy more. It's not a scam it just doesnt work for everyone AND THEY SAY THAT.
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You are just THE WORST. See? I can use caps too.
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I'm sorry you didn't see any results.  I agree their marketing is really misleading with the before and after photos.
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