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I grew up in the era before we understood that...

I grew up in the era before we understood that taking tetracycline when young could stain the teeth. My tetracycline staining was pronounced. I had green/gray teeth. Like most people who are uncomfortable with their smile, I hid it with my hand, refused to smile in pictures, and was very self-conscious. Throughout my school years, people would comment on my teeth. When I was in the 3rd grade my teacher called me out in class and told my classmates that their teeth could look like mine if they didn't brush. Imagine the humiliation! In high school I heard a boy comment that I was cute except for my teeth. When I was in college I had a part-time job. A male patron once asked what my father did and then commented that he could afford to fix my teeth.

In the early 80s I had composite material bonded to the top of my teeth. At that time porcelain veneers were new and since I was just out of college, they were too expensive for me. In the 90s I had the composite removed and porcelain veneers put on. Right after they were done I traveled to Australia, and a female shopkeeper who was assisting me said, "This might sound strange but I just have to comment on your teeth. They are so beautiful."
I went back to my hotel with tears of joy in my eyes. After all the rude remarks and comments I received early in life, my heart just soared.

It's been around 13 years since I had the porcelain veneers put on (8 on the top and 8 on the bottom), and they still look great. They cost $15,000 at the time, but the value I get from them...everyday, every waking hour, every incredible. One thing I am happy about is porcelain shade I chose. I wanted one that looks natural and not glow in the dark neon white. This has been especially helpful as I age. I'm in my 50s now and the shade of my teeth looks good on me. Veneers don't last forever, but with proper care they can last a very long time. I'm glad I chose a chose a porcelain shade that has stood the test of time.

I would encourage anyone thinking about getting porcelain veneers to do it if it fits into their budget. Make sure you find a dentist who does a lot of cosmetic work and who can show you before and after portfolio of their own work (not stock photos!). It's an investment, so do your homework and don't fall for flashy advertising. It's all about experience, advanced training in cosmetic dentistry (e.g. LVI), and skill. A general dentist can call him or herself a cosmetic dentist because there's no specialty. Also, the lab that makes the porcelain veneers is as important as the dentist, so ask your dentist about the lab he or she uses.

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You want to find a Dr. who listens to what you want and then helps step you through the decision-making process. How long should your teeth be? How wide? What shade of porcelain should you choose? Will your teeth fit your facial structure and personality. I found a cosmetic dentist who was experienced, who listened to my concerns/goals, who took her time during the consultation, and who had a keen sense of artistry and strove for perfection.

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I just found your review because of a comment in another review :).  Thank you for sharing your experience.  Would you be willing to show a picture of your teeth, so we can see how well they've held up?  It's so rare to get people reviewing so long after the fact!  And thank you for all of the other experiences you've shared here on RealSelf :D
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The name of the dentist that did my veneers is Jana Mills.
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thank you. Best to you.
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Are you able to add that name to the review?  Or is it impossible to edit at this point?
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I urgently need your dentist's name. I have an appointment with a dentist already but I am very afraid because of prior experiences. I need this info. like now. You can see my urgency. I just found your information and sounds like your dentist is honest and experienced. I am so happy you finally found somebody that changed your life. I feel sad you had to go through all you went through. You had a very miserable teacher who was trying to make everybody around her miserable,too. I hope you can give this information today - it is very urgent
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Would you mind sharing your doctor's name? I am close to the DFW area, as well.

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I would very much like to get the name of the dentist in DFW. I'm in San Antonio and have been on a search for sometime to find a qualified cosmetic dentist who can produce high qualtiy veneers!
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Glad to share my opinions and experience with porcelain veneers! Transforming your smile is powerful. It gives you confidence, but most of all, it changes how others perceive you. Instead of hiding my smile, I can let my sunny disposition and personality shine through. Porcelain veneers are expensive, but the value they provide is amazing. I think of it this way. Today, 16 veneers would cost about as much as a mid-tier car. That car will be gone in a few years, but your smile will go on and on, and give you so much more daily pleasure.
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This makes me thrilled! I am so glad to hear what a positive difference your Porcelain Veneers have made for you! The part about the comments you received before the veneers, especially the teacher's remarks break my heart for you. I'm so glad you were able to have this done and that you are pleased with the results long term. 

Also, very good point about choosing a natural tooth color. I think many people have a "whiter the better" stance and you are exactly right about too white not looking natural. 

Thanks for writing this review!

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