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I Am So Excited - Dallas, TX

I'm 41, 6'5", 215lbs. Smart Lipo...

I'm 41, 6'5", 215lbs.

Smart Lipo chose me! I mentioned prior to tickle lipo on my flanks that I would like to see if the DR would do my abs for an additional $750. Prior to the lipo, a kgbdeals came for smart lipo. I called immediatly and scheduled a consult.

What I hope is that the laser will tighten the loose skin on my abs. The PS said that I should be able to get a 50% improvement.

Today is not a good day...

I'm very sore now. I decided to go to work today. Just sitting here is uncomfortable. I didn't sleep well last night because i'm a stomach sleeper. There was no laying on my stomach last night. I only drained for a little while yesterday. I took the bandages off this morning, yuk! When i press on my abs, i hear what sounds like air pockets. I had to go without my garmet today, it was damp and stunk. I'm just wearing a binder i got from wallmart. It offers some support/compression. I ordered a binder and compressing shirt from makemeheal yesterday so i have a backup when it gets here.

I took some pics this morning. I'll upload them later. They are not very flattering.
You are now on the road to recovery! Just remember, you will have a lot of swelling and it can become a major downer if you let it (I know this from experience =)). But remember that it won't last forever and pretty soon everything will look great. I look forward to seeing your results.
I just returned home. The Dr spent over an hour on my abs. He removed 500cc of fat. It was different than the tickle lipo. I was really druged, so I don't remember everything, but first he gave me 3vshots, which I didn't feel. He then went in and zapped all the fat. It was only uncomfortable in a few areas where he hadn't numbed it. After that, he applied the laser to the skin, I could feel the heat. After he finished, he suctioned out the fat. The nurse kept calling out the numbers. He finally stopped at 500cc. He said it was all fat. He said he didn't think I had that much on my abs to begin with. I'm home now totally bandaged up. I'm not sore as of now.

Day 2 was uncomfortable. Day 3 was much better at...

Day 2 was uncomfortable. Day 3 was much better at first. Day 4 I am much better and went for a workout. I did 55 pull-ups and 30 minutes on the elliptical. I felt fine afterwards, but i became so tired in the afternoon that I fell to sleep for several hours.

I have a compression top, which I think sucks. I bought a back support wrap from walmart for $16 that offers more compression than the $95 compression top. Today I got a 12 inch binder from makemeheal, and that combined with my walmart wrap is all the compression I need. Question, how tight should the compression be? I've been having it super tight, just wondering because the $95 compression top offers no more compression then a spanx.
Hiya...might wanna look at my thread...lots more people have contacted me with identical issues. Ones stomach and thighs are exactly like mine. Alls I can say is I wish I had paid you instead of them. Then I'd be smiling instead of increasing my anxiety meds more than double. And now I'm actually depressed, never in my life have I been ashamed of my body....I haven't been intimate since last November when I did my first surgery!
hiya... I posted some final results photos for you to look at. Obviously the picture of my stomach dents leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth cuz its written all over my face. No make up...and feeling like Frankenstein. And if you blow it up you'll see that is what I walk around with everyday. My thighs are gross. Cannot be fixed. And after talking to my surgeon in Bev Hills, he knows my body really well and he isn't as optimistic as the surgeon who said I need a tummy tuck because I don't have enough skin and it would pull my lower area up which would result in my pubic hair being above my panty line...Ewwww. I know others have great results because I've seen them. However I obviously didn't because I was misconsulted. They NEVER should have advised me to do my stomach... they accept responsibility for over doing the fat removal. I agree the amount of fat on "worst decision ever" would have entailed an extensive workout and I agree her back looks lots better. I am just sympathetic to her dents because its hard to be confident and naked when you start out thick and end up with a stomach that's grossly disfigured like mine. I originally asked you what regimen you would advise me on but the corporate surgeon says if I buff my thighs it will only make it worse. I am sad... you on the other hand look amazing. And women are much more forgiving than men, so all hope is not lost for you. I doubt a man will ever want me now...

It's been 9 days now. Today I am swollen up. I...

It's been 9 days now. Today I am swollen up. I look fatter than I did prior. If not for reading all the other reviews, I'd be nervous now. There is still some numbness in my ab area. I have been low on energy. Working out has been tuff, each thing I do takes so much more effort and wears me out. I'd been falling asleep earlier at night, etc. I think my body healing is taking all my strength. My doctor said that I should feel better energy wise 2 to 4 weeks out. I'm hopeful.

For me, the worse part so far has been the pain the first few days, the compression garment, and not being at 100%, oh yeah, the waiting! The 6 month final result is hard to take, I want to see the results now. In six months, an unhealthy eater can pack all their weight back on and never notice any results.

13 days out. I feel so much better. The swelling...

13 days out. I feel so much better. The swelling is down. I'm back to working out for the most part, but I have to limit myself due to pain in the abs. Today I worked out without any compression. There were a few times I felt the odd pain, but it pretty much was okay. I still get tired quicker than before. I still have numbness and swelling in the ab area, and I'm still wearing the compression around the clock. But i feel that everything is going good.
It's been two months now. I am starting to not be swollen so much. most of the numbness is gone, but there is still some there. But I'm told to wait another two months before I'll have a good idea of how well the procedure worked. I still sleep in a compression wrap.
This procedure only cost you 800 dollars???

I added my 6 month pictures. I was not happy with...

I added my 6 month pictures. I was not happy with my flanks, but that was another procedure. My abs are smaller, but I was not completly wowed. I went back last week to have some additional lipo and a skin tightening procedure. My dr is convinced that my issue is loose skin and not fat. Fo me, I want to feel skin and nothing but muscle. So I have been wrapped up for the last week waiting on the numbness and pain to go way again. I'm hopeful that in 2 months I can go shirtless in Jamaica.

I think what I need is to have all the loose skin cut away, but I'm not ready for the pain, and cost. My dr says since it is only skin and not muscle, I should only be down for 4 or 5 days. So I'd only miss one week of work.

I'm posting my 6 month photos. Totally not happy...

I'm posting my 6 month photos. Totally not happy with the flanks, but that was a different procedure. Not really happy with the stomach either. There was more fat the dr could have taken. The stomach area does look better and smaller, but not awesome like I was looking for. I think I may need a tummy tuck on the skin only, but not looking forward to the down time, the pain, or the cost. Last week I went in for some laser skin tightening and additional lipo. I'm wrapped up and swollen right now.

Oh no. :( I'm really sorry it didn't work out for you. I'll keep my fingers crossed that the lipo you got this week will improve your results. :-/

Oh man...I am bummed for you my friend. I thought for sure you would been good. Me? I decided to settle and not get the work redone. Too much money, too much downtime and a low possibility of a 50% correction. The mind f*** is the worst part. So, just promise me one thing? You will go on youtube and look at tummy tuck scars. I think, and pray, as a friend that you change your mind. Leave well enough alone. Your not all dented up like a pillow case full of knuckles like my abs and inner thighs. Thank god you didn't end up like me....please. Is it necessary....ask yourself. And the chances you get massacred like me.
I know it's a mind F*ck. I was thinking earlier today why would I do such a thing. And I look fine as far as I'm concerned. It's just certain times I wish it was a little bit better.
Charles Powell

The Dr was very personnable. He didn't come across as rushed and I was told he only does 1 or 2 procedures a day because he likes to focus on the person. Compared to my other procedure, this Dr seems to take pride in what he was doing.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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