Bad Lipo Procedure - Dallas, TX

I had liposuction procedure done 2 yrs ago and...

I had liposuction procedure done 2 yrs ago and this is the outcome; ripples and lumps. My PS gave me every excuse in the book. I am now seeking a reconstructive surgeon to help me with this problem.

I know there are no guarantees, but are there any suggestions as to what can fix this problem? Any successful outcomes to a reconstructive procedure similar to the one I am in need of?

I started working out more than I had before my procedure and included yoga and pilates. The combination of everything transformed my body into what I hoped it could be....I have always eaten in moderation and enjoy snacks too. I looked at lipo as a jump start to helping my body look the way I wanted it to look and it's been great for me. The pilates and yoga is wonderful for my body and mind.
Hey there, Angil, just checking in to see how you're doing. My body looks the way I'd hoped for no giggling Sept 22nd it will have been a year since I had it done. Would I do it again, a big fat YES!! It was so worth it. Hope all is well with you 8-)

i have been thinking of getting this done in dallas who was the ps so i want go to him

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