I got my new boobs on 4/6!!!

I was going to have a MM on 4/6 but changed it to...

I was going to have a MM on 4/6 but changed it to a BA only. It was the right choice for me right now. I am the mother of two wonderful boys (6 & 4). I am 5'6" 117lbs with a 34 barely A cup. I am going with 350cc silicon unders. I have my other review in the MM section but decided to put one in the BA section. I am nervous. I am worried about being too big after. Right now I am walking around with a little less than 1 & 1/2 cups of rice in my bra to see (kind of) what I'll look like after the BA. I feel ridiculous! I do have to say the I like how I look in my shirt right now!!

Thanks so much Jen, you are so sweet. Hope your safe with all those storms out there. I'm in Houston but the weather here has been fine so far. Don't worry about being to big, that sounds good for your size. I still can't believe it finally happened. I feel so great about this decision!
I hope you are feeling good today! It's good for me to hear that you are really happy. It is so helpful for those of us that may be a little nervous. I look forward to hearing about your recovery...the good and the bad (hopefully you don't have any bad!!!).
The tornados missed us...thankfully! There was one that touched down 1 mile from my husbands office! Yikes!
Happy Healing!!!!

It must feel odd walking around with rice in your bra! But they say it does give you a good idea of sizes! Keep us posted!


Ooohhhh boy! Two more days! Yikes! I love my...

Ooohhhh boy! Two more days! Yikes!
I love my PS office. Any time I have a question they are so helpful. The consultant is wonderful! She makes me feel so at ease.

Added some pictures of me before my BA tomorrow. ...

Added some pictures of me before my BA tomorrow. I have to tell you...I am not a fan of naked pics! It is not something I am comfortable with!!!!

Also, I am feeling a little uncertain that this is something I should do. From other posts I know that this is normal. I just think about the possible risks and having to have the implants replaced in the future.

Excited and nervous!!!!!

Will be thinking about you tomorrow!

Best of lucks on your surgery tomorrow Jensoconcerned!!!! I have my surgery 4/13/12 and I am very excited and very nervous, but I can't wait to see myself with my new tatas =D...Please keep posting on your recovery and how your surgery goes!
I did it! Surgery was yesterday. I am doing pretty good! It's hard to get up and down sometimes. I can't buckle or unbuckle my seat belt! But I have a great supportive husband and he helps with everything! I will try to keep updating as often as possible. :)

I did it! My surgery started around 11:30 and my...

I did it! My surgery started around 11:30 and my husband was able to come back tomrecoverynaround 12:40. I was home by 3:30. Meds really affect me so I was sleeping pretty good. They gave morphinen3 times but it did not help with pain...so they gave me Demerol. I was out! I have been in and out of sleep since then. Pain is okay...but I am weak from the medication. So far...pretty good. I can't look at them because I have a compression wrap on.n my post-op is tomorrow am....so hopefully it will come off tomorrow.
No nausea. :)
Ate some crackers and goldfish.
More tomorrow!

Day two post-op. A am feeling pretty good right...

Day two post-op. A am feeling pretty good right now. I jjust got back from my posts-op appointment. I have my special bra on and a compression belt on the top portion of my breast to help push them down. They are pretty high but the nurse feels confident they will go down over the next few days. She told me that I can start massaging them tomorrow. I will also be able to shower tomorrow...I bet that will feel great! I did just talk a Valium so I'm sorry if I don't make much sense. Not to much pain...mostly discomfort. ;)
Hooray for boobs!
I did go with Mentor Smooth round high profile gel implants, 350cc under muscle. The PS used the Keller Funnel so my incision is only about 1 inch long under the fold of my breast. I am please with everything do far.
I want to say all sortsnofmsilly things like: I HAVE BOOBS. Boobies, boobies, boobies!!! ;).
I will post pictures soon.
Congrats!!! Relax and take your meds! Milk of magnesia is a good thing to have around. I really needed it! It's day 4 for me and I still took a pain med. Driving back was not feeling too great. Don't suffer if you don't have to. After I took the meds I felt 100% better.
Thanks fitluv! I have been taking dulcolax...hopefully that helps. I am swollen, hard and high today. Probably not shocker since I think that's normal. I hope you are resting comfortably in your own home and have gotten to see your daughter. Take care!!!!

Ummm...since my surgery was on the 6th, i guess...

Ummm...since my surgery was on the 6th, i guess that makes today day 2 post op! Drugs make you silly!!
I am only taking Tylenol during the day as needed and then I take hydrocodone at night to help me sleep. My chest is tight and a little uncomfortable. I really have no big pain complaints. I am someone that can't sit still and I feel like I always need to be doing something...so that may be the hardest part for me. My breasts are high and hard and I really look forward to having them soften up and settle.
At my post op appointment yesterday the nurse put my in a special bra and wrapped a band around the top portion of my breasts to help press them down. The elastic band just provides constant pressure on the top part of the implants to promote settling. The nurse told me that I can start massaging my breasts on Monday night. I should have my second post op appointment on Wednesday or Friday. I will meet with my PS then.
So far I am really happy with my new boobs. I tried on some of my shirts this morning and the look so much better with boobs...So much better than just loose and blah!
I was really nervous going into this whole thing and I know now that it was kind of silly. There really isn't anything you can do to stop all the crazy thoughts going through your head before the surgery. Just know that once it's all done, focus on getting better.
I will have my husband take some pictures of me so I can post later.

And....I am so happy I went with the Keller Funnel. My incision is very small. :)

Day 3 post op: I am a bit of a control freak so...

Day 3 post op: I am a bit of a control freak so it is really hard for me to let other people (my husband) take care of things around the house. I did the dishes, emptied the dishwasher, folded laundry, played games with my 4 yr old and did just general tidying up. I only took 2 Tylenol this morning around 6:30. I am extremely tired now and kind of sore. I know....I did it to myself. My pain tolerance is pretty high...so not a lot of pain just soooo tired. I do get an occasional pain where my incision is under my right breast. I hope that is normal. I just took 2 more Tylenol (6:15 pm) so I am hoping that helps with my sore back. I will probably take 1 hydrocodone when I go to bed.
The main thing right now is I have to try really hard to be patient. I would love for my breasts to settle because they are so high right now. I will try to post a pic soon.
okay.. congrats on your new girls... so what size did you go with ?? btw.. TAKE it easy... im 9 days post op and have OPTED out of everything.. yesterday I baked two cakes for my family.. but that has been the extent of me doing too much... My hubby and my sister did not let me do anything.. I think Sat was the first time I really drove anywhere by myself.. lol.... so please take it easy...
350cc smooth gel...under muscle...high profile

I am now post op day 5 and met with my PS. He...

I am now post op day 5 and met with my PS. He wants me to massage about 3 times a day. When he saw me he had me lay down and massaged my breasts...and he meant it! You do not have to be careful when you do it...he got right in there. It was surprising and a little painful!! LOL. The nurse said that you have to do it like you mean it! They told me that they want their patients to massage because your body will generate scar tissue around the implant and that's not good. The nurse told me that if that happens they could end upnhaving to do a second surgery to clean out the scar tissue and that recovery would be worse. It sounds bad when I write it down...but they weren't trying to scare me. They just want me to heal the best way possible. So I am supposed to push them in toward the middle...like 3 sets of 10. Just like working out!! They also want me to squeeze the top pushing down and squeeze the bottom pushing up. This is supposed to loosen them up and promote good healing. NOW....this is what my PS wants me to do...I don't think every PS is the same. ;)
I have great feelings about my PS...out of the 4 surgeons in the group all the women I've dealt with at the office have used the surgeon that did my BA. I think that says a lot about him!

Also, I drove yesterday and I will be leaving to get my boys from school in a little bit. I am taking it nice and slow....but it is doable! ;)

I just put up a new picture of me...6 days post op...

I just put up a new picture of me...6 days post op. I hope that they look like they are supposed to! They are still high...but much better than the first few days. My surgery was on 4/6...so I am 7 days post op. I am doing my massages like my PS requests. I am trying to do my normal day to day things. I am a stay at home mom and I just feel like I am dropping the ball on house cleaning! I try to get most everything picked up but the PS told me no vacuuming. I still get tired very easily.
Jen, I just saw your pick! I'm sooooo JEALOUS, your boobs look AMAZING!!!!! WOW!
Thanks! I never thought i'd be so happy to hear another woman say that!! ;)
Really, thank you. It's nice to get an outside opinion. My husband always says the "right" thing so I can't be sure sometimes!!
Your breast have a great shape especially for only being a fe days out! I bet you are really happy!!

Post op day 10. I feel great! Helped out with my...

Post op day 10. I feel great! Helped out with my sons t-ball game today...and my boobs are kind of tight. I probably over did it a little. I will massage and rest after I get my silly boys to bed! My husband is out of town, soooo...no rest for me until the boys are asleep! :)
My only complaint is that the steri strips on my incisions itch really bad!! Hopefully they come off on Wednesday.
Also, I saw your question about the air bubbles. I totally had that too, and they dissipated at 3 weeks :) Freaked me right out, though!
I think 2 days after I asked the question the air bubbles went away. When I did have them I would press on my skin and my husband did NOT like it. LOL!
Haha! I was like, hubby, what the heck is this? And luckily, he knew what it was because it's apparently a symptom you can get from scuba diving lol I was like, am I leaking?? He kept pushing on it like bubble wrap haha. Boys are dorks!

I ended up taking the steri strips off on Tuesday....

I ended up taking the steri strips off on Tuesday. My skin around my incision was getting very red and itchy. I held out until Wednesday when I had my appointment with my PS. When he saw my rash he was surprised I waited to see him...because it is really bad. :(
My PS is awesome and he feels really bad that I'm going through this little set back. It's not his fault I developed a reaction to the steri strip glue. I will say that it does suck...a lot. My incision and all around it is VERY red and extrememly itchy. My PS gave me a prescription for a topical medication...and I've been taking an antihistamine at night to get rid of the rash.
Other than the rash my breasts are looking really good and feel great!

On Saturday (15 days post op) I was perscribed a...

On Saturday (15 days post op) I was perscribed a steroid pack and Lidex (topical cream) to get my rash under control. It spread pad to my upper chest, sides (under arm pits), stomach and neck. :(
I saw the doctor today and he said in addition to my allergic reaction to the glue from the steri strips...it appears that I also had a reaction to the cleansing agent the surgery center uses to prep patients for surgery. It's a very common ingredient found in surgical cleansers. Chlorhexidine. A reaction to this is not very common though...he said. Lucky me!! ;)
When he told me that...I did a mental head slap! I bought HIBICLENS to use pre surgery as my antiseptic antimicrobial skin cleanser. Guess what Hibiclens is made with...chlorhexidine. When I first realized I was having a reaction to the glue I used the Hibiclens to clean the my incisions because the rash was weeping...and I thought using the cleanser would be the best thing to get the glue off. Little did I know, I was only making things worse for myself. The topical cream my doctor gave did help a ton to heal up the incision sight, but know the rash was all over my upper body!! On Saturday I called the on call nurse and they got me a steroid pack perscription right away.
So now I am half way through the steroid pack and my rash doesn't make me want to take my skin off any more!!!!
Terrible story...a yucky set back. BUT...I will be good as new soon and will update with pictures next time! I really do think my breasts are looking better every day (minus the rash)!
You look wonderful!! You must be so thrilled! My revision with new high profile saline implants and BL is 5/2 looking to post my story as well. I am so thankful for you and others that post your experience and pictures to help ease our nerves!!
Alohababy ~ Thank you so much for the compliment! This site was really helpful to me too. I am happy that I am able to help someone else! Everyone's story is different...but there are so many people that you can relate to! Good luck to you on your BL & revision!
Hope the rash and itching are gone :-) your boobs look great! Happy healing!

I finished my steriod pack today for my rash! ...

I finished my steriod pack today for my rash! It's almost completely gone now. I took some pictures the other day and have added them below. :)
Jen You look so great!! I've been gone a while but im back now. How are you feeling? My nipples are absolutely driving me crazy they are so sensitive.I'm planning a revision after 6 months. Just getting the areolas raised and my left areola is a bit oblong shaped. This will be done frre in te PS office so i wont have to fork over more money! Im still very glad I've done this, its one of the best decisions i've ever made. I hope things are going well for you. Again you look amazing!!!
I meant to say This will be done free in the PS office!!

I am just about 1 month post op and I am really...

I am just about 1 month post op and I am really happy with my BA! My breasts are softening up and looking better all the time. My PS is happy with my progress and I don't have to go back to see him for one month. I am still massaging everyday...about 3 times a day. I am not sore at all. I am not lifting weights yet...just my kids. I actually just started picking them up this week. They are both about 45lbs. I am not straining my pecs when I lift them...I have them stand on the bed and they "help" me carry them by holding on with their legs and arms.
Super happy with everything!
I got 350cc HP last week! How do you like the size now?
Congrats on your new and improved tata's !!!!

Hey Jen, how are you? Hope things are going well!
American Institute for Plastic Surgery

PS Consultant was AMAZING! She made me feel soooo comfortable. The PS has a nurse available to answer questions all the time. The PS was very friendly and professional. His work on previous patients showed me that he is one of the best in the area. VERY clean surgery center.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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