TT in 5 Days

I'm going in 5 days to get my t.t! After...

I'm going in 5 days to get my t.t! After reading everyone's reviews..I have mixed feelings: nervous, anxious, excited & scared! I cant wait to see the results b/c i've wanted this for so long!

Mother of 2: 6yo & 2 yo. & left w/some wrinkled skin & stretched marks! I had a very difficult delivery w/my 2nd baby, suffered from amniotic fluid embolism so the idea of major surgery still freaks me out!

Any additional advice from past patients is greatly appreciated!

I DID IT & I'M FEELING DECENT!!! today was...

I DID IT & I'M FEELING DECENT!!! today was the day..i came in feeling nervous a bit--but everything went smoothly. the staff was so caring and gave me peace of mind. Right now, im' feeling a bit of discomfort but it's tolerable. i dont remember anything after the anestheisologist came in. I cant wait to see the results tomorrow!

FINALLY did it! Surgery went well. Now im'...

FINALLY did it! Surgery went well. Now im' recovering. Pain is mild. we'll see how the days progress. I have a follow up today--can't wait to see the results.

3 days post and feeling great! still loving my...

3 days post and feeling great! still loving my Dr's work. he checks on me daily to see how I'm doing and always has advice on how to do things better. I cant wait til the backpain subsides.

3 days post-op and feeling AWESOME! painkillers...

3 days post-op and feeling AWESOME! painkillers are pretty untouched at this point. However, the back pain has been quite a nuisance along with the drains. Other than that, everything is going well. I'm so glad the pain that I expected coming into the procedure is alot less than what it ended up being. Cant wait to see the final results!

6 days issues w/pain or constipation,...

6 days issues w/pain or constipation, just slight back pain and the annoying drains. crossing my fingers to have the drains taken out tomorrow at my 1 week followup! Wish me luck!

Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Dr B is so nice, caring, informative, professional & honest. I met with 4 other dr's, Dr B being the 4th, b4 deciding to go with him and I know i made the right decision! Anyone in the DFW area, i strongly encourage you to give Dr. B a call. Even at the initial consultation you will sense his genuine compassion for his patients. He checked on me daily! I couldn't have asked for a more caring Dr!

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1 week post-op already! cant' believe the worst is over and the best is yet to come. The drains came out today and WOW what a relief! I'm soooo glad I did this and im' so happy w/the results so far. My Dr is awesome so that has helped alot w/the recovery as well. He called me every single day to make sure i was ok and when i did have concerns he addressed them immediately.
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I am feeling you Sweet C I only got 1 drain out hopefully by friday i can get the 2nd out.I finally saw my tummy and iam soooooo glad i did this.still swollen and bruised,I got lipo of the hips and back in bra area,Glad you have had a great experience so have I it is real good to share
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Hi sweet c Glad all is going well with you I had TT and Lipo on 7/28/10 I am 5 days post op and will go for my first visit tommorrow.I am with you back and drains are a nuisance don't need pain meds either I just take 1 at nite to help me sleep on the recliner which is uncomfortable.Have not seen my tummy yet will tommorrow but the swelling is going down more and more.I will post after pix in the days to come
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Glad to hear you are doing so well! some pictures. I am excited to see the results.
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4 days post-op and feeling better each day. I showered 2 days ago and it felt GREAT! Cant wait to shower again 2nite. It's such a great feeling to be able to stare down at my stomach (even w/the drains and stitches) and loving the flatness. As for pain, I'm completely off the prescription painkillers and only taking tylenol. I go back to work on Monday but will work from home. So glad the pain is nowhere near what i was expecting! Many thanks to this site which has completely level-setted my expectations!
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congrats! i cants wait to see before and afters if you are willing to post them. im still in the transition of losing more of the babyweight before i get a TT done so i get maximal results. who was your PS, if you dont mind me asking.
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{edited}! he's caring & honest! i'd recommend him in a heartbeat.

Edited by Sharon: I've added your doctor's info to the review. Thanks!
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My surgery is scheduled for Thursday. I am VERY nervous.
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Thanks everyone for your support & encouragement..i can't believe it's only 3 days away! I picked up all my meds 'cept the MOM, even picked up a pineapple..heard that'll help w/the swelling.
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Try to keep in mind how fabulous you'll look after. You deserve this. And please don't leave us hanging for too long. We want to know how you are!

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I just had my TT on the 13th of July, just some advice ask PS for the drug Emend kind of expensive but it last for like 3 or 4 days for the nausea, I always would vomit after surgery but after taking that pill morning of surgery I did not even get nauseated and believe me that is the last thing you want to do with the sore abdominal muscles. Like the other comments make sure to take your pain meds around the clock regardless if you dont feel like you need them you do not want to suffer break through pain which is harder to get back under control, one more thing get a taser gun just incase your hubby makes you mad cause it hurts to yell just tase him ok I am totally kidding!!
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It is normal to be nervous, but you will be so glad you did it. I am 8 weeks out from my tummy tuck and scar revision and I still have some soreness, not unbearable tho. Make sure you have something for nausea when you get home, that is the best advise I can give. That was my savior on my second post op day. And make sure you rest and take care of yourself, there were days when I thought I was feeling really good, and would over do it, then later be so exhausted. So plan on taking it easy post op. Best wishes and post your the before and afters!
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This procedure is so worth it! You will be very happy in the end. It is the best thing I have ever done. Totally normal to be nervous prior to a surgery. My advice is to rest as much as you can, take your pain meds as prescribed (and stay on top of them), don't expect your body to be healed and normal for several weeks, eat healthy foods, drink plenty of water and watch your sodium intake. If you can rent a hospital bed for the first two weeks after surgery please do. This was a life saver for me. Also remember to take MOM starting the day after surgery. Trust me on this one! It hurts when you can't go.. Stay positive and keep your eye on the end result. I am now 14 weeks post op and feeling really good but do have some swelling in the afternoons. Doc says it is normal though.
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It's normal to be scared. I was super nervous before mine! I recommend sleeping in a recliner after surgery. It makes a world of difference in comfort and getting up to go to the bathroom. Make sure you rest as much as you can during your 6 weeks of healing. Don't be to critical of your results during the healing phase either. Your body will constantly be changing. I'm 3 months out and I am still seeing changes and better results.Don't be in a hurry to get back into jeans either. I couldn't wear them until 4 weeks post op from the swelling. Eat super healthy after surgery to cut down on as much swelling as you can. Fresh pinneapple really helps. Good luck!
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