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I saw this non-surgical body slimming on Dr. Oz...

I saw this non-surgical body slimming on Dr. Oz show and decided to find a local provider who provides this service. My provider is Herbal Mineral Spa.

Overall It's a very effective procedure with no down-time. I'm choosing a non-surgical slimming method so there is no scarring. This is certainly not for overly obese people but it's effective for regular people with fat deposits. My problem area is always my mid-section.

After my first treatment, I signed up for 10 series. So far I have 3 of them done. Pretty happy with it. Looking forward for the end results.
Herbal Mineral Spa

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How did all of your treatments turn out? Would love to get an update.

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need help with bally fat bad
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who are you to say its not for someone?? every body is different and anyone can do anything they put their mind to!
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She is talking about the capabilities of a machine not the human mind! The doctors and technicians specifically say the machine is not for those with a lot of weight to lose. It is good advice for people to consider when spending their money for something that may not be designed to fit their needs. If someone wants to try it anyway, at least they have all the information and they are free to proceed.
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How are your results so far?
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