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IPL Photofacial Treatment Burned My Face/Neck - Texas

Had IPL treatment 11/18/11 (purchased thru...

Had IPL treatment 11/18/11 (purchased thru Groupon). Terrible burns about 1 inch long all over face and neck. One month later 95% gone on face, but the ones on neck are still there. Be very careful when considering this treatment.


I had IPL treatment 05/30/2013( purchased thru living social ). terrible burns all over face. It's been 3days but I'm so scared what my face is going to look like in the future. After treatment the next day I went to a dermatologist. She agreed they totally botched the procedure. And she said it mat take a year or more for the damage to heal. Now, I'm at home scared to go outside see sun and people.
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With such negative reviews, is there any reason to take advantage of a groupon offer to have this done? Do any of the practitioners mention the possible downsides?

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katieo0, you might find this information helpful:

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