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Hello everyone! Okay so my TT is coming up very...

Hello everyone! Okay so my TT is coming up very soon (July 15th). I am so excited about it but also very nervous. I am a mother of 3 beautiful children (9,5,3) and I am done having babies....did I mention they were all c-sections? I have been wanting a TT for the last 2 years now and I'm glad that we have been blessed financially to afford it. All my life I have been a chubby girl, well atleast for my height and being top heavy really doesn't help and after having 3 kids it has been very hard for me to lose weight. I have tried every diet I could, an amount of diet pills, I work out as much I can and to no avail. I always manage to lose about 10 pounds and my body will just stop and I can't seem to lose anymore than that. I am so glad that I found this site! I really hope that I can have amazing results as I have seen others on here. I just hope that with all the research I have done I am fully prepared....are there any "special" items I would need? and by "special" I mean like stuff you wouldn't have been comfortable without. Any tips and advice is greatly appreciated ;) Thanks.

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Patiently waiting until the 15th....wish me luck!

patiently waiting until the 15th....wish me luck!


I hope everything went well, post pic later. Good Luck!
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I hope you are ok.
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just wanted to wish u luck. I know its your big day! I know everything will go well and you will be so pleased. Share some pics if you dont mind and let us know how it went.
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Hello ladies well today is 1 day after my TT and I...

Hello ladies well today is 1 day after my TT and I am feeling great, the pain isn't as bad as some had described but it's very uncomfortable. Having had 3 previous c-secs I feel pretty much confident on doing things on my own. My tummy looks very nice so far and so does my new belly button. Thank you all for your well wishes and I will post pics as soon as I get all the bandages off.


I strongly recommend a recliner, a ton of pillows, and Jello, since thats all I ate the first 2 days! Good luck!
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thank you, everything went well and I am so glad. My height is 5'2 and I weight 182 the morning of I know its to soon but I got on the scale this morning and I am at 170, woohoo! Good luck on your upcoming suegery.
omg I am glad ur tt went well in already lost weight that is great! I'm also at 180-181 lbs that is really encouraging. How is ur pain? Is it manageable or unbearable? thanks for replying back and again congrats on ur tummytuck

First of all, thank you all for the well wishes.....

First of all, thank you all for the well are all great :) now today is 3 days after my surgery and the pain has been very manageable. I have an amazing hubby that has been waiting on me hand and foot and great friends that have helped me and supported me greatly. The first day the greatest pain for me was the tightning of the muscles than the incision itself....oh yeah, and those irritating drains (can't wait for them to come out)! I stay on my med schedule so it has been very easy and as I mentioned earlier I have alot of help which is also great. I am loving what I see so far my doctor took about 95% of the strech marks and I don't have much bruising from the lipo..I do however have ALOT of swelling but not as much as others I've seen. I am taking all the multi-vitamins that my ps suggested and eating alot of pineapple. The most exciting thing is that regardless of the swelling I have lost 7 pounds...YAY!!! so I can't wait for the final results. Once again thank you all for your well wishes. Pictures coming SOON!!


You're on the other side of your tummy tuck! Hooray. Thanks SO much for keeping us up to date (we wonder about each other you know). : ) 

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the worst pain for me wasn't the incision itself but the tightness of the muscles...especially the day of surgery. Since I had mine done first thing in the morning I got to feel it all day but after that the pain is manageable, one thing though make sure that you are punctual with your meds!
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