So happy!! 5 weeks PO!! TT w MR, lift, & implants

I'd like to start out by saying that I've...

I'd like to start out by saying that I've been contemplating this decision for many years, you ladies have helped me with your amazing stories soooo much! You're all so brave and awesome, I've decided to chronicle my journey to pay it forward to future Mommy makeover ladies! I'm 32, almost 33 about 8 days after my surgery. Happy Birthday to me, maybe I will have my drains out! HA.

I currently weigh 157lbs and am 5'7". My waist size is 29 and my bra size is 36B. I have a similar story to most. Have 3 kids, actually only birthed 2. The first is a stepdaughter that I've raised since she was 12 months old. She is a teenager now, and boy do I feel old! My sons are 8 and almost 4(next week). At their delivery, I weighed 267lbs, and 264lbs-the 2nd time. WOW! I sure can put it on. Swelling from toxemia didn't help. I actually feel that I'm allergic to being pregnant. Needless to say I'm done with having babies. I got a few good ones. I breastfed both for more than a year, and I would NEVER regret that decision, but it reeked havoc on my chest! I was a C cup before, a DD/E during, and a B now-and pretty drooptacular. WHAT a rollercoaster ride the boobs have been on. The procedures I'm having are a Tummy Tuck with MR, Breast lift, and Augmentation with smooth silicone implants. The P.S. I chose back in August. He was referred to me by a family member and I did my homework. He checked out. I really did not want a lift. I didn't like the scar.....but he really thought to look "youthful" it would be necessary....who doesn't want to look youthful? He's the expert. He did not think I needed lipo, I thought I might.

After reading some of your stories about the burning pain, I'm counting my blessings. I have a feeling it's gonna be painful enough. The other thing I wanted to find out ANY opinions about, is that I teach group fitness, and have for about 2 1/2 years. I. love. my. job. and everyday is a blessing. I committed my life to fitness since my last was born and have never looked back. I teach ZUMBA-duh since the nickname. I also teach Body Combat, Body Pump, and Yoga. (I really believe that's the reason I didn't need lipo)

My main concern is when will I be able to go back to work????? I'm in really good shape physically, and have heard anything from 4-8 weeks or longer. I will be so sad. :...( missing all my classes and gym peeps. Any fitness junkies out there, feel free to let me know. My PS seems to think I will bounce back quickly, I just can't imagine stretching, or doing ab work after all that!

Another concern is what breast size? I'm athletic. My PS says I won't be happy with humongous boobage all over the place. He's probably right but a part of me is thinking, I'm paying for it....bigger is better???? Maybe that's cuz I'm from Texas, and we like to say that. I don't have a small frame....I maybe could carry it off. I think I want a D. Thoughts?

Also, my PS just wants a pic of what I want to look like, so I know nothing about High Profile, Moderate plus or anything of that nature. I'm getting Natrelle implants. He will determine at the time of surgery which is right. If any of you think it's important I pick these beforehand let me know.

I'm going to try to post pics. I'm not shy...but I don't know how I feel about my own nudity on the internet. I do know I appreciate you guys that have posted it. It makes a difference to see the actual results. I have some bathing suit shots. Maybe I will be brave and just suck it up, and get real. More Pics to come the closer I get. Happy Healing everyone and prayers from Texas.

I'm paying the surgeon today. The date is getting...

I'm paying the surgeon today. The date is getting closer. My husband is being super supportive. He's amazing though. I really hope he's prepared for all the work he has to do, and yet I know he is not. He will quickly find out how much is on my plate. It's probably gonna be good for him to walk a mile in my shoes. Maybe after my recovery is over I will go to work and attempt his job. Haha. Well ladies, I don't have that much time. God give me the strength to write the check!

K ladies, It's getting closer...2 more weeks. Wow,...

K ladies, It's getting closer...2 more weeks. Wow, I need some assistance from you all, please give me advice about what I absolutely need to make my recovery a little easier. My PS provides me with everything I will need as far as binders and support bras, AND I'm spending the night in the hospital after the surgery, that's how he does it. I think that will be best because I live so far away. I have on the list is pj's that button in the front, a step ladder/shower seat, MOM, I purchased a recliner a few months ago. I have plenty of stretchy athletic pants. I'm drawing a blank. Probably because I'm exhausted. I feel like there is so much to do and so little time. Blah. Thanks for being there lovely ladies:

Day 1 Post Op- left the hospital a little while...

Day 1 Post Op- left the hospital a little while ago, now I'm back home. Feels nice, but I can't imagine not staying at the hospital overnight. Wow, that surgery was painful, I got a pain pump, thank the lord. Getting up is a real problem. Had a catheter, they took it out last night. Felt like I couldn't empty my bladder, after that. So when I pee, I have to lean forward. That helps. I picked up my meds. I'm a little loopy now. Got the toilet seat rise, and shower seat, so I'm all set. My drains are barely putting anything out! Weird. I will atleast have them 7 days. That's when we go back to see my p.s, hate not being able to walk fully upright. Dr Pin is awesome, he used his judgement for the size of my breasts, and I'm super happy. Not ginormous, and they look
Good, aside from the lift scars, which couldn't get by without those. 340 silicone in one and 360 in the other. He also sent me flowers, an orchid that's beautiful!! Can't say enough nice things about him. He makes this process pretty easy. I'm about to take a shower. So wish me luck.

Day 2 Post Op- things are going pretty well, it's...

Day 2 Post Op- things are going pretty well, it's still a bit of a strain doing things, and I'm walking hunched over and drain cleaning sucks!!! But other than that I'm chilling, I'm pretty bored. There's only so much tv you can watch. I have some itches I need to freaking scratch! Hello phantom itch. Probably the hydrocodone. Still have not used the bathroom, taking stool softeners and milk of magnesia. Hopefully that will happen in the next day. I love what I can see of my results. I took pics but can't figure out how to post them from the iPhone. Anyone know how, let me know.?? My lower back is killing me. I go see my doctor Monday. I'm just praying no infections, and I stay healing. For all you up and comers good luck! It's worth it! Happy healing

Day 3 post op- finally went to the bathroom, it...

Day 3 post op- finally went to the bathroom, it was glorious! My drains are putting out more fluid, and it's clearer. Soooo hoping that's normal. One side is at 28ccs and the other is at 32ccs in 24 hours. My. Back. Is. Killing. Me! Last night I had a little bought with nausea, before I fell asleep for the first time, except after waking up from surgery feeling like I was gonna vomit. It's gone, so I'm going to count my lucky stars. Holy itch. I need to scratch. I'm using strength and will power but Id like to get one of those scratchers down my binder and let er rip. 2 of my closest friends are coming to visit me today, so I'm going to attempt a shower, and some makeup. I made my own breakfast,. That was liberating, sat at our bar and ate it. Feels pretty good, no pain, things are progressively getting better. I'm saying a little prayer for all you ladies out there going through this. It's no picnic.

Day 4 Post op-it's almost been 24 hours since I've...

Day 4 Post op-it's almost been 24 hours since I've had pain meds. Im not feeling terrible. I'm sleeping a little more. So I guess it's time to get off them. I'm not in any pain. There is some soreness, but that's to be expected. My drainage is cut in half, and it wasn't very much to begin with. So I think my dreams that he will yank them on Monday will come true!I was a little too regular yesterday, so I cut back on the MOM, and colace. I am really bored out of my mind though. Not being able to do anything STiNkS. I'm gonna go have my hubs rent me some movies. I've almost finished a book called The Uglies, a dystopian series where the govt makes everyone have plastic surgery to become a pretty! It's good. So peaceful, unevenful healing everyone!

Day 5 PO -so I took a pain pill last night because...

Day 5 PO -so I took a pain pill last night because my incision and hips felt tight. I watched a movie with my husband last night and it was pretty funny, still really hurts to laugh. I just would like to commend my husband for being an angel. He never complains, he helps me whenever I need him, no matter what it is. He's been taking my 4 year old to work with him, (he's self
Employed) so that helps. Truly been a blessing. My parents and friends as well, have checked on me constantly and been so supportive! I guess I really didn't know how much I was loved before this. I never need any help. I'm always the helper. That makes this whole ordeal so much easier. It's easy to feel guilt about this. Anyone reading this or thinking this is something they want to do, it's not that bad. I really feel it was a positive decision and this recovery is a minor set back. I soooo miss teaching classes, and my gym peeps, but they have been amazing too. I'm excited to exercise again, whenever that may be. Hopefully not too long. Also, tomorrow I make the long drive to visit my surgeon. Can't wait to see what he thinks and get these stupid drains out! I know I complain about them a lot, but they are terrible. They hang like I have a large penis in my pants!!! Hates them!!! I don't know if I can find clothes to cover them. Happy healing.

Post op Day 6 Made the long trip to see the...

Post op Day 6

Made the long trip to see the doctor today, my mom drove me. He pulled my drains!!!! I was so happy, what a creepy feeling that was, not painful at all. I can start wearing spanx, and get a comfortable support/sports bra. He's happy with everything and the way I'm healing, as soon as the tape and glue comes off, I can start using vitamin e oil and lotion. After the drains came out, my mom and I had a really nice lunch at central Market, then we drove home, and now I'm resting. All and all not a bad day. Its great having those horrid things out. I don't go back for 2 weeks!! I'm still getting working on not taking any pain medication. I didn't know if pulling the drains were gonna hurt, so I took one before we got there. Tomorrow if I can not take one, I'm gonna drive and get my hair fixed. So yay!!! Bring on the spanx.

Post op day 7- slept in my bed last night, no...

Post op day 7- slept in my bed last night, no problems. Last pill I took was at 9am yesterday. So it's almost been 24 hours. Im In no pain and not taking anything but Aleve for inflammation. I am feeling pretty darn good. Im really regular as well, so thats a good thing. Today I plan on driving myself to a hair appointment and then stopping by the gym to get my check. Also gonna pick my kiddos up from school. So excited about the potential of leaving the house and getting on with life. Feel like I've been in a hole before yesterday's outing. All in all everything has been fine, no issues to speak of. My doctor is truly amazing. I think I'm gonna post some pics today later. Some close ups of the incision and belly button, and boobs. Have a wonderful day all!

Day 8 PO- got everything done yesterday, was a...

Day 8 PO- got everything done yesterday, was a little tired, but not bad, doing really well, slept on my side in my bed last night. Everything looks and feels good. I keep feeling like I'm supposed to be not doing so well, but I'm gonna just keep doing what I'm doing. I have a little red on my belly, you can see it in the pics. It's getting a little lighter, I don't have a fever, and so I'm not gonna worry about it. Called my PS he said to call him and let him know the status today and just to keep doing what I'm doing. The drain sites were a little swollen yesterday but look good today. It's my birthday, some friends are taking me out. I'm able to wear all my clothes so that's a good thing. I am drinking about a gallon of water a day, and my weight has actually come down 2lbs since surgery. I haven't had too much of an appetite, but it's coming back. I also found out that I have 304ccs in my left breast and 339ccs in my right. So we shall see what cup size I end up with. Stay strong friends! I'm praying for all of you.

Day 9 Post Op-k not much to update, everything is...

Day 9 Post Op-k not much to update, everything is the same. i feel great (with the exception of sneezing, or laughing really hard) I will post more when I can start to exercise and after my next PO appointment. I'm regular, not taking anything for that. I take Aleve, for inflammation, and my vitamins. My clothes look better!! Can't wait to start shopping for a swimsuit. All my gym friends/students got together and gave me 165$$ gift card to VS for my birthday. I was almost in tears. So sweet, and a huge card that they all signed. It made my day. Today I am taking it easy my four year old wore me out yesterday!! He goes to school today. So just gonna rest, read, and watch movies till its time to pick the kids up. So for now healing friends you won't hear from me unless something changes. This recovery was much easier than I imagined. Wishing it's the same for all of you!

Post Op Day 13- it feels like its been too easy....

Post Op Day 13- it feels like its been too easy. I'm a little sore in the breast area when I lift something like groceries. Aside from that totally normal. I feel so good it's hard to stay out of the gym and not dance when I hear a great song!!! I'm really restraining myself. Also hard not to pickup my four year old, he weighs like 42lbs.not a good idea so I don't. :( he understands sort of. He's really sweet about my surgery. I already love my results, my swelling is minimal, still drinking a lot of water. (gallons) My glue is coming off and some of my tape on my breasts. I'm hoping that I can start scar treatment soon. My clothes look fantastic, everything looks better with boobs!! I called my PS to discuss when I can start taking my supplements like fish oil, he was out of the office today, supposed to get back to me. I don't see him again till Monday. I want to drive to Houston for Spring Break, so I need to get his blessing on that. Lately I've been really hungry. Trying not to eat everything in the house, I'm sooo bored. I'm not a good sedentary person. I get ancy. Hence my profession. Everyone stay positive!!! Happy healing.

Okay 2 weeks post op. I am having a strange...

Okay 2 weeks post op. I am having a strange sensation with my left breast. It's almost like the implant is loose??? Has anyone felt this before? It doesn't hurt but it's like it is moving slightly in my breast. They feel the same, no change in appearance and like I said it does not hurt. I called my PS and spoke to the nurse, he's out all week. She says that it's normal to be able to feel the implant, and she doesn't think it's a problem, but not to exercise or make any drastic changes until I see him Monday. I was freaking out last night thinking my implant slipped out of its pocket. I think there would be some visible changes to the breast if this had happened. She also said the implant could be dropping into it's final resting place. I'm supposed to keep massaging them. Let me know if any of you have experienced this.

Day 18 -I still feel really good, no pain meds....

Day 18 -I still feel really good, no pain meds. Incisions look great, still have strange water like sensation in my left breast. Other than that I am amazing. Go see the Dr on Monday. Hoping to get the green light to start some light exercise. I am able to do everything I was doing before except exercise. Still wearing Spanx, and sports bra- no tape except around my nipples, and under breast main incision. Using Vitamin E oil on my incisions that were glued. I'm still fitting in my clothes. I guess I'm not swelling that much, maybe a little under my TT incision. My stomach muscles feel a little tight when I stretch up. Still drinking a gallon of water a day. That's prob why I'm not retaining water honestly. I'm extremely happy with the results. I'll post pics later, it's kind of a hassle. Hope all of you are healing and happy as well!!!

3 weeks Post op------Went to see PS yesterday,...

3 weeks Post op------Went to see PS yesterday, everything looks great. He said God must love me because I'm healing so well. Also said my breasts are "Internet quality" that made me really happy. He gave me the go ahead on working out!!! Walked briskly on the treadmill for an hour this morning, it was fine, no pain...just a bit of swelling. I'm gonna be back to work soon. So I'm really happy about that. I have some pics, but I'm too lazy to go put them on my comp, and load them. Annoying. Why can't Real Self be like Facebook? Upload it straight from my phone? Oh well, ill do it later. Still feeling great though. My PS told me if I feel pain while working out, stop doin it, and if i swell up, take it easy. I'm heavier than I want to be. Lbs wise. Need to get back to work!!! Well peaceful unevenful healing is what I wish you all!!!!!

3 weeks and 1 day.------> my legs are so freaking...

3 weeks and 1 day.------> my legs are so freaking sore from just walking on the treadmill it's unbelievable! Went back today and now my legs feel like they have been run over. Wow, I'm in bad shape. Maybe I should have started a little slower. Whatever. I walked a little slower today. Haha, because I had too. Yikes. Well still feeling and looking good. I'm just out of shape and limited. Dislike. It's gonna be a process. Our spring break is next week and we are going to Houston. We are visiting family, and going to the rodeo to see Miranda lambert!!! I love her, I'm not much of a country fan, which is shocking bec I live in Texas, but I do really like her. So pretty ready to get out of town and have some fun!! Gonna do some shopping too!! I think I'm gonna get fitted at VS!!

3 weeks and who is counting..... Still going to...

3 weeks and who is counting..... Still going to the gym. Tried running on the treadmill, it felt so good for about 10 min, then I felt something under my left breast that was a bit like pain so I quit. Walked for like 45 min did the elliptical for 15 and ran for 10. I'm sure I need a nap. I'm really frustrated with not being as able bodied as before. I look fitter, that's funny to me. There are so many limitations!!! I realize this is part of it, I'm just ready to be healed. Patience is not my strong suit. It's fine. I'm gonna heal my body, and have the rest of my life to get back in to shape. Everything else is going well. I have been able to care for myself for a while, luckily the hubs didnt get worn out. He's been really happy with how I look, and how I have healed. Really sweet. My kids are a different story. My 13 year old daughter is being a real pain in the touche. I'm not ready for teenage angst! I'm too young for this. Well loves take care and happy healing. For any of you considering this I don't regret doing this, best decision, and money well spent!!!! Love it!!!

31/2 weeks PO. Still feel good, had to pick up my...

31/2 weeks PO. Still feel good, had to pick up my four year old yesterday. Didn't have any problems. Starting to think I'm a freak of nature or just really lucky. I haven't swelled that much, and I'm feeling back to normal. Everything looks amazing and I'm starting to get my energy back. I can wear all my clothes and my boobs have dropped into a good place that settling sensation is gone, and they look great. Treating everything 3-5 times a day with Derma-e scar gel and pure vitamin e oil. I'm curious when I can stop wearing this compression garment. He said till I get sick of it......done. Going to the restroom is a real problem. I'll wear it till I go see him again in April. I've only been in to his office 2X since surgery. Gotta say I'm glad because it's pretty far. I know if I need anything from the office he's there. He is truly amazing. He makes this process easy. Anyone considering surgery in the North Texas area or anywhere, Dr Pin is an excellent choice! Can't say enough about him. The nurses at the hospital said he's the best, his work is beautiful. I know from experience nurses will tell you. They told me right before I was about to have my last child that my OBGYN was not wonderful. I already knew but it was too late to switch! That was a little disturbing. So, for anyone out there searching for a surgeon check out his website, he has a ton of work to look at,, and plenty of patient reviews online. He's always in Texas monthly for top plastic surgeon, and has a lot of awards for patients choice. The best part is his rates are based on the average of surgery costs. He's competitive. There are a lot of surgeons in Dallas, he's amazing.

4 weeks PO!!!! So glad I made it to this point. My...

4 weeks PO!!!! So glad I made it to this point. My body is amazing!!! I've been in Houston for like 4 days for Spring Break, it's been fun! I went to VS here in the memorial city mall to be measured, and bought 2 bras, 34DD!! I know that's not right. 34 but not DD, I am happy that I'm more than likely a D!!! I bought a Lucky Brand Swimsuit. I'm excited about it. My scars are healing phenomenally, and I'm still not swelling that much. All my clothes fit. Bought another Spanx compression garment. It was the high waisted panty, 62 dollars later, it covers the booty quite well. The Assets one from Tar-get not so much. Hoping I don't have to wear it forever. On a less positive note I REALLY need to stop eating. Houston has great food. Ugh! Prob put on 5lbs! As soon as I get home I'm going back on my cutter diet. Which SUCKS, but its better than blowing up like a hot air balloon. Today we are going to the rodeo, I think i heard something about deep fried red velvet cake??? J/k puke.

4 weeks and 4 days PO-so for Spring Break (this...

4 weeks and 4 days PO-so for Spring Break (this week) we went to Houston to visit family, it was really fun got home Wednesday. I purchased another bikini--- Lucky Brand, its super cute. So while we were there my littlest got pretty sick, he caught a bug, got a high fever, with coughing. Well, I'm the mommy, so I do the sick patrol normally, and I got sick!!! Suck!!! Bronchitis. Didn't think about my immune system being lowered. Needless to stay i've been laid up for a few. The coughing was making me sore!! I am on antibiotics, and robittusin. Hopefully, Monday I will be feeling better, because I'm teaching Zumba that morning. I was really excited about being back partially at work. Started using silicone scar sheets. Seeing how those work. I'm up 5lbs since surgery. I need to be back at work. Everything is still healing nicely. Minimal swelling, usually in the pubic area. Sometimes it's a lopsided swell. LOl. TMI?? YW! So I'm gpnna trim down and take some pics. I also have been having random people that I would never expect ask me really personal questions about surgery and get my surgeons name and info. It's flattering, I've had 2 friends and a family member set up a consultation. I need some free Botox. One friend already had her surgery. Anyone else have this happen? It's strange to talk about it to peeps other than you guys. I'm still looking in the mirror amazed that the belly is gone, I expect to look down and still see it.. I'm still wearing spanx. I despise them and will be planning a flammable demise when this is over. Hasta Assets, you suck! that's it for now.

Alright ladies 5 weeks and a few days post op. I'm...

Alright ladies 5 weeks and a few days post op. I'm really great. Been teaching some classes, taking some. Everything feels normal. Some things are harder to get through since the surgery. Body Combat!! For the most part I've healed nicely. I was using the silicone scar sheets, I have trouble keeping them on. Yesterday I washed them put them on, and I swear my scar looked darker. Bummer! Don't know if im gonna keep using them or not. They itch, and my surgeon told me to use Vitamin e oil or cream. Got on the scale, back down to 157. Thanks classes! Now I need to lose about 6 more lbs to look better in my bikini. Summer will be here soon!!! I'm getting pretty excited about it. Well I hope you all are feeling well, and not getting too down. Sometimes when I have a day when I feel fat, or unhappy with too many stretch marks left, Or the incision is darker than i want, I stay out of the mirror and it passes. I'm not going to completely judge my results for 4-6 months. Since there is nothing I can do about it, no since in worrying about it. I hope that helps. We all have so many reasons to be thankful. Believe me I am!

6 weeks post op going strong. I have had no real...

6 weeks post op going strong. I have had no real incidents to report to you guys. Taught 2 hours of Zumba yesterday, and Body Combat this morning. I haven't made it back to my weightlifting class, I've been nervous about that one, but next Monday it's a go. As long as I'm still feeling good. If I feel pain anywhere it's usually my boobs. Push ups are brutal, I may lay off of those for a min. I'm in a good place mentally. Would like to weigh less, but most of us probably feel like that. I'm still using the scar strips, but just at night, vitamin e lotion during the day. It's a real pain, but hoping its worth it. I have to use adhesive tape to stick them on after a few days. I've heard that works. At one point a week or so ago one of my nipples looked larger than the other one, I almost freaked out a bit. Then I thought well I could find someone to tattoo in the smaller nipple If it really bothers me. Good news it must have been swelling because they are both the same size again! So if that happens to anyone, be patient! I have still pretty minimal swelling in the pubic area (gotta love all the TMI) PS said give that a couple months. But it usually happens right after rigourous exercise) I go back in to see him next Friday. I guess my advice for anyone thinking about doing this would be to stay patient with your body, this is a process. 6 weeks past surgery today and I'm probably back to about 85% of what I was. It may take several months to get back to 100, but ima give it hell. Never give up, and stay positive. Get yourself in tip top shape before you do it, and I swear it won't be that bad, provided no complications arise. I've had none. So I feel very blessed! I pray for you guys to feel and heal well!

List Pros & Cons, Advice you can offer others

List Pros & Cons, Advice you can offer others

Headed into 7 weeks post op. My photos wouldn't...

Headed into 7 weeks post op. My photos wouldn't upload.....super annoying. I will try again tomorrow. I am back to my full work schedule this week, which is 3 Zumba classes, 3 Body Combat classes, 1 Body Pump class, 1 yoga class, 2 boot camps. So I'm nervous but excited. I have also decided to start running again. I like to run outside on the streets when the weather is nice. So this week I ran 3x about 10 miles. Hoping to bump that up in the coming months before summer. Healing perfectly. No complaints, except, I want to quit wearing my CG. I hate it. I'm not wearing it now. The only time I am wearing it is to exercise. I see my PS Friday, I hope he tells me to burn it. He will prob want me to wear it for 6 months! Good Lord i hope not. Silicone strips are working at night for me, vitamin e cream all day!

Let's see, Post op 8 weeks and a day. Everything...

Let's see, Post op 8 weeks and a day. Everything is really good. I'm still back to all my activities, my boobs need to be more aggressively massaged to get my implants down. Loaded some pics. They need to soften up!!! Twice a day, I have to push them down, and then together for 30 sec. Not that big of a deal. Saw my PS on Friday, he thinks I look great. I'm not weighing myself until all of the swelling weirdness subsides. SO maybe 3 months. Blackbirdhearts and I were weighing twice a week and reporting to each other, but my weight kept extremely fluctuating. So I'm gonna worry about it after everything is fully healed. CAN'T wait for this summer!!!! Also got a job, working at my gym doing sales. So I've been busier. It's a good opportunity for me, hours are 8-1 so kiddos are in school, and there is daycare provided. So it's pretty awesome. Well lovely ladies, I have to go pick up kids, and then teach tonight. I wish you all HAPPY HEALING, and safe MM journeys.
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Dr Pin is awesome, he is truly an artist. He gave me exactly what I wanted, and was completely honest with me about what I needed. My recovery has been a breeze. He's very skilled and knowledgeable. He's also not arrogant, he's pretty funny, and down to earth. He has a great bedside manner!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I saw your review and I just want to say I love Dr Pin and had awesome results about 8 years ago.
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Hey Zumbamommy! I've just scheduled by BA for oct 3rd and I found your review by searching for info BodyCombat and BA. So awesome that you're an instructor! I'm huge into BodyCombat, yoga, and TRX at my Y. Are the push ups the only exercise you don't do? I'm worried about giving up my classes for too long afterward as I might go insane without them and I've worked really hard on my body and don't want to lose it. Any input would be so appreciated!! Thanks for sharing you story! Would love a current update. :-)
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Zumbamommy thank you for your inspiration. I too went with Dr Pin and agree us Amazing. I am 1 day post opt and can't wait for a speedy recovery. I have family scheduled to arrive in 2 weeks that are not supposed to know about my procedure and I do worry that I won't be well enough then to hide it. What say you? Btw, u look Great!!!
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You look great!!! I love the bikini!! You 8-1 schedule sounds perfect with the kiddos!
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You look amazing! Congrats on the job.
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You continue to look incredible!!!

Okay, so how did week 7 go of teaching all your classes? I am so anxious to get back to the gym and running. But the Dr told me to not train like I was making up for something so I didn't want to push it too much either.

My pre surgery schedule was Mon Am-Spin, Mon PM-Zumba, Tues-Body Sculpt and Speed work run, Wed Am-Spin-Wed Pm-Zumba, Thursday Body Sculpt Hill work run-Fri-Spin. Sat- Long run. Sunday DOR or Bike ride.

I am also about to go into tri training so I need to swap out some stuff for swimming.

Thanks for any insight!!
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If you haven't been in the gym yet, I would suggest that you do half your schedule. 1 a day. See how it goes. If you swell up more, or have any pain rest, and relax the next day, then try again. Pull back when you need to. Your body has been through an ordeal, if you're okay the add some classes. I think you will be fine. There is nothing I can't do right now and I'm 8 or 9 weeks.
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You are looking pretty awesome! Congrats on the new job. Sounds like you are doing great. Keep it up.
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I have that exact suit (the purple tie-dye) - only in a strapless tankini from last summer (before MM)!! I love the bottoms - they are SO cute and comfy. I was totally thinking about getting the bikini look great - I may be convinced to go get it now!
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Cutie, I loved the purple, but the white looked better. That suit was pretty pricey. Lucky Brand. I need to look in to some cheaper options. LOL. I just like their style.
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Dammmmmm girl you looh totally HOT!!! I cant wait till my date.. Im super excited! I am also getting 339cc silicone Implants and I hope my boobs look as great as yours. Im also a Deflated 36b on the smaller side..... I weigh more than you but girl you look soooo good. Im going to keep excersizing till the night before ...Im so worried Im going to go crazy sitting around... Cant sit still for a second other than texting Lol... ;)
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LOL, Thank you Lipy, sooo much! I had the same fears. Really for a few weeks moving is pretty difficult, so it's easy to kick back. It was kind of a nice break, letting everyone do stuff for me. BACK to reality, sigh.
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Wow ZM you look fab!!!! Im so super excited you healed so good and fast.. Im due for my MM on April 21st... super excited and I hope I do as well as you have. Im also very active ( Not as much as you being a instructor) But I Walk/Rn I do Insanity and Im also a hairstylist so I move all the time.. Im also very active with my 2 kids, a boy 11 and a daughter 12 1/2 who keep me going all the time... You look HOT and Im happy your back to your teaching classes. Im worried about sitting still because im like you a bit of a spazzzzzz and worry about going crazy!!!! LOL
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Lipy, the time flies by! Everything is going well still, it was much easier than I thought! Good luck to you, time is gonna fly by. I haven't regretted this decision for a minute!!!
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I'm using scar away, I got it a CVS pharmacy. So far they are doing a good job of flattening it out. I use EDap during the day. Basically just Vitamin E. My father in law is a chiropractor an they use it in their practice, so they get it for me. I've looked for it online but haven't found it.
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What kind of strips are you using? I have bio-oil in my arsenal but that is it.
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Ooooh! I wanna know too!!
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Hi Zumbamommy - what is Body Combat class? Also, if you don't mind me asking - are you with a gym that's nationwide? I go to 24 Hour Fitness here in AZ and they don't have all those types of classes. I wish we had a Boot Camp class - I love those. Good luck with the workouts this week - let us know if any of them cause unexpected stiffness or soreness afterwards...I love words of wisdome from others!!
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good grief my spelling...***wisdom (not wisdome).
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Hey Cutie, Combat and Pump are Les Mills classes. They are international. Google to find out what gym has them in your area. I'm with Golds Gym. I thought some 24 hour fitnesses had them. I know Les Mills is strong in AZ! Body Combat is a mixed martial arts style workout. It takes moves from many different martial arts like Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Muay Thai, kickboxing, boxing, capoeira, MMA, and several others. It has core training as well. it's the biggest calorie burner I teach! It's a really fun total body workout. Body Pump is a total Body weightlifting class. High reps, lower weight. It's intense too. See if there's a class near you to try. Think you would love it!
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ZM- it is reassuring to hear you are doing so well, I like running outside too, I could never get into the treadmill, I am really missing working out it is hard when it becomes so much of your life and then that part is gone, I am hoping that tonight maybe he will let me start doing the ellitpical or something, but this seroma keeps filling up so I might have to keep waiting,are you lifting yet? Has that been hard? You look fabulous, cant wait to see the new pics!
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Running on the treadmill is so demotivating. I enjoy being outside, but in this part of Texas, the weather doesn't cooperate much in the summer. It gets hellishly hot. So treadmills come in handy. I lifted today, it was fine. I had to go light, but no big deal. It was nice to be back in the routine!
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