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I Wanna BBL by Dr.Hughes...Please Share Your Experience.... - Culver City, CA

I have been looking at the website all day every...

I have been looking at the website all day every day for the last two weeks, so I finally booked my consultation with Dr. Kenneth Hughes. I must admit that I am very scared but I am also determined to get my b4 having babies body back. Please share your experience and any advice your may have to offer.


Hi hun so did u chose Hughes as your dr yet? Or you are still looking around? Are u coming from out of town? Wish u the best of luck if u have any questions I'm here 3 days post op today(:
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Hi! I've scheduled a consult with him, but I'm still undecided. I live in the Bay Area, so I'm hoping to find a good PS in Cali.
I traveled from Texas just for him. He is one of the best and he'll make you feel very comfortable. I'm 2 months post op. Love my results. He gave me an hourglass figure and big butt.

Pre-op Photos & wish pics

Here are a few pre-op pictures of me & a few wish pics...I actually found the wish pics on RS


I am going to schedule with Dr Hughes too! ^_^ in mid March, I'll be flying from Australia to Hawaii, then Hawaii to LA. He quoted me $9,500 also.
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I'm looking to have my procedure done in November...I've been looking at his reviews every day all day & they're great...congrats on your upcoming sx...make sure u post post-op pics :-)
We'll here in Cali I can say Hughes is like the only good dr I know I had my breast augmentation by dr Bruno last yr he also does gods bbl but I felt like Hughes would be better

Help!!! Ladies can you recommend a good BBL PS in the US????

Looking for a PS has become very streesful. My husband is totally against me going out of the US, so that's a no go for me. I have received quotes from Hughes, Bruno, Cortes, Vanity (Fisher), Perry, and Salzhauer. The quote I received from Vanity is very good, but their reviews on RS are horrible. I am also considering getting a TT at the same time (Has anyone had both procedures at the same time?).


I can't see post op pics!?
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Check out my other review...it's under "Fisher did his Thang"
Hello there! Well I'm going to be 4 weeks post op this Friday and I had both tt and bbl And let me tell you this is no joke! This is the hardest thing I've ever had to go through! I'm not trying to scare you but these two procedures combined are tough! I had my procedures done by Hughes, can't say if I'm completely happy yet I still need to heal, I'm looking better then what I did But there's a couple of imperfections that I'm having so hopefully these will get resolved. It dosent look like you need a tt and you do have a booty already so I can only imagine what you'll look like later! Good luck and best wishes!
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