Rhino + Upper Blepharoplasty + Juvederm = My Refreshed Face! - Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Ken Hughes is the best, period. I could not...

Dr. Ken Hughes is the best, period. I could not be happier with my results and experience with Dr. Hughes. I just feel like a better version of myself! People have told me how refreshed I look lately not knowing I even had anything done. I found Dr. Hughes thanks to other reviewers on RealSelf and felt I should also leave a review in hopes of informing others about my wonderful experience with Dr. Hughes.

The results are all flawless. My eyes look refreshed and the shape has not changed. My nose has not changed drastically but looks more refined and perky. And lastly, the subtle change from the juvederm was exactly what I needed for a little youthfulness in my face.

Please read my full review for details!

Rhino + Upper Blepharoplasty + Juvederm = My Refreshed Face! - Culver City, CA

I'm updating the review because I put my original comments in the wrong section. I meant for my long review to go here:

After having done research for a while and having read reviews on realself.com about Dr. Ken Hughes, I decided to go see him for a consultation. I had previously gone to see a popular surgeon in Marina del Rey, and to say the least, was not happy with the consultation. Dr. Hughes had great reviews and feedback and for me, the best assurance I can get is from the recommendation of my peers/other patients. So I decided to schedule a consultation with Dr. Hughes and they actually were able to fit me in the next day! Yes!

So I went to have my consultation with Dr. Hughes the first or second week of July after having done some research. He asked me what I was thinking about doing, and to my untrained eye, I wasn’t sure but thought I wanted something done for my hooded eyes. I talked about a procedure I saw someone else do on realself and he did not recommend that and he explained in detail why not—I cannot remember exactly how he put it but he explained doing fat grafting in that area is very unforgiving and the skin is so thin that any irregularities that could form in the future would be very apparent. I didn’t want to take any chances and I appreciated that he listened, then explained risk/reward and then provide recommendations. Ultimately he recommended an upper blepharoplasty and I knew about this procedure as well but again just wasn’t sure what was right for me. With this upper bleph, he would only be removing the excess skin, not creating a crease/lid as mine were still in tact. I liked the sound of this because to me it meant I wasn’t going to look like a completely different person since I generally like the shape of my eyes. Note, Dr. Hughes is conservative in his recommendations as in….he’s not trying to hack up your face and do as many procedures as he can convince you of. Because he genuinely wants the best result for me, I did almost have to convince him to do this eye-lift, because I am a ‘younger’ patient for this procedure (I just turned 31).

Next, I had been thinking about getting a tip rhinoplasty. I had been looking at older pictures of mine and it appeared my nose had begun drooping a bit and had slightly changed shape. Dr. Hughes recommended lifting the tip and reducing the size of the tip to produce the nicest result without compromising the overall aesthetic.

Lastly, I had mentioned to him that my developing nasolabial folds were bothering me. I had lost a little weight recently and the lower half of my face lost some volume. The nasolabial folds became more apparent after the weightloss and Dr. Hughes suggested starting with juvederm there. He would put it in the lower cheek area which would actually lift the skin a bit and diminish the lines a bit, instead of just simply injecting them directly into the folds. I was also pleasantly surprised that it was he, the plastic surgeon, that would be doing the injections, not a PA or something.

I actually trusted him from the first minute I shook his hand. He is extremely knowledgeable and I can tell he is confident as a result of the good work he does. That put me at ease. Do not mistake this for lack of care/concern. He actually invested a lot of time with me after the initial consultation because afterwards all of these additional questions came to mind that he responded to promptly and thoughtfully.

I moved forward with surgery a week and a half later (it was me who wanted to move quickly and glad they could accommodate). I came in at 9am and left that day around 1. Everyone there was really nice especially the guy who does the anesthesia. Some of the other nurse ladies there weren’t quite as warm as I would have liked, but I wasn’t there to be coddled anyway and obviously they did their job. I healed rather quickly actually. Within a week the splint on my nose was taken off and the stitches from my upper bleph were removed. I had some minor swelling and bruising but I was impressed with how ‘normal’ I looked (or could get away with using some concealer). I anticipated the worst and the result was the best. Over the following weeks everything continued to heal swiftly. Actually, I am still only a few weeks out and you can look at the pictures and decide for yourself! I can’t believe it has only been 4 ½ weeks since I had the procedure done.

The results are all flawless. My eyes look refreshed and the shape has not changed. My nose has not changed drastically but looks more refined and perky. And lastly, the subtle change from the juvederm was exactly what I needed for a little youthfulness in my face. Note, I had some injectables in my tear troughs before that did end up looking sort of lumpy and so was concerned about having the juvederm in my cheek, but he executed it flawlessly…so smooth.

I feel lucky to have found Dr. Hughes. It’s hard to admit that sometimes you get down on yourself because of thing you don't like about your appearance. But now I can say this was the best thing I could have done for myself based on how I am feeling today. Dr. Hughes made some subtle changes to my face that have made me feel truly beautiful and self-confident.

I couldn’t recommend a better choice than Dr. Hughes.

Adding some pix

These are pix from just after surgery showing the eyes and how they have healed (first pic is from this morning)--note I had a little eyeshadow on at the time. I know I still have some more healing to do. I think I will get Mederma because there is still red in the crease. Nevertheless, no one has noticed it and I know it will continue to get better and better. I'll update next week which will be 5 weeks out.

Adding a side by side comparison shot so you can see subtle difference in nose

This is for you Chantal. Most of the change to my nose was to the width of tip, and also he projected my nose up just a bit as well. My nose was by no means a disaster before, but over time it just seemed to look not cute as it did when I was younger. Some people claim that their nose seems to continue to grow, and that was what it seemed like for me. In the end, it's actually gravity just taking hold and makes your nose droop. I can't find a profile pic of before so I am looking, however, I don't even think I mentioned any concern in my profile to the doc. My objective was the bulbous-ness from the front. But, from the profile side it must look a little different because he did lift the tip so that is probably the main difference. I'll keep looking for a profile pic :)

Oops, here are the images

I meant to upload these images with the last posting.

About 7 weeks post surgery

My latest picture! The redness in my eyelid creases is almost gone and my nose continues to get smaller. Again, I know this is not a drastic change but you know how when you see yourself you notice things a lot more than others :)
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Ken Hughes is the best, period. I could not be happier with my results and the experience. I just feel like a better version of myself! People have told me how refreshed I look lately not knowing I even had anything done. I found Dr. Hughes thanks to other reviewers on RealSelf and felt I should also leave a review in hopes of informing others about my wonderful experience. The results are all flawless. Very natural results. My eyes look refreshed and the shape has not changed. My nose has not changed drastically but looks more refined and perky. And lastly, the subtle change from the juvederm was exactly what I needed for a little youthfulness in my face.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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You look beautiful!  Thank you for sharing your experience. :)

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You look more restful after the upper eye lid surgery. I plan to have a revision rhino and was thinking to have my upper eye lids done at the same time. Then I thought probably would be too much pain for me. But after reading ur story I am motivated to do it at the same time. Now adays my droopy eyes have been bothering me. I just look tired all the time. I thought u were young to have ur upper eye lids done. But also genetics plays a role in this. Well my friend am glad you did it! Thanks a lot for the photos. U look great.
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Hi Zooster. You are right about being 'young' for the surgery. When I initially went to see Dr. Hughes, he said I *might* be able to convince him to do an upper bleph, meaning he did think I was on the young side. I'm 1/2 chinese and so I naturally have this hooding which started to get worse and skin above my eye was sort of loose and crepe-y. So essentially Doc said he would remove this excess skin. And also wanted to let you know I never felt any pain in my eyes...it was a complete non issue except for some slight discomfort from time to time. I'm excited for you. The eyes really seem to make such a difference in one's overall look and a lot of bang for the buck in terms of the surgery cost/recovery :) Good luck to you!
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Hi just wondering if the scars from the upper bleph are visible. I know they are usually placed in the crease. Can you still see them?
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I have the same question. Thanks 5600non!
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Hi my friends...I added an update to this posting for y'all to show you the pictures I took of my eyes just after the surgery and then from this morning. I read your question after I already put a little makeup on but all I have on my eyes is a light purple hue. The red that you see in that photo is the red from the scarring. Also note, after about the 4th day, I did start covering some of the red/bruising around my eye because I didn't want to scare anyone that saw me :) I'm sure this is not something the doc would condone though :)
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hey, you look gorgeous, but i would love to see a profile view of your face before surgery. it looks to me like you always had a very nice nose
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Hey Girlfriend. I updated my posting for you with some comments. My main objective in this tip rhinoplasty was to address width of the tip of my nose so I don't think the profile has changed much. I'm still looking for an old profile pic. I know the doc has some so I'll have to see if I can get them. Anyhow, thanks for your comment about my nose from before. I knew it wasn't a terrible nose but I started nitpicking at myself and since I was getting the upper bleph done, I decided to go ahead and get the nose done and just get it off my mind. I'm really happy I did and that the changes were subtle yet also had the result I was looking for. The tip was lifted so I know that would be different in the profile, but I don't think much was taken off in terms of length. I actually have a follow up now I want to ask about it :)
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You look great!! So natural!! No one would ever guess youy had any sutgery!!
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Hi Oozie! I appreciate your support. It's nice to know I have a place to come to and be able to share this info because I have no one else in the 'real world' that I've felt comfortable talking to!
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How much did the nasiolabial fold adjustment cost? You look about 25 now. I ask because I think I have apparent ones, too. Actually, I can't tell. Your tip work turned out amazing. The tip swelling lasts a long, and your tip is going to continue looking better with time. Congrats! :)
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Restylane 4 smile lines is $500. It lasts almost a year.
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Hi my friends. Zooster is right about the cost..I've had restylane and juvederm and they both seem about same--$500 per syringe. I once had radiesse and it was more like $800 per syringe but it lasts a lot longer. He suggested the juvederm I believe because of the area I was having it injected. It sounds like certain fillers are a better fit for certain areas of the face. Note the restylane seems to last closer to 6 months for me...but different for different people, although the Radiesse definitely lasts longer. My botox wore off right at the 3 month mark.
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Thanks for the support and thanks for the comment about age...that's always a great thing, besides just looking good for your age :) The nasolabial I never paid much attention to until one day I saw myself with certain lighting from above and it cast a slight shadow. It's hard to not pick yourself apart, and I guarantee my slight nasolabial folds were not what other people would ever notice about me, but I am of the 'maintenance' mentality. I feel like if I sort of address things just a bit as I see them, rather than one day just going in for a full on face lift, that maybe it will allow for a more gradual transition of aging. I had two syringes of the juvederm. Note my Dr. was saying let's see how injecting just above the folds (lower cheek) does to lift the creasing, but that I may want to come back in later and have some injected directly into the folds. I liked that approach because if you look at some people that just have filler injected into their folds, their face starts to look long. It is that kind of thing that I appreciate about having a plastic surgeon doing my filler. The first place I went to for filler back in February was a place that just did facials and fillers, and the gal who was a nurse, not a trained plastic surgeon, just kept injecting anywhere where I had some creasing/folds (like the outer corners of my mouth), and then it just ended up that the filler sort of bunched in those areas and didn't look right--it was unnatural. You are so pretty btw!
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Sorry to answer your question clearly, I spent $1000 on the juvederm for the cheek/nasolabial. You may not need 2 syringes which would put you closer to $500. One day I would really love to talk to plastic surgeon about fat grafting. Have y'all read about this? Sounds a little more invasive, but what I like most about it, is that I would have to go back in every 1/2 year or so to add more filler and I'm scared of getting the 'pillow face' look. :)
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Next time I would love to try Radiesse. Botox doesn't last more than 3 months for most people.
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You look amazing. Did u do the eyes at the same time?
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Hi Zooster. Thanks for the comment I appreciate it! Yes, I did them both at the same time which worked out very well. I didn't even realize this until closer to surgery, but if I had eyes alone they would have used local anesthesia. I think I would have been freaking out to see what was going on and for it to be on my eyes, so glad to have 'gone under' because of the rhino and just wake up with it all done :)
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I am also considering blepharoplasty with my revision. But still not sure if I will do both at the same time. I am glad you did both together.
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