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Love my new me! - DFW, Texas

Hi RealSelf world! I'm 25 years old, a mother...

Hi RealSelf world! I'm 25 years old, a mother of 3 beautiful children ages 4,2,and a 6 month old all deliverd by c-section. I am scheduled for a TT and lipo to the flanks and inner thighs. I had been debating for months whether or not to get this procedure done and after several consultations I found the perfect Dr. Who answered all of my questions and gave me real expectations. Im beyond excited to see the outcome of this! I'll be posting my embarrassing before pictures soon! Wish me luck!

Okay, so today is the big day and I am oh so...

Okay, so today is the big day and I am oh so nervous! Thankfully I had a good night sleep last night because I'm pretty sure I'm going to need it. My surgery is scheduled for today at 2:00pm and I will have to stay the night at the surgery center. My husband will be staying with me and honestly, I'm more worried about him, he's being very supportive but I can tell he's scared and nervous. Me on the other hand, I'm excited! And I'm finally doing something for me. :)

Well, the water works started as soon as I said...

Well, the water works started as soon as I said said bye to my kids, I just really want to wake up and see they're beautiful faces again :( oh and of course my husbands too ;)
I have a few questions TT's, when where you able to lay down flat on your back? An how were you all put to sleep? Oh and what foods should I definitely stay away from? Sorry for all the questions..:/ I'll update as soon as I can

It's about 2:25am and I decided to update...

It's about 2:25am and I decided to update everything that happened yesterday before I forget! I was scheduled for 2:00 but as soon as I got to the surgery center I was informed they were running a couple hours behind, so insead of waiting for we went for a drive! I came back to the office at about 2:45pm and they took me back right away for prepping. I was told to give a urine sample and get completley undressed then put my gown on. That was also the time one of the nurses started an IV on me, which that was the best experience I have ever had with an IV, it usually takes about 7-8 trys, but not with this nurse, she was awesome!! Going on, nurse went back to the waiting room to get my husband and he got to be while dr marked me, after marking me he me and my husband gave our "see you later" hug and kiss, and I was taken to the operating room. I remember laying on the table and meeting the anesthesiologist and the last thing I remember is telling him to please make sure I'm fully asleep before they start, and honestly I don't even remember when or how I feel asleep!
I woke up in recovery at about 6:30pm so surgery took about 2 1/2 hours and I remember crying, they asked me on a scale from 1-10 what was my pain and I remember I said it was about a 7. I got to drink some apple juice and even ate some Graham crackers, I guess I must have been starving because I've had 2 bags of crackers since then lol, Ive been sleeping a lot but now I feel wide awake! And best of all I don't have any pain right now:) I feel great and I cannot wait to see my belly!! Nurse told me they took off about 6 pounds of skins and fat! How awesome Is that?? Thanks for reading my story, I'll keep you all posted! Xoxo

Hey TTs! Well I'm 3 days post op and I feel good,...

Hey TTs! Well I'm 3 days post op and I feel good, I'm going to go back a few day to let you know all the details.

Day 1 post op- 1/25/12 I got to go home that day around 9:30am but before that, my nurse came in and took off my urine catheter got me up to walk around which wasnt a bad experience, she also made me pee before releasing me. I learned that I had some muscle repair and dr centered my belly button, I asked if I had stitches or staples and they said I had dissolvable stitches in the inside but they glued my incision? Has anyone else had glue? Anyway, I felt good all day, i missed my home and my kids. I slept the day away..

Day 2 post op- 1/26/12 went to see the my PS this...

Day 2 post op- 1/26/12 went to see the my PS this morning, he checked my incision but I didn't get to see it :( he was just checking for bleeding and signs for infection. Everything is perfect. I have another appt on Saturday, that day they will change me into a under garment. I see a few bruises on my inner thighs and flanks, I have a binder on which makes it a bit hard to breath, but all in all, I have no pain. It may be because of the pain pump I have (which will be removed Saturday) I've been getting up to walk and go to the rr. I haven't had a bm yet.

Day 3 post op- well, everything seems to be the...

Day 3 post op- well, everything seems to be the same, take my meds, sleep, eat. I miss holding my babies and I feel so so swollen. My socks leave prints around my ankle, is that normal? Should I be sleeping with my legs up? Also my bra feels so tight. No bm yet and I'm getting very frustrated, I've taken some laxatives, and I've ha some MoM. And nothing :( I see my ps tomorrow hopefully he can tell me what else I can do.

Hey TT's! It's been a while! Obviously in my last...

Hey TT's! It's been a while! Obviously in my last update you could tell that was my worse day so far lol! Today is day 8 PO, and I feel good! No pain, just soreness on my abs where they repaired my muscle and I do have some tenderness due to the bruising on my thighs. My TT looks good, ps says it's still a bit swollen as well as my thighs. I will post pics asap!
Lets see, going back a few days, I had a check up with ps 4 days PO and they put me in a under garmet, they had to put me in a large since dr says tummy was very swollen, he says I'll later need to purchase a medium once swelling goes down. I still have to wear my binder on top which helps tremendously! I feel so much more support. Also that day I had a bm! Yay me! Lol, I know it's tmi but such a relief! Day 5 PO I completely stopped my pain med, I just felt so zombied out and out of it, ifeel so much better w/o it. Happy Healing everyone!

Hello RealSelf! It's been so so long! Sorry I...

Hello RealSelf! It's been so so long! Sorry I haven't posted in a long long time but I
Here now! I am 8 weeks post op to the day and I feel amazing! I don't have much trouble with swelling but I am still wearing my under garment and binder 24/7! I recently started jogging no ab exercises yet per drs orders.
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Rumalla and staff are amazing! I couldn't of picked a better surgeon. He will give you real expectations and his staff are always there to help.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I am thinking of going to Dr. Rumalla and would love to see you after photos!!!
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Can't wait to c ur before an after photos!!!! I jus had my TT March 13th and I'm loving my results!!!!
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hi denell37! i just took a look at your picss and you look great girl!!! i JUST added a couple before and after pics but not so recent ones, i will soon tho! happy healing!
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Cj - def put your legs up! You should be laying with head propped, legs propped. It helps with the swelling.
And yeah - the BM problem is common - I was day 6/7 before I had success. Take 2/3 stool softeners per day and a dose of MOM as often as directions allow. Hang in there!
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Hi maumeemg! hope all is well and your recovering well!!
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Thank you for the updates, Cj! Sounds like you are doing well! I'm sure the pain pump is helping tremendously. I didn't have one but others in the Jan forum have and they've said it worked. I did not have glue on the incision but another gal in the January forum did: surromom2four. You can type her name in the search box at top of screen and find her review. She's a sweet gal and would be happy to answer your questions. ;-) Check out the 'forum' tab and find "January Tummy Tuckers Check In Here" - lots of support, advice, etc. there with some lades that had surgery around the time you did!!
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Yay Cj! You did it!! Thanks for letting us know how you are doing. I'm glad you are pain free now. Get some rest and I can't wait to see pre/post op pics when you are feeling up to it. :-)
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So glad everything went well and you're feeling great so far! Can't wait to see pics.
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Thank you so much maumeeMG! You've been so helpful! And congrats on your new body! I'm glad your recovering well! I'll keep you updated!
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I'm still not flat on my back and I'm 14 days post-op today. Look at my pics - I have a picture of my "nest" I made on the couch. SUPER COMFY and I'm a total side sleeper for for me to say it's comfy is a big deal. ;-)
For post-op they recommend you stay away from salty foods - makes you swell big time. You'll need to watch labels closely; you'd be surprised at how much sodium is in everything. Make sure you are taking a stool softener daily (2 a day!) because constipation is a major issue after tt.

You won't want to eat much the first few days post-op but you'll def want to have something in your belly when you are taking your meds. I had protein shakes on hand (ensure, muscle milk, etc)-they tasted good and are easy to digest.

Lastly, makes sure you stay on top of your pain meds - and def set an alarm every 4 hrs, even through the night - because it is MUCH easier to stay ahead of the pain than it is to be in pain and try to make it go away!

Best of luck Cj and let us know how you are doing!
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Best of luck to you today, cj! Once you get to the surgery center it will go quickly and before you know it you'll be waking up in recovery! I had surgery Jan. 9th and feel great (14 days po). Best of luck to you!!
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Thank you! I'm so nervous!
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Hope everything goes well today and you have a great recovery! Keep us posted.
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Good luck today! I hope everything goes well.

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