Anais Gorgeous Peel Burned my Face

I recently did a Gorgeous Peel from Anais...

I recently did a Gorgeous Peel from Anais Corporation. I purchased the EZpeel $62.00 with shipping from them and it did not work so I went up a notch to Gorgeous Peel $89.99 with free shipping. There is supposed to be no down time and you can wear makeup after the peel.

They told me to put a peel accelerator, which they sent me free before and after the peel. They do not tell you the % of the Gorgeous Peel but the accelerator was 30% Glygolic Acid. The peel burned my face badly only in certain areas and now they will not answer my emails and crys for help!! This peel frosted and it was not supposed to do that.

Will someone please look at my pictures and tell me what to do about this. It has already crusted and peeled 3 days later and not it is just red and actually bleeding in some areas.

This has been a very horrible experience with absolutely no support form Anais Corporation/EZ Peel/Gorgeous Peel. This is supposed to be a no down time peel and I will look like a freak for a long time to come until this heals!!

How can I get this to heal and prevent scarring? Thanks.
If you are first timer, just use Lactic gel 50 % or Glycolic 30%. Then after a few months, your skin is ready for TCA procedures..
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That looks real bad. Perhaps you have sensitive skin or is new to chemical peels? I have used the EZpeel and the gorgeous peel on my face and they were great. Both products do leave you with dried tight skin after applied, but I am able to go out and about in public no problem. In about two to three days, it will start to flake and peel. During this time, I apply moisturizer on my face, although it's not advised. But this does help hide the fact that my skin is peeling. I don't find using moisturizer while my skin is peeling to halt the peeling process.
Anais Corporation

Anais Coporation Gorgeous Peel, they give you no support after the peel if you have problems. The peel was supposed to be mild with no down time and I am very badly burned after their instructions and advice on how to apply the peel.

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