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4.5lbs of Skin and Fat off - Culver City, CA

I had my tummy tuck about eight days ago and it...

I had my tummy tuck about eight days ago and it looks great. I have one child but after so much weight loss was left with a droopy stomach. I dieted and exercised until the point that my legs and arms were too thin but I still had skin hanging on my belly that stood out. I had been wanting the procedure done for over for years because I never felt like a normal teenager. As a child I was overweight and after I had my child at 17 I wasnt happy with the way I looked. I exercised and reached my weight loss goals but was still unhappy with the fact that I would never wear a two piece. Even in intimacy I chose to place a pillow over my stomach. I felt no confidence as a young woman I felt ugly no matter how many sit ups.

On the day of my surgery I arrived and changed into the surgery items. The nurse too pictures of me and then asked me to wait. Later the doctor came in, drew on me, and I asked a couple of questions about scar placement. I was taken to the surgery room and layed down. An IV was done with the anesthesia and before I know it I was passed out

Waking up from surgery was awful. I heard a nurse say its all done. My stomach felt on fire and I felt nauseous. Getting off the recovery bed was impossible without help from the nurse. My stomach ached. I was wheeled off to the car. I was out of it I couldnt pay attention to anything because I was concentrating on not throwing up.

I went to mothers house to recover. I couldnt lay down with out a mountain of pillows propping me up. I also needed pillows behind my knees to be comfortable and not stretch out my stomach. Pain medication was needed every five hours. I only took half the dose. I slept and had no appetite. The first day was all rest not much food but wheat animal crackers and cheeze its.

Day three and four I gained appetite but developed a horrible cough. I purchased halls because every time I would cough my muscles ached and I felt like my incision was coming apart. It was painful. No laughing or sneezing either.

Day five to eight went better eating normally and found that gatorade is great to not feel weak. It became easier to get up and on day seven and eight I needed no medication. In my post op visit the nurse told me to shower and remove the yellow tape on my incisions. Now I just apply triple antibiotic ointment on the wound and put gauze pads and then put on my garment.

As of today I am comfortable. My stomach looks great but it is so swollen. My incision looks a bit high but I know it will drop as swelling diminishes. Im also upset my drains will come out until the 16th. Im going to have my drains for 20 days I heard a lot of people have kept them for only a week.

Today is day 24 and I had my drain removed. The...

Today is day 24 and I had my drain removed. The suture removal hurt more than the pulling of the drain. I took tylenol before yhough just in case. I mentioned to the nurse that I dont think my belly button was healing well. She just said, " oh I have to remove the stiches". It was a bit painful. My belly button looks great now. I wish I could upload pics but for some reason I dont see how I can do that. I have old pictures too so if I am allowed to upload pictures later ill upload all of them with post op dates.

It has been close to 2 months since I got my tummy...

It has been close to 2 months since I got my tummy tuck with muscle repair. I got no lipo so was hesitant about the decision to not get it. I weighed 164 before surgery and now I am down to 146. I have been running about a mile a day doing stairs and weights. I enjoy the gym. Now that I have lost weight my abdomen feels a lot tighter and uncomfortable at times. I seem more bloated now that I have lost weight in other areas. I can feel stitches inside my skin and Im hoping these are the dissolving kind. my belly button looks weird and small but Im sure it will heal with time. I will be posting new pictures soon. My clothes looks wonderful now and I feel more confident.

I have had bad scarring ...my scar turned a dark...

I have had bad scarring ...my scar turned a dark purple and red color but doctor said it should heal better with time. It has been almost 4 months. I had a problem with my belly button. It closed almost completely. I couldnt even fit a qtip without removing some cotton. It looked very ugly. Recently I got inner thigh liposuction with another doctor and he told me to go to the doctor because my belly button contracted. I thought that maybe it would get better as I healed eventually. I scheduled a check up for today. The nurse immediately called the doctor once she looked at my belly. The doctor asked me why I didnt show up earlier but I told him that my bb had recently shrunk. He thought for a bit and then asked for scissors. He said he would cut around it. He cut a lot off to reveal it again. Then he asked for a knife. I was not under any pain aid. I bled a lot but it was not painful, surprisingly. I wasnt even in the operation room. It was weird. I felt a bit of panic as I felt the scapula cut through the scar. At instances the doctor asked me to hold gauze to blot the blood. Even the nurse was in shock and nervous. Eventually he finished cutting all of the scar out and stitched it up. I didn't feel pain but was really tense. The doctor asked if I was sure I felt no pain
because he could give me local but I tolerate pain very well. Plus, I knew how bad the local injections hurt. After all this procedure the nurse injected steroids in the bb and the tt incision scar. I'm glad they took action even though it was awkward. I basically had surgery again. I hope my bb doesn't keloid again.

So recently I posted about how excited I am with...

So recently I posted about how excited I am with my results. Like I mentioned, as time goes by and as I exercise it is looking better. Now my only concern is the scar which is still thick and purple. As you can see from the pictures I most recently uploaded it stands out a lot. I was using kelocote for a while after using silicone strips. Now I am using bio oil which helped it stay moisturized and helped it look flat. Even though I have this large scar I would not hesitate to have the procedure done again. Its easy to cover up as you can see from the pictures. Belly chains help conceal it a bit as well.
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Generally I am satisfied with my results. I found him after many consultations. I researched and felt comfortable with him.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hi---I might come there for surgery--where is Mothers House? Is that a recovery house..or your Mom's place..I wasn't sure..please clarify...if it is "business" where?, how much? Pros and cons. Thank you so ,Chu for your honesty.:0)
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you look great!
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Thanks! It got even better now. I'll upload pics soon. =)
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I am so glad that you are happy with your results. The results look great. Hypertrophic scarring around your belly button can happen in certain people. I would love to see your new pictures.
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Lol. I just thought about how bad I wanted a better bb. I couldnt get a belly showing costume because my bb looked funny :(. It closed up the begining of the third month. I think it might have had something to do with the compression garment being too tight. Who knows. Now I try to keep it loose and clean. I followed procedure the first time though and it went bad. I hope it doesnt keloid this time.
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That does not sound pleasant at all! I agree with MrsPsychoman....you are the Queen of the Brave! My goodness! When did you bb start closing up?
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OH MY GOSH!! That just scared me to pieces reading about your most recent procedure. You must have been terrified for him to do it like that without any warning at all. I would've passed smooth out. You have my vote for Queen of the brave.
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Love your pics you look great!
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No it doesnt come up for me when I go to update my review. It only says to input an embeded code for youtube. Maybe I need to get on my computer not phone.
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Thanks glad Im not alone its almost unbearable my legs are feeling like they have RLS lol. You dont see how to put pics up? When I do it I add them under update review.
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I dont have much swelling. My binder is loose now so i have to get a new one. My incision is way lower now and its easy to cover up. I bought some yoga pants with the band because it is so easy to cover my incision with them. Im so happy i would actually dare to just wear a sports bra alone! It looks toned :). My belly button looks weird though i hope it heals soon.
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You do have them for a long time but Im sure it is for the best for your body. Im sure there is a benefit to having them longer. Hows swelling going at your point?? Im so anxious!!
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Im so happy for you! I get mine tomorrow!!
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Thank you for the awesome review.  Sounds like over all you are doing great.  Keep posting and updating us on your progress.

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