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I can already tell this was absolutely the right...

I can already tell this was absolutely the right decision. My wisdom teeth came in when I was 21. I didn't have enough room in my mouth for them. Also didn't have dental insurance or the money to have them pulled. They ended up coming in and cracking almost every tooth in my head. I've spent over 35 years dealing with broken, abscessed & missing teeth. In 2006 my front tooth broke all the way down to the gum. The last 8 years have been spent trying to hide this. On 4/23 /14 I had to have 2 abscessed teeth pulled. The oral surgeon wanted to insert 2 implants. The cost was going to be over $5,000.00. This was all the incentive I needed to have an entire mouth makeover.

Had my consultation on 4/30/14. Procedure scheduled for 4/16/14. The was the second LONGEST 6 weeks of my life. The longest was 6 weeks before my daughter was born.

The lower procedure went flawlessly. It already feels like my own teeth. There were complications with the upper. The bone was too soft for Dr. Ross to be able to attach the temporary arch. They inserted the implants and made a denture. I'll wear the denture for 4 months. When I go back for my 10 day followup they'll fit me with another top denture made to fit after the swelling goes down. I'll go back in 4 months. Then I'll get the permanent lower arch and the temporary upper arch. By then then implants will have taken hold enough to allow for the upper arch. In another 4 months I'll get the permanent upper arch. The all inclusive price covered the change in plans.

As of today, I could not be happier with my decision to have this done and my decision to use Clear Choice. I'm an outgoing, happy and optimistic person. The smile part of my personality has been missing for a long time. I can't wait to walk through the rest of my like as a whole, complete person.


Thank you so much for sharing your story with us, and I hope you'll update us as your healing progresses and as you take next steps.  The all-on-4 procedure is one not a lot of people know about, and when they find out about it, they certainly have questions!

I wonder if you could answer a few of mine?  Like, what exactly was the procedure on the lower arch?  Did they pull your teeth first, then insert implants and attach a metal arch or something?  All of that stuff would be great to know.

As for the upper arch, just for clarification, did they pull all the teeth, then insert the implants, then just make a regular removable denture to wear?  And are the implants way down in your gums so they don't touch the denture?

And how does your smile look now in the meantime?  Are you willing to post a pic of just your mouth?
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Adding Photo

The photo didn't upload earlier. Adding it now.


Hi TwoPlusOne - First the Oral Surgeon pulled all my teeth on top and bottom. I believe Dr. Ross inserted the implant posts. I'm not exactly sure which Dr. inserted the implants. The bottom implants went perfectly. They attached the non-removable lower arch. I can't believe how much they feel like real, healthy teeth. I'll keep the temporary lower arch for 4 months. Then they will attach the permanent. There were complications on the top. They inserted the implant posts and closed them off. The bone was too soft to support the temporary arch. If they attached the arch, they were taking a change on the implants shifting in the bone. To prevent that they closed off the implants and gave me a full removable denture for the top. I will keep this for 4 months while the bone and implants grow together. After 4 months I'll get the temporary upper arch. Wear that for 4 months and then receive the upper permanent arch. It will take longer but an extra 4 months is nothing compared to the years I've spent hiding my whole mouth. Hope I answered your questions. If you have more, let me know. :)
Fantastic info.  That was exactly what I needed!  And thanks for the pictures! :)

Procedure Date

Procedure was actually done on 6/16/2014 rather than 4/16/2014.


I have the same issue going on. I have two teeth that are hurting pretty badly one each side of my mouth (worse than my unmedicated childbirth). The dentist wanted to try to give me a root canal (which i do not want) and pull the other then replace with a bridge. I've decided I would rather pull both and replace. Is 5000 the average price to do this? I've had braces and my teeth look really good otherwise, so I don't think I want to replace them all. Is the pain really bad afterwards?
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It's been 3 1/2 weeks

I don't even know where to start. All the swelling and discomfort is gone. The healing is well under way. I can't find enough great things to say about Clear Choice. I get excited to go to the dentist. (I can't believe that thought ever entered my mind). I didn't realize just how inhibited I had become. I'm making eye contact and smiling at strangers in the grocery store. I've had acquaintances say "What's different about you?" "Did you color your hair?" "You look 10 years younger". This is truly a life altering event. I thank God every day for giving me the means, strength and the courage to go through with this. The quality of my life was up to me. The healing that's going on in my mouth is nothing compared to the healing that's going on in my soul.


Has anyone considered dental tourism? My cousin had 4 implants done in Colombia at Elite Dental and he is incredibly happy. It was only $12,000. They took care of accommodation and he not only had the All on 4 done in one day but also enjoyed a holiday in South America. Happy to forward their details if anyone is interested. I have heard some horror stories from people picking the wrong clinic and these guys were pretty amazing.
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Actually I'd call it discomfort not pain. Getting the stitches out from under the temporaries on the bottom was weird. Granted they would dissolve but in many places there were pretty good size knots where they had to tie them off.
Correction - the bottom temps will remain for 8 months waiting for the top to heal. The permanent arches come as a set, so I'll get both arches at the same time.

It's been a little over a month

It's been a little over a month. I can tell the bone is adhering to the implants. At first, if I ran my tongue over one of the posts I could feel a cold sensation around the post. That's gone. If I moved my tongue to the far back of the arch I could feel it pulling around the posts. That's gone. My gums were pretty tender for quite a while. Flossing was difficult and a bit painful. Sometimes I couldn't get the floss to go through all 5 sections of the arch. Now it's much quicker, not as painful and I can get it to go through all 5 sections every try.

People are still asking if I colored or cut my hair because something is different. 3 days ago I was in a restaurant/bar with several friends. A total stranger told me that my smile was contagious. I haven't heard that in 25 years.

Next appointment is Oct 29 to have the upper posts uncovered. Then Nov 12 to have the upper arch attached. Then wait another 4 months on the perms.


That's so funny, how people think it's your hair!  I've heard a bunch of people say that, even in other communities (like Tummy Tucks and Lipo) and even some people who want to hide having gotten procedures who change their hair at the same time!  That to hear that things are improving all the time! :)
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I had 4 implants, 4 root canals, bone graft, sinus lift, and 14 crowns replaced. Would have cost me 45K in the US, but got it all for 16K in Costa Rica and Dr. Meza is the best dentist I have ever had. State of the art clinic and highly trained staff. Dr. Meza is UCLA trained and has 2 US program accreditations. Also went to Manuel Antonio and fishing in Quepos, so had a great time too!
Dr. Donald Ross

Dr. Ross and everyone at Clear Choice were amazing. They were upfront with what was happening and why. They answered almost every question I had before I asked it.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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