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New Scar Pics! -Tummy Tuck with MR, No Lipo... So Happy!- Dallas, TX

When I got pregnant I gained 50 lbs and had a 10...

When I got pregnant I gained 50 lbs and had a 10 lb 2.6 baby, naturally.
It took a long time to lose all the weight but I finally did it! I was very unhappy with the all the saggy, loose belly skin that was left behind and really missed being able to wear a bikini or sit down without my belly flopping out. I could never relax my abs or I would look 4 mos pregnant. The skin all around my belly was puckered and pruny. It was really the skin that bothered me most.

Years ago, I looked into laser resurfacing and other non-surgical methods, but every doctor I spoke to told me I needed a full tummy tuck to make any real difference and give me what I wanted. I decided to think on it a bit more.

My daughter is 9 now, and I finally decided to have the procedure. Full tummy tuck with muscle fascia tightening. No lipo because I don't need it at 5'9" and 133 lbs.

I am in the first week of my recovery right now. I read a lot of stories on this site and was prepared for the worst... but so far the experience has been pretty good! My only annoyances have been the tubes (in the way and a pain, but understandably necessary) and I still can't walk fully upright.. so my back hurts if I stand and walk around too much since I'm all hunched. I feel like my recovery has been very easy with no complications so far... partly due to the fact that I am a yoga instructor, so I am in excellent health. I have also been taking Arnica every 4 hrs to reduce swelling. I have no bruises and very little drainage.

I spoke to quite a few doctors in the Dallas, Plano, Richardson, and Southlake areas before deciding on Dr. Deuber. I chose him due to his honesty, realistic expectations, passion and excitement, and price. His wife (a nurse in the office) has taken yoga classes from me, so they really understood what I wanted to achieve. I was able to text them day or night and email and always got quick and thorough responses. I felt very comfortable and supported!

Below is a day by day so far...

Day 1 - had surgery early morning, home by early afternoon. sleeping off and on, not eating much. little nauseous from the anesthesia. taking hydrocodone and arnica every 4 hrs. able to walk to the bathroom ok. Slept fine in a recliner. no need for sleep pills.
Day 2 - eating well. no nausea. still taking hydrocodone and arnica. took the first shower. very scary taking the compression garment and gauze off for the first time. all went fine. emptying drainage bulbs twice a day.. each time the amount is below the first indicator line. slept fine on the couch sitting up.
Day 3 - switched to ibprofin and still taking arnica. moving around more. able to stand a little straighter. the swelling has really kicked in today as I can feel the pressure against the binding garment. lower back hurts from hunching.
Day 4 - stopped taking all pain meds so i won't be constipated. don't need them anymore anyway. had my first bowel movement today. Everyday I am able to move around better.
Day 5 - went to PS and got one drain removed (didn't hurt at all). can't wait for the other to be removed. Husband drove me and afterward we went out for a beer and some food. drinking is ok now. Able to sleep on my back in bed with my legs propped up.
Day 7 - walking more upright. back hurts less. feeling great! just a little tight. Still taking Arnica every 4 hrs. Swelling seems to have gone down a bit.

Today I got the second drain removed (8 days PO)...

Today I got the second drain removed (8 days PO) and am feeling so much more comfortable! I am able to stand upright and walk around without back pain. I can sleep flat on my back and on my side and move around very well.

I am no longer taking Arnica and have moved on to a more personal remedy to help with the skin healing. Need a homeopath? Check out David Shapley at the Dallas Meditation Center.

I forgot to mention earlier that during that first week, I was also taking 1000mg of Vitamin C everyday to help promote healing. And.. the doctor removed almost 1 pound of skin!!

This whole process has been much easier than I thought it would be. So happy! Allowed myself to actually look at bikinis ... can't wait!

Today I had my 2 wk PO appointment. The doctor...

Today I had my 2 wk PO appointment. The doctor took off my surgical tape and I got to see the scar for the first time. Not nearly as ugly as I thought it'd be! There are a couple blisters and I have some nerve aggravation, so I need to avoid any tight clothing. I can no longer wear the the compression garment, but he said that is ok. Next appt is in 3 wks and he said to wait that long before I start working out again. I am allowed to do light treadmill and eliptical work. Posted pics of the scar.

4 wks PO - posted new scar pics. Using Maderma...

4 wks PO - posted new scar pics. Using Maderma Scar Gel on it everyday and cocoa butter lotion occasionally. Everyday I am able to move around more and I am able to demo in my classes a little bit. Still no planks, ab work, or backbends... but I can stretch, balance, and twist.. feels so good to pop by back again! No complications at all.. looking and feeling great!

6 wks PO - I have Dr. Deuber's official ok to...

6 wks PO - I have Dr. Deuber's official ok to start doing all my normal activity again. I am fully demoing all 13 of my classes now and am able to do planks, chatarangas, and ab and core work. Inversions are good too! My only current limitations are backbends and updogs..both of which I can only do halfway at the moment.
Posted the most recent pic and am very happy about the scar. I even tried on bikinis recently and was so happy! For the first time in 10 yrs I look forward to swimsuit shopping!
Anyone reading.. feel free to check out my website for workshops and products! dbyoga.com

At 7wks PO I was able to do a backbend again! I'm...

At 7wks PO I was able to do a backbend again! I'm at 8wks right now and my backbends and updogs are feeling wonderful! I still feel that there is some more stretching to do with my skin.. but I am happy I can do the poses again. I'm back!

NEW PICS! One Year Later!

Here are the latest pics... one year later and I am still so happy I did this! I've been rocking a bikini and the new crop top look this summer and enjoy being able to see definition in my abs. The scar looks great! barely visible in my opinion.
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Referred to by a student and friend who had breast augmentation done by Dr. Deuber and loved her experience and results.

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I hope my procedure goes as well as yours!
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Wow so happy I found this - not sure how I didn't find it before my TT. I am 3 weeks PO. I am 5 feet tall, 100lb, mom of 4 big babies and a yogini. I have been so concerned about my practice and really have not met anyone who did a TT and was serious about yoga (probably for the reasons you all discussed.) I had tons - i mean tons of extra skin - way more than you folks - I guess as a tiny mommy with big babies it was really way stretched out. I also had a 6 inch diastasis - that is about as wide as they get. So, I am 3 weeks PO, had great recovery for the most part. Good things: had very little drainage at all, not too much pain (certainly not compared to 4 c-sections) and am healing well. Not so good: My scar goes far and high. I am upset about the placement - it is nowhere near as low as yours. It could be because I am little - but it is above my hip bones which is basically almost at the same height as my belly button. It is not covered on the sides by underwear, low pants or yoga pants. That bums me out. I mention this so that anyone reading pre-OP can please, please discuss scar placement with your doc. My PS did not want me to stand straight for the first 2 weeks- he had me stay hunched over. Now at 3 weeks I am almost straight but extremely tight in the upper center of my body - sort of between my ribcage - and that is what is preventing me at the moment from standing tall. And yes - I know what the other poster was talkign about- at the moment I have rounded shoulders and my head forward- bad posture lol. I am still supposed to take it super easy- so no working out till 6 weeks. But at the last visit I asked the doc about backbends and he said I may never do one again. He did say no one has ever asked that before. And maybe I could prove him wrong but with my major MR he said it could be an issue. He said... that a half inch or inch MR is very different than a smaller one. I'd be interested to know if you know the size of your MR. Either way I am so encouraged to find other yoga lovers here. Thank you for sharing your story.
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Wow I think it is low and looks really really good, girl healing takes a loooooong time, I'm 9 months got on a yoga ball to stretch back over it today at the gym, it didn't feel right so I stopped I'm going to take baby steps, felt like I was going to tear my skin out, looks like you had a full tummy tuck as well which takes longer to heal , when the swelling starts to go down the scar will too, everything will fall into place, I have a side tattoo so it throws my scar off, and I use really good cream, every time I look at my scar today I still feel depressed that's why I cover it with scar pads, makes me feel half way better, but I know with time the scar will fade well, if taking care of and cream is used everyday other than that , if u read my posts I did have scar revision done on my sides to have it pulled down lower, patience is a must
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Hi Tilly! For some reason I can't see any pics on yours, or anyone's, profile. I'm sorry you feel your scar is too high.. hopefully it will go down as everything heals. My PS asked me to bring my bikini bottom with me the day of surgery so he could see how low the scar needed to be. He was so great. Other PSs tried to tell me it would be a year before I would be doing full yoga again.. some said I'd never be back to 100% physical ability.. they were all wrong. I can actually do more now than I could before because that extra skin is no longer in the way. Your PS doesn't seem familiar with yoga related things... and I wouldn't believe him on that backbend comment. Just don't even try it until your at 6wks PO. Then go VERY slowly to restretch the skin. I think my doc said there was about half to 1 inch of MR.
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Congratulations very inspiring!
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U look awesome pray my results look like yours
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What a difference. You must be ecstatic. So nice to meet a fellow yoga practitioner! I am a dedicated ashtangha practitioner and have a similar body type as yours. I haven't yet had surgery but am extremely concerned about lymphatic disruption, core weakening and diaphramatic breathing issues. Do you find yourself swelling? Can you breathe without difficulty and is this at all comprimised? As the weeks go on, please let us know if the core has been strenghened. Would be a nice added benefit. I've seen several PS's who all pretty much dismiss my concerns but I am sure you understand being so physically fit. Why mess with a good thing? Except when I see results like yours. The yoga community is not supportive of elective surgery. So nice to see someone like you on the boards! Congrats on going for it....
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There was very little swelling and drainage due to the remedies my homeopath gave me and my pre-surgery lymph drainage massage. My yogi breath was limited during the first few weeks, but now it is back to the way it was. Full Ujayii and muscle isolation. I don't feel any core strengthening, but I already have a strong core. The muscle "repair" actually just tightens the connective tissue between the ab muscles.. it doesn't affect core or muscle tone at all. It'll just be a big difference when you relax your abs (no more spilling out). I know what you mean about meeting with opposition in the yoga community (gotta accept your body the way it is... you are perfect!... etc...).. which is all true... but that doesn't mean that someone with a messed up ear or harelip should not get it fixed. If we have the opportunity to make ourselves happier without harming others and hardly harming ourselves (the tummy tuck was basically just skin tightening.. no cutting under the skin), then why should we feel guilty about doing it? I have been open about it to my students and so many of them have now come to me expressing how they have always wanted something done too, but have felt guilty about it... poor things. I'm glad I can encourage others to follow what makes them happy and not worry about what others think. Plus, judging someone based on their elective surgery is kind of anti-yogi in my opinion. =)
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Awesome answer. Thanks for clarifying the mechanics of the surgery. Your openess is nice. Several friends who are yoga teachers and Nurse Practitioners are hotly discouraging me from the surgery. One even showed me her flat belly and said that is was the result of yoga??? As if I myself don't practice like a fiend but still have a jelly flap. Probably shouldn't have shared but I hoped they might be supportive. This is a great place to come. I am sure by now you know how awesome your belly looks! Nice to know that your honestly afforded an opportunity for sharing. I guess you mentally have to be ready for it too.
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I was fully mentally on board and ready for this surgery so I had no depression afterwards and was able to explain myself to those who didn't understand. Mostly it was women with no children and men who "didn't get it". Any woman I talked to who had a child understood right away. I enjoyed helping people understand so they don't judge others too harshly in the future. Only surgery can get rid of the extra skin. No amount of working out will help that.
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Hi Honeybutta, I can relate to where you are coming from and the feedback you are getting from others who think you can "fix" this with yoga etc. It can be frustrating, right!? I am a personal trainer, fitness instructor and yoga teacher and the issue I had after children with my belly could not be "fixed" without surgery. It affected my confidence and for that reason alone I felt I needed to do this for me. What other people thought is their opinion but much of the negative comments provably stems for their own insecurities. I have to say I have had tremendous support for my decision from my yogis and my fitness classes etc. This doesn't change what kind of person I am on the inside and I was very honest about my surgery and said to my classes that you can make whatever judgements you would like but this is something I need to do for me!:) I am 5 wks out and so happy I did this for me and can't wait to get back to yoga etc! I feel great!!! Good luck!
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I love reading your updates, they are always so positive. My surgery is tomorrow and I hope my recovery goes as well as yours has! Glad you're doing well. Namaste.
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Thank you so much! It really has been a wonderful experience and I hope yours went well!!
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I am considering a full TT have had 2 consults. I am a serious yoga student and am concerned about being able to do full backbends. What is your opinion?
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Everyday I am getting more mobile. My PS told me I would be able to do backbends again over time. He said to not even really try until the 6 wk marker (I'm at 4 wks now).. and then it's all about my own diligence in practice. Just gotta restretch the skin.. but definitely be prepared to not be able to do much of anything for a while. Especially ab work. I have a yoga student who had a TT years ago and she does great in class! So that gives me hope.
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Thank you and good luck to you. You look great!
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One more question. So the MR should accommodate back bending as well? I was worried about that. I appreciate your perspective.
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Yup! You don't lose any muscle tone or flexibility... Its just working with your new tight skin and scar tissue in the muscle fascia
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Wow if I would have had your surgeon I would have done a full TT, love how low the scar is, mine is right in my pubic area has hair growing long and strong through the incision uhhhh it's so annoying me I'm so afraid to take it off still early, but you look really good girl
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Thank you! checked out your pics and looks like things went well for you, too! Glad you are happy with yours! Sounds almost like you got a full one except that your belly button wasn't replaced.
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I ordered some Arnica yesterday so I should be set for after the surgery! What is everyone putting on the actual incision site? And when do I start that?
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Start putting stuff on it as soon as the wound closes and the stitches dissolve (usually around 3 wks). I'm using Maderma scar gel and cocoa butter lotions. So far I'm happy with how the Maderma is affecting the scar.. looks really good! I'll have to post new pics soon...
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My whole area is itching like no explanation my abdominal area, my incision my whole crotch area ,like everything has been stretched to the fullest, I got bio oil yesterday, I don't know what to put on it I don't want any stretch marks to for, but it's like I got ants in my spanx lol
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lol, Joyce.. the good news is - itching means healing. But for the skin around the incisions, that is from the stretching. Lotions help, but I've been using heat. Hot water showers or filling up a mug with boiling water.. letting the mug get hot, then pouring that out and just pressing the mug to the really itchy spots (not on the incision site!). Also.. I lightly tap the entire area with my fingers or hands and that feels good too. Do not scratch!!
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I have the silicone scar strips on my incision , my PS wanted me to leave it on for 3 months to fade and heal the scar , it's kinda wierd I don't know if this happened to anyone else, but my crotch hurts, my pubic area, like it was stretched up, it looks longer than it used to be, it was short, now it's longer, and kinda sore and annoying, like my pubic area was pulled up to my incision not pulled down into my public area, I can't even stand up straight, it's very tight, so I don't know if I need to start standing straight or what, I have like a million questions, my posture sucks, I stand tall with my arms arched back, psssst don't see that happening any time soon, kinda feeling depressed about it,
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