June 14th Hurry Up.... - Dallas, TX

I have had 3 kids all c section... Iam 38 yr and...

I have had 3 kids all c section... Iam 38 yr and Iam in shape the only issuse it the belly. I can not wait to get rid of it.


i am so excited for you!!! i'm still in the decision phase...getting ready to interview some doctors in the dallas area. who are you using? and good luck. can't wait to see pictures!!
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Not much longer to go! We'd love to know who your doctor will be if you can share... Please keep us updated on how you're feeling as your surgery date nears!

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that was my issue too! Good luck! You won't regret it and soon you'll be back at the gym with that flat belly all the young bouncy girls have. I can't wait to get back into my workout clothes and show off!
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Whewwww I leave monday for the removal of old...

whewwww I leave monday for the removal of old faithfull. I can not wait.. I am so excited, Every day this week I have been just like I am almost there.


Hey! any update as to how your are doing???
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Good luck tomorrow...we will be thinking about you and sending happy thoughts your way.

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Ok Iam day 6 and Iam still hunched over... and...

Ok Iam day 6 and Iam still hunched over... and sore as heck....I am so scared I am never gonna feel normal again, Iam so swollen... but very little drainage coming out of my tubes so that kinda of worries me... any advice would help... just very very worried I am gonnna be flat but puffy.. the rest of my life... my stomach is flat but puffy....thanks everyone


where did you get it done???
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What is the contact information for the surgeon you picked finding one is hard and any help from someone with previous experience is greatly appreciated.
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Hi, can you please give me the contact info for the the place you went to.
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