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TriPollar on Face and Neck - Dallas, TX

43 year old male - 5 treatments, one each week for...

43 year old male - 5 treatments, one each week for five weeks.
At first I was very impressed. Noticed significant decrease in fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scaring. I believe now that was due to minor swelling.

However after a few weeks from the last treatment, any results I had are gone.
A lot of money wasted. I would not recommend this.

Not sure if my comments and questions went through cause I ended up having to register AFTER I typed it. We would like to know how things are going for you now. Has something worked for you yet? thanks for sharing with us. I wrote this before so it may show up twice...but I appreciate learning to not have a tech do work that a doctor should. Maybe they just liked you and wanted to be near you. Or, they got their bonuses-which makes me wonder where ya went. Again, I'll ask where ya went. Can we recommend or talk about clinics, doctors here or is it considered libel? I am in the Dallas area and would like to learn about other people's stories before I spend/waste time, money and trouble. I dont want to look like a cartoon figure, let alone spend money for it. Again, thanks for the comment. It has helped many of us. I hope you are doing well now.
First of all don't but any package or treatment if a tech is selling it to you. They are no longer allowed to do so. I bought a package from a tech and a doctor stepped in after 4 treatments to tell me I should have never been sold that package for sagging skin under arms. He offered me no refund only that he would do my neck instead. My face and neck are fine. Just wanted my underarms tightened. Any comments?
It does not work under the arms
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