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I have gotten lipo in the past and it was great. I...

I have gotten lipo in the past and it was great. I also had the smartlipo which did nothing. I put on some weight on in odd areas and even with exercise I just cannot loose so totally hoping to finally see a waist again and a flat tummy. I am hoping to wear sleeveless shirts and just be able to fit in my clothes again. My shape changed so much and really hoping this will help me fit in my clothes again. I workout about 2/3 a week, I just have not been able to loose the fat on my arms and my thick middle. I have read tons of great things about Doc and his pics are amazing.. 13 days till surgery and I'm very excited.


After I had lipo done I really never gained weight so my body was awesome, I did gain weight about 50 lbs 16 years later and it seems to have gone all over but mostly in my arms and my love handles.. I will see if I have any pics I can post to show you. I really am not expecting to ever gain weight again like when I got depressed. After this I will maintain my figure best I can again.
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So you pretty much gained all the weight on non-lipoed areas making you have a weird shape? did you ever gain any fat on the lipoed areas at all? If you dont mind can you post pictures of how you were before and then after the lipo and photograph your shape now, it would be so helpful to me. I thought I had done my research on what i wanted to get lipoed but apparently even what i researched turned out to be not the truth.
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Good luck!
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Still waiting.

Ok so I still have a little under 2 weeks before my surgery but I attached some pics of my middle and my arm. I think I will start back working out today because it helps with the whole healing process.


If you don't mind me asking and assuming you're on a payment plan, how much money did you put down?
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I paid in full for the surgery. I'm not sure how much they require for a deposit. It takes about 7-10 days for a check to clear so I scheduled my surgery for right after 14 days. I'm sorry I cannot answer that I'm really not sure
Hi Doubledee, Thanks for your story. Very fascinating. I would love to see your before and afters from the original lipo as well. I had lipo done about 7 months ago with a fat transfer to the breasts. Really a great procedure. My lipo results are not perfect on my legs. My hips(except one spot) and flanks/back to butt look great. I kinda wish I had my abs done as they feel fat alot but I really was afraid to do abs. Please keep us posted over a 1 year period with photos if you could. I am not seeing a lot of long term photo shots on this lipo forum. Thanks again & good luck!

6 more days!!

Well today I was reading the Dr. Huges leaves the incision area open to drain after surgery which alarmed me a bit. I called his office and spoke to them and they reassured me that it was for draining but that I can always ask him to close the site. I'm so excited to get my life under control again, this weight has held me back from so much the past 3 years. I have been working out everyday so I heal better but I am not doing anything crazy just walking. I usually do HIIT but really want to slow things down a bit till after surgery. I also have watched my diet much closer since he said he didn't want to do lipo on my legs and they would get better with diet.


Waiting to hear from you...
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Yes, tomorrow is my big day.. I will totally let you know how I feel.
Oh i thought it was today lol

Big day tomorrow !!!

I'm so nervous my surgery is tomorrow and I'm so scared that I'm going to look the same when I get home. Well I will keep everyone posted!! Wish me luck!


I will totally post tomorrow after I get in and get some rest.
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Good luck

Nothing to eat or drink..

How am I ever going to sleep tonight. I'm way to nervous about tomorrow ..


Best wishes!
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I know your in surgery but praying for good results...
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I had the surgery..

I had my surgery today and I have to say that everyone from the girls in the OR to the the dr who put me under that whole team over at Dr. Huges are awesome. Even though I had lipo about 18 yrs ago I have to
admit the pain is so bad. My arms, back and sides hurt so much. Dr Huges said he took out about 5 liters. Its hard to see anything cause I have on garmet and foam but the pain is the worst. My bf got stuck in traffic so I was chatting up the girls and the dr in
the recovery room. They are so nice there, just hope I live my results.


Nice to hear from you. They are very super nice are you taking pain pills for the pain if so are they working..
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Arm lipo is the worst, it hurts so bad. All this pain will be worth it if I live the result. I started taking my arnica 2days ago but I can tell I'm very bruised. Thank god my bf is here for me or else I would not know how I would get up or down. Yes the pain pills I got were vicoden and they do help but the first day is always the worst I'm sure.
I bet how does the pain feel. Like can you describe.

First night was so painful!!!

So the first night was way worse then I ever remembered!! Between my whole core area in extreme pain I was oozing fluid and a lot all night out of my front incisions. If it were not for my bf helping me with everything I would of never been able to do it all night alone. Thank god for the pain pills it feels like my stomach was just sliced off me. I did get a peek and I'm kindly lumpy but so very swollen. My arms are still very painful but my abdomen area is by far the worst. Well I would take pics but my stocking are soaked in dry blood. Maybe after I get a shower today or later this week when I'm feeling better.

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2nd night

Ok so I'm so excited I got washed today and even though my body is still very swollen and I'm a tiny bit uneven from the swelling I cannot believe how tiny my waist is. Even when I was 15 lbs lighter I never had such a tiny waist. With lipo it really is how good the dr is with the cannula. I also pretty much am shaped like I always dreamed . I'm still in a ton of pain and I need my bf to help me get up and down but at least the draining stopped so I'm not going thru tons of chuck pads. I didn't even get a bbl but I'm so sculpted I look like I have a booty now.


I bet your looking better I'm so nervous
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I love my results. Don't be nervous be excited.
Pictures please
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everything looking good.

So today I went in and the nurse checked me for fliud and said I looked really good and that I did not have any but I was still swollen a bit so I have to wear my surgery garment for another week with the foam then I can wear other garment for 2 months. I asked why my surgery was super painful this time and she said I had a lot of scar tissue. So 2nd lipo is much more painful then first. She also told me over 5000cc/ 6000cc was sucked out, no wonder my tummy is so flat.


Please post pictures soon! Glad you are happy with the results.
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I had a small liposuction on my abdominal area years ago, it was a terrible job. I had tunnel looking areas going up from the belly button area. I have decided to have smartlipo done the 4th of January. I hope for better results but without the pain you are experiencing. The first time I had zero pain at any point. It might have been the very little work he did since I also had zero drainage. Thanks for sharing your experience so I know this time may be so much different
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Any pictures
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About 5weeks post op.

Well I have been feeling really good. I have been wearing my garment night and day and only taking it off to get washed and wash the garment itself. My results are amazing and I will post pics very soon. Everything that Dr Huges told me he achieved. My results are smooth and everyday I see my old figure more and more. I high recommend him, he is so skilled and truly is the best at his craft.


Hope u are feeling better sorry to hear it was more painful this time I'm sure u look fab I'm having my sx Thursday with same dr Hughes (:
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Doubledee, can I know if you did the traditional liposuction or vaser liposuction?
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I had the traditional lipo done.
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

I loved Dr. Huges. He answered all my questions and seems to have a lot of knowledge about the procedure. I have met a lot of plastic surgeons and he might be my favorite. He was so down to earth and told me what type of result I will exactly achieve. He is super talented and I would highly recommend him. I am so happy I chose him. And besides being a amazing surgeon he is a pretty awesome person as well. He also has a great Or team. I cannot express how happy am I with my results.

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