Salivary Glands Are Creeping Me Out ... - Dallas, TX

(not sure of cost ... had neck lift & upper...

(not sure of cost ... had neck lift & upper eye lift at same time for $9500)

Great Doc. Great job on my eyes. No problem with the surgery, care or healing of necklift.

Am now 7 wks post-op on neck lift, and (particularly) my right salivary gland is ENORMOUS. It looks like I have a quail egg stuck in the side of my throat.

Doc says no way around it -- it is what it is. (My words -- his were far more gentle. :) Said it's just the way I'm built. Says my swelling is gone, too. (I'm still a bit tender and numb ... no big ... just hoping that means it'll still improve.)

Has anyone had a salivary gland appear *less noticable* after week 8? Though my chin is definitely more chiseled on my left side, I think my neck looks worse overall.

Looking for hope ... but thinking I made a poor choice.


I have been advised to have a neck lift, also... and reading all this I just do not know... I live in Dallas. Could you all send me a message on who your doctors are? I have a very thin neck... it sounds like I could end up with more problems coming out than going in... Thank you all for posting... & good luck these problems!
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You might want to have it checked by an ENT specialist. I didn't have neck surgery but did have an enlarged saliva gland (parotid). Turns out it was a tumor and had to be removed. Be safe.
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Hey, I am way late to this thread, but I wondered if you had checked into the possibility of salivary stones? I have had them myself since I was a kid.

Salivary stones are similar to kidney stones -- small, calcified little stones build up in your gland and eventually can move in and block the salivary duct, requiring a bit of surgery to remove if they don't work themselves out naturally. It might be worth a check with an Otolaryngologist to see if this could be an issue for you? : )

Best of luck, and I hope you are happy with your neck lift results.
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