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Journey to a Perfect Smile -Culver City, CA

Hi everyone, I'm 27 years old currently a SAHM OF...

Hi everyone, I'm 27 years old currently a SAHM OF two little ones..... I'm your typical story of not being able to afford dental care, so all my life I have had crooked teeth, harley ever smile and you will never see a smiling picture of me from being embaressed of my teeth.... This year my husband added me to his Dental insurance which made it affordable to pay for invisalign, my provider said I will have 19trays top and bottom. Alittle over a year of treatment.

My Journey just began with tray 1 on April 4th, 2013. So far I find it very uncomfortable. I have 6 attachements on the top and 4 on the bottom. For some reason bottom tray rubs against my tonge and its getting sore aswell as some teeth.... looking forward to the invisalign diet.... any tips on cleaning trays nd what's up with air bubbles in trays when wearing them, makes it look disgusting!.

4/17/13 Have not seen much of a differance, just...

Have not seen much of a differance, just sore teeth. Adapting pretty welll. Go in for my next aligners tomorrow....

Went in for a cleansing and 2nd set of aligners...

Went in for a cleansing and 2nd set of aligners today.... (ouch) extra sensitive, sore and tight... my upper left side is throbbing, which is giving me major headaches since i put them on at 5pm... hopefully i will adapt soon...

I am apparently on tray #5, everything seems to be...

I am apparently on tray #5, everything seems to be going pretty smooth thus far (cross fingers) only minor discomfort everytime i get a new set of aligners, i guess the way its cut... Takes awhile to smooth it out with an emery board...

Tomorrow thursday i go in for trays #6.... not...

Tomorrow thursday i go in for trays #6.... not much of an update but all is going well with a few normal minor discomforts but nothing to bad...

tray 7

So far I have had no problem with my treatment thus far, i am beginning to see some results, which i am happy about ofcourse. lately i have seen so many negative reviews on here, and imo i feel like people need todo there research before investing in the product... I have had invisalign since april and no one i mean no one is able to tell i have them in, they even tell me to take them out so they can see what they look like. The attachments that go on your are ment to be there so your teeth can move along with the process this is how we see results... my dentist explained all this to me prior to even purchasing anything... DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!!

tray #10

noticing changes... I have 9trays left... So far so good. I got used to wearing these bad boys! after one week of changing the trays they feel lose, i wear them 22 hours a day... only way you will see result is if you used them that way.

what are Passive aligners??

I just notice Tray 12 & 13 of 19 are labeled passive aligners? what does that mean?? anyone here knoe of this. Thanks in advance.

passive aligners

i am on tray 13/19, today i go in to pick up the rest of my trays. I know some of you here have said that your teeth do not move with passive aligners but i seen some changes and not to mention my teeth are So sore.

Refinement after final tray 19!

Just when I thought i was done, bam. i will need refinement? My front teeth are not all that straight just yet.... I just put in my final tray yesterday December 12th, lets see how much morr moving they do...
Eli Mastour

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How are you doing?  Did you ever finish your treatment?  And if so, what type of retainers are you using?

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Unfortunately, I think most people need refinements. I got to tray 19 and now waiting on my first round of refinements. :) You have gotten some great movement though, so maybe there won't be too many refinement trays if they are needed!
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From how I understand it is that one of the trays might be the passive one and the other is still adjusting. My packages note that also and I agree that they are still moving.
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thank you for sharing! i started invisalign 2 weeks ago and now i'm on my second tray. the first really hurt me on the top teeth for a week. it really hurts when i exchange the tray! is it supposed to hurt as much as the first tray? i have 12 more to go on my top teeth and 8 more to go on my buttom... so excited to finally start! about bubbles in the alighn- i have only a solution for the top teeth- put water in them and put the align together with the water on your teeth- the water will come out and after a few seconds there are no bubbles. works well for me. good luck everybody!
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My top hurt more then the bottom not sure why but I did expect the pain and soreness, I was warned by my dentist of the pain.
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Good luck on your journey!! dont forget to wear the aligners atleast 22-23 hours everyday :) good luck again!
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Passive trays mean they aren't moving teeth. I should have passive trays for my upper as I have 9 trays more on my lowers than the uppers. My dentist didn't order them though and I asked for them at my last check up. Can't imagine having to wear the same aligner for almost 5 months.
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Sorry to hear about your headache from the trays. :( Hopefully that has passed?? Did you doctor happen to mention if the first set of trays were passive "training trays"? If they were that would help explain why this set feels so much snugger to you since your teeth would now be loosening up & beginning to move.

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No, i dont think they were training trays. These trays do feel alittle better then the other. I didnt have to smooth or buff out the edges on these trays! But today is so much better. Thank u for yr input
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Yeah, its early to actually see any changes, but I'm glad you are adapting well. Keep us posted how this next set feels when you put it on!

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I clean mine with retainer bright any time they are not in my mouth (at home I use a new tablet in the morning and soak while I have breakfast, then I leave the glass there and reuse it during that day.) I have a small container at work for lunchtime as well. I brush them with a toothbrush and rinse them with plain water before putting them back in my mouth (after brushing and flossing of course.) I have never had an issue with any odor or staining (only on my 3rd tray) and my mouth feels clean aside from when I first wake in the morning! I have a little bit of a sore tongue from the bottom tray on this 3rd set, but it is bareable. When I first got my attachments put on, one of the front ones caused a little sore on the backside of my upper lip. That was more painful, but it has gone away and I haven't had any more issues with my attachments rubbing since. You'll get used to wearing the trays. The first 2 days I had a small degree of claustaphobia (sp) from wearing the trays and thought there is no way I can do this for 13 months.... but alas, I got used to it and it is fine now! :) Good luck!
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Im currently going thru the soreness of my top rite side attachments. Hopefully this will phase out. I dont seem to have a problem with any type of smell besides the morning.... l
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That is great that your husband's insurance made this doable for you! How exciting!!

While your tongue is getting used to the Invisalign you might try sticking some wax to the edge of the tray to soften it. Overtime your tongue will toughen up & it won't be as much of a bother, but getting to that point can be uncomfortable.

As for the bubbles, check out this forum & please add any other tips you have:

Any tips on getting rid of the little bubbles that show between the aligners and the teeth?

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Congrats on starting Invisalign! I just started in February and experienced the sore tongue as well. The soreness will go away soon and shouldn't be a problem anymore. I clean my trays each morning by soaking them with half of a denture cleaning tablet for about five minutes. They don't recommend doing this, but it's the only way I've found to get rid of that awful morning breath smell. I tried the liquid hand soap, but the results were not very good. Good luck with your journey!
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