I'm 5'1 152 Pounds, 36DDD. - Dallas, TX

I've been battle the boobs since I was in the 6th...

I've been battle the boobs since I was in the 6th grade! It always made me uncomfortable when I knew someone was focusing on my breast. I've been having back, neck, and shoulder pains for so long. I also suffer from chronic migraines almost daily & after years of trying everything to get rid of them I was finally told that my massive sized breasts may be contributing to my migraines by pinched nerves in my shoulders caused by the deep grooves from my straps........
Over the years they just kept growing no matter how much weight I lost! I started to lose confidence because of the size.
I'm so glad that I'm finally about to have relief and a better more comfortable life!


Welcome to the community.  I am happy that you joined and thank you for sharing with us.  I am also 5-1 and had DDD's...Whoa so glad they are gone.   

You are going to love the final results and feel so much better.
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Thanks so much for the warm welcome to the site! I am going to be relying heavily on this site to help me thru this journey! What size did you go down to? And how long was your recovery?


Soo Tomorrow I am Going to see my PS to ask him some additional questions about my surgery. I want to know what size I may be going down to, is he going to remove my backfat, suggested amount of time off of work...... Are there any other questions that you all think should ask?

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2 weeks to go

I went to see my doctor this afternoon to ask him a list of questions that I had thought of before I have my surgery! ! Of course he was very helpful in answering each one very thoroughly! Im getting sooo anxious now


You are going to be so glad you went through with this. I am a little taller than you and had the same size breast as you. I also weighed the same. Since having my reduction done, I lost weight and have never felt better. Good luck to you!!
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I went down to a full B cup.  I was back in full swing at 4 weeks post op.  


Hi ladies! Is almost that time for me. I'll be having my surgery next Wednesday. I've been so excited about it.... That is until I realized just how close I am to DDD Begone day! I cant eat because i'm so nervous I'm getting scared! Did anyone else have these types of feelings? Or am I tripping?

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7 hours until its time

So I'll be leaving to have my surgery in a few hours. I can't wait until it's over. I'll finally be posting a before pic.


I was completely terrified and it all went great! The GA wasn't as awful as I expected and while I've had soreness and swelling, I have not had any real pain. Nine days post op today, started driving and went into work for two hours.
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good luck, wishing you a normal recovery and a great result
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It's finally over! !

My surgery was a success as far as I Know. I'm still in a lot of pain and bey sleepy. Pics coming soon


congratulations, update us when you are feeling more stable
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Thx peedieewife5. I most definitely will!!!!!!
No real pain? I wish I'm in a lot of pain. Luckily I've been sleep most of the time! I cant wait to finally see them lol

this pain!!!!!!!

Omg I am in the absolute worst pain ever I just want to cry! I'm so uncomfortable I don't know what to do. And I am very swollen. Aghhhhh


Stay on top of your pain meds. Also, ice the girls. That will help some. I agree with Wendy. The bromelain helps bunches. You can get tablets or eat or drink pineapple juice.
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Thanks so much i am going to try it
I got some BROMELAIN from the Health Food Store and THAT has helped me MORE THAN ANYTHING ! I had LOTS of PAIN ........... FROM the SWELLING but the Bromelain when Taken BETWEEN MEALS ........ 3 to 4 TIMES A DAY - Just about SAVED MY LIFE ! My PS would only let me use my Covered Gel Ice Bags - for 5 Minutes at a time ! NOT VERY MUCH - but that Little Bit DID HELP ! I guess it will Interfere with the healing if you have it on longer or too much. Each Doctor / Surgeon has their Own Rules for Aftercare. I HOPE you can find some relief ! :-)
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1st Post Op visit

Today was my first post op visit with my doctor. I let him know that I was in so much pain. He removed my drains and changed the dressings and had me to put my old bra over it. Since he didn't have the dressings so tight it has alleviated some of the pain but I still have a little but my meds are helping with that pain now. I was able to get a peak of the new little ladies and I have to say that so far the pain is 200% worth it. I go back Monday to get another check up. I'll try to get a picture then.


Welcome to the family..... CONGRATULATIONS ☺
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Thanks so much!!
hope the pain is manageable soon, you will feel much better when you get off the pain meds. just take things really slowly
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Finally got my dressings removed

Hey ladies here area few pics of my girls after my dressings were removed. They are still swollen and funny looking but they actually look better than I thought they would.


Hi, tech. Yeah, they are still swollen. Mine are, too. We just have to remember that it's going to take months to see what the real results are. Dr. M put the tape hearts over my areolaer (don't know how to spell that!) incisions so I haven't seen them yet, but they feel somewhat raised. I wasn't bruised the first four or five days, but I got some after that; nothing major, but some. I guess we just have to expect changes for quite a while, and some of them will be weird. :)
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I am almost 1 month post op and I am having some pain again. I know I am still healing but I didn't expect this. The pain is almost a burning sensation!!! Also I have has some oozing which I was told would be expected but I didn't expect it to have and odor! Has anyone else had this issue? I think something may be wrong????????


You must be ecstatic tech! Your girls were reduced quite a bit, so you must be feeling such relief! Hopefully your infection is gone as well as your migraines and pinched nerves. I hope to be explanted and lifted in November. I'm still pretty nervous but also excited. Take care, you look fabulous! :-)
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How is everything going?
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@VETTE75 everything's going great my healing is coming along great
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

My first visit with Dr Melmed was great. I went in nervous but when I left I had a huge smile on my face and I knew that it was finally going to happen. He was straight forward but he made me feel so comfortable because he wasn't too too serious!

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