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I had sagging neck and jowls. I went to a...

I had sagging neck and jowls. I went to a Lifestyle clinic and didn't know the doctor. I met him twice. First time was for him to evaluate whether I was a good candidate. The next time I saw him was the day of the surgery. The surgery was painful and other than the shots, I was given some Valium which was supposed to put me to sleep, but it didn't. I was wrapped up and sent home. A few days later, an aide came to my house to remove the bandages and stitches. She rewrapped my face and left me with some instructions. My face looked good while it was swollen and I was quite pleased. However, when the swelling went down, I could tell no difference other than I had these longer, deeper wrinkles from my eyes to where the stitches ended at my hairline. No one ever called to check on me, no one scheduled another visit for the doctor to check his work, nor was I given an "after" photo.

This clinic was nothing but a cattle mill, where they herd you in to operate on you and send you out the back door. One of the doctors was from Duncanville who has his own dermatology office, so I was comfortable with using this clinic.

Also notice that many of their customers have had additional elective work (eye lift, forehead lift, etc.) so of course they're going to look much better.

If you plan on doing the Lifestyle lift make sure you go to a doctor you know who does the Lifestyle lift. I thought I had done my research, but it was a disaster. I don't look any worse, but I certainly don't look thousands of dollars better.

If I was wanting cosmetic work, I'd spend a few thousand extra dollars and go for a full face lift.  The Lifestyle Lift is a waste of money and takes about 3 weeks to completely heal.  No aount of makeup is going to cover those bruises.


After reading the reviews on this site and 151 reviews on another my limited recommendation is stay away from these places. My experience: 56yo healthy fe and had a facelift (neck/jowls), liposuction of neck and upper/lower lids done and overnight stay in output surgery center all for $12,500. Was done by board certified plastic surgeon w/ MD Anesthesiologist to admin gen anesthesia. No N/V post op. RN removed my 2 drains and drsg after surgeon called in early am for a report on me. Then she saw me before I left the surgery center. I had a post op visit day 5 for suture removal around my eyes and day 8 for staple removal. Surgeon saw me at both visits! And have another one with her scheduled on day 14 and then 1 month and 2 month, 3 month and 6 month. All including surgeon! No complications yet and don't anticipate any. All staff very professional and kind. Tell me to call everytime I am in if I need to see the surgeon earlier. Why would anyone do these procedures under local anesthesia (lidocaine simply injected) with very minor oral sedation! A little Xanax or Valium! These "procedures" are MAJOR SURGERY!! I know because I am a nurse practitioner and have worked in the OR, PACU and ICU in my RN AND NP career. THERE ARE A LOT OF QUACK DOCTORS OUT THERE! And general anesthesia is very safe when administered correctly! Only allow a board certified MD IN plastic surgery near you when having plastic surgery done....please!!
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I don't see much difference in the two pics. I think when people get a lift and don't REALLY need it yet, they are too critical to begin with. Consequently, they are never happy. You look great in BOTH pics, and because of that probably did waste money.
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We definitely should have seen major improvement after! You can see the jowls and wrinkles in her neck in the before px.and she looks better in the before px. I feel so sorry for her. So many MDs (and others) out there making the fast $$!
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