Very Happy with 400cc Very High Profile Silicone - Curacao

I was a 32aa very flatchested and underwent 400cc...

I was a 32aa very flatchested and underwent 400cc very high profile silicone implants, i am veryyyyy happyy with the results.

Im sorry for my english as it not my native language. I am from the carribean.

On 22 feb i went in 7am and went home 3pm. I am 2 days post up todat and went to my dr appointment this morning. Everything is going fine although i still have my drains. And my lefty is a bit more swollen.

I didn't have much pain at all, as a matter a fact i didn't drink my pain meds, only my antibiotics. But in the first day i did throw up anything i swallowd especially if i walked.

I was on this site for a very long time and it helped me alot with choosing my cc's. And decided now to write about my experience and hope it will help out. Feel free to ask questions :)

My stats

I forgot to mention my stats. I am 5'4 and 121 lbs :)

1 drain removed.

So yesterday my dr took out 1 of the drains, he let the left one stay because its still a little more swollen than the right one.

Few pics

Here's a quick update 6 days post up. Love them!


Pic did not upload

2 weeks

Im feeling great i got my stickers removed and i am very happy with the insicions, there the perfect place . My right boob is softer and is starting to fluf al lil bit but my left boob is still more swollen and higher then the right boob.

Today a started driving my car again and i can do pretty much everting normally again. Exept for lifting heavy stuff.

Boob greed

I love my boobs everyday more and more and feel very confidence and sexy now. I just like the fullness of the left boob ( still more swollen) or am i just being boobgreedy?

Trying on a bra

Today a tried on a new bra.. It has a little padding

Day 18

My boobs are feeling softer by the day. And im sleeping much better now


Yesterday i worked out a lil bit, i dont want to force anything. I can also sleep on my side again and i can do most of the things i have to do around the house and for my 5 year old son.


I've reached my one month mark. Its seems like longer


One month

Pic update

Sorry inhavent been postin lately but here a pic in a new bikini . Im very happy with the results
Dr taams

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what size bra are you now?
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I'm from the English speaking Caribbean and is considering breast augmentation. Curaco is one of the Islands I've looked at,as it was recommended. I'm a 38D,my shoulders n back aches,more so my shoulders. Can I get some info please.
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Hi there, you can ask me anything that you want to know about the procedure, dr, or anything else you wamt to know just email me.
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U look so good! What size bear u wearing?
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Hi thanks!! Whats a bear? Im sorry english is not my native language :)
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Sorry , that suppose to be "bra"!! :)
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I did not go to get sizing yet. im stil wearing sportsbra
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amazing... saline or silicone?
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Thnxx!! Silicone
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They look fantastic. I hope my doctor will let me get a size like yours.
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Hey I just had BA on 3/6 with 400cc saline... Any suggestions on how to get my breast to settle down they are still swollen
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Your body will do it naturally just give them time. Once your ps says it's ok to massage that will help. It can take 3 to 6 months for them to drop and fluff.
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Congrats your pics look great!
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After researching on RealSelf for such a long time, it's so nice of you to share your story for future members. You look great in your photos. Sounds and looks like you're healing beautifully. Congratulations!
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Thank you very much!
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Very pretty! You r going to love them!
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You look great! Awesome results..what are your stats?
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Thankss my stats are 5'4 and 121 lbs
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You look great and so happy you pain is minimal! Sending good juju your way, congratulations :)
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Hey hon! They look awesome! What are your stats ? Ht & wt
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Hii thnx!! I am 5'4 amd 121 lbs
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They are looking good! I hope you have a speedy recovery
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