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Hello everyone! I have 4 kids that are 6, 3, 2,...

Hello everyone! I have 4 kids that are 6, 3, 2, and 9 months. As you can tell they were back to back pregnancies and it has reeked havoc on my body. I would like to have a ba/bl, bbl, and a full tt. I'm currently trying to get some weight off. I am 5'8" 200 pounds and wear a very flat and saggy 38d.
Hi it seems as though we have just about the same body. I'm 5'8 and am 185 right now, but look a lot like you. I'm also wanting to get done the same things... except I'm unsure of the bbl. I'm just wondering if you can still fit into a pair of jeans after having that done. :)
I will find out! I just came across the bbl on this site while I was researching for my lift and tt. I have a consultation on Saturday with my doctor. I will post after I see him once I get this site all figured out. I'll be sure to ask him though! :)


I have my consultation scheduled for this Saturday at 11:30. I'll be seeing Dr. Hughes. He has been phenomenal so far. He is very prompt with emails and all my questions. He also does Saturday appointments which is a plus since I'm so busy during the week. His office manager Adam was also a pleasure to speak with. I am so excited and I will update after my consultation.
How did it go?
Good luck on tomorrow. Let us know how it all goes
I'm 6 months bbl post op with Dr. Hughes, he is amazing I beyond love my results. He's done the combo of surgeries you want on several patients, a few of who have reviews here. I'm sure you are going to love him. Let me know if you have any questions. Good luck tomorrow.
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