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Brazilian Butt Lift, Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentation... The New Me is Soon To Be!!!! - Culver City, CA

I was born with HIV and was diagnosed with type 2...

I was born with HIV and was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in November 2012. I'm 18 5'2 185 lbs. I am 138 lbs of muscle and the rest is fat. I noticed i wasnt the same size as other kids my age when i was in the 2nd grade and it was confirmed when my friend dajau came over to spend the night and we were taking a shower together and i realized that she could look straight down and see her feet but i had to bend over just slightly so see mine since my protruding stomach was in the way. In 7th grade i realized i had a flat butt and a flat chest compared to other girls, thats also when the move Phat Girls came out and i figured id try to love myself the way i was but i couldnt help feeling that i wanted something changed about myself so that i could truly love myself so i considered the possibility of having surgery done when i got older. My sophomore year in high school i decided to start researching my procedures that i wanted and i basically looked at myself in the mirror and decided what could i live with and what had to go, so i definitely knew that my stomach had to go so i thought of liposuction and then i want to have nice big boobs so i looked up breast augmentation and i looked at alot of doctors and RealSelf became my best friend.

The Insults!!!

All my life my family had told me that my protruding stomach was due to my eating but then i figured i dont know how that could be when theres alot of skinny girls who eat way more junk food and alot of it than i do, not to mention that there were always comments about me needing to push away from the table and that i was going to get as big as a house and there goes two ton annie, so you can imagine that there was not much help with my self confidence growing up. Its hard to feel good about yourself when you grow up and go to school and get ridiculed about how you look and then come home to the same thing. So i recently went to the doctor about 2 weeks ago and she told me that my protruding stomach was called lipodystrophy and that i was caused by old HIV medications that id taken when i was little so that made me feel a huge relief because i had kept telling my oldest sister that my size was due to my medication and she swore up and down that it wasnt and that it was all me, so me and my doctor had talked a few days after my doctor appointment and she said it was sad that my family had blamed me for my figure when it was my medications and the funny part is is that when i told my mom she said she already knew it was my medication and i was like what????!!!!! So she basically insulted me all this time knowing that it was the medication not me so i was mad about that.

Revised Pics

The Search Was On

I searched for alot of things in a doctor, i wanted to make sure that i got a reasonable price and that alot of things were covered but also i wanted to make sure that the surgeon was able to give me the results that i ask for. I looked at dr meade, johnson, obaid, caruth, jejurikar, yily along with a few other DR surgeons, salzhauer and ken hughes. Dr meade didnt want to work with me due to my type 2 diabetes and same thing for yily, salzhauer and the other DR surgeons. I didnt go with Dr johnson because he's booked until October 2016 so im sooo not about to wait that long, then i didnt really find what i wanted in dr obaids before and after pics; I only didnt go with dr jeffrey caruth just because when I found out about my lipodystrophy i wasnt able to get a tummy tuck with him because he doesnt do them. So i ran across dr hughes because i was looking at bbl reviews and i saw a girl saw thank you dr hughes and then i had gotten a response from him to one of my questions and connected the dots and i liked his results and reviews.

My Consultation

Today(August 21,2014) I called Dr Hughes office and talked to a nice woman i forgot her name but she told dr hughes to look out for me in his emails and a guy named Adam who is dr hughes patient coordinator said that he would help me schedule my surgery date and help with the financing. Next thing i knew dr hughes was emailing me and quoted me for my brazilian butt lift, tummy tuck and breast augmentation. I told him that i'd wanted to split up my procedures but he assured me that it would be better for me to do my procedures all together so that there would only be one anesthesia and one recovery and said that my results wont be compromised.

His Prices for Me:
Saline breast augmentation is $5000.
Liposuction of the abdomen, sides, and back with BBL is $10,500.
Tummy tuck is $8000.

SO my total cost is $23,500, He offered me $1000 discount for combining so its down to $22,500 and i paid $1000 towards my cost so now im down to $21,500. I'm so happy!!!

Consultation Contd.

My quote includes everything accept my meds but thats ok.

Revised Front Pic

Wish Pics Coming Soon!!!

I will eventually post my wish pics its just i have like almost 300 pictures so i am trying to make a photo album and take pics of them in the album to post them.

Wish Pics Coming Soon!!

Ok so actually i have 320 wish pictures which consist of:
Yes Booty
No Booty
Yes Boobs
No Boobs
Maybe Pics
Yes Body

So as u see i have categorized them already so i can show my surgeon exactly what i want and what i dont want. Wish pics are so important because thats what your surgeon will base his technique and ultimately your results off of so that's why i made yes no and maybe pics so that way my surgeon will know what to do for me.

My Procedures

So as you know i will be getting liposuction of the abdomen back and flanks and it will be transferred to my butt well for my tummy tuck and breast augmentation Dr Hughes says that while he is doing the tummy tuck he is going to do the breast augmentation while doing the tummy tuck by the tuba method while im still open i want it under the muscle so he is going to do that but going into my pectoral muscle from my tummy tuck. Heres the link to watch the video of what is going to happen with me as far as my tummy tuck and breast augmentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4uw9L5Rlp7A&index=3&list=UUBKyrtByvsBDUjKwK_JpCeA
Now here's a link to what my brazilian butt lift will be like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWp1fWpvNhU&index=8&list=UUBKyrtByvsBDUjKwK_JpCeA

I am really excited and i cant wait to get my surgery done especially since its going all be done together and i will definitely talk to him about my positioning for after the surgery.

How To Follow Me!!!!

I will be posting links to the videos that I make and post to YouTube so you can see me live recovering and also read about it. Also just let me know if you want to friend me on facebook I'll send you a message with my info so you can follow me after I stop posting.

Revised Pics

Another Revised Pic

Who were the people that I interacted with when i called Dr Hughes office

Front Desk Assistant:
Debbie she had TUBA done and said that she will have a tummy tuck done later on down the road. She is awesome and very kind.

Patient Coordinator:
Adam he is very thorough and informative and makes it really easy to set your surgery date he is also really nice.

Then last but not least:
Dr Hughes he was very nice and responds to your emails very quickly so that was amazing and the best part of all.

Watch Me!!!!

I am posting a link so that you can all hear about how i researched my procedures and pretty much from start to finish as to where i started up to where i am now.


Just icing on the cake!!!

OK so i asked dr hughes how much it would be to add hips and he said an extra $1000 so im going to go ahead and throw in some hips because i have some dents in my sides after my beltline and the beginning of my thigh so yah i want to have nice full hips and im working on trying to print out my wish pics so that i can show you what all i want and what all i dont want so yah. So now my new balance is $22,500. He said "I typically can fill the hips up to 360 cc per side for $1000. This basically just covers the added time in the OR". So yah. i will be getting hips added. I know it seems odd to up the price for just some hips but when i come back home i want to look like iv had a total body transformation.

Watch Me!!! Updated

If the link does not work you can find me on YouTube by name, my name is Sbreezy2014. My picture is a black girl with rainbow colors on her hat. GO to Surgery Journey and there you will able to watch me in person giving updates on things.

Travel and Living Accommodations

OK so i never got a response back on my video about my choice for travel and living which was that as far as travel it was between train or plane and my living was between a hotel or a house from Airbnb. SO i decided to go with train for my travel because going to los angeles i can have coach seats and then coming back i can have a room with beds so that way i can lay down and recover. I chose the house with Airbnb because its alot cheaper than a hotel per night the one i chose is $86/night and it has 2 bedroooms one has a queen bed and the other has a twin bed and then theres a pull out couch thats a full size or queen bed also. The great thing about the train is that BREAKFAST,LUNCH, AND DINNER ARE INCLUDED IN YOU PRICE!!! Then as far as the house you get to utilize the entire house. I will be using Amtrak for the train.

Recovery Options and Pricing

Ok so i wanted to look around and see what all were my options as far as recovery and i found recovery places and also care-giving places. Well i went with the care-giving places because you can get a private duty nurse for cheaper than one night alone at a recovery place. I called Pearl recovery retreat to ask about how much they charge for one of their private duty nurses to come out and they said it would be $50/hr so thats even if you are at their facility or if they come to your home so it would be $200 for 4 hours of care then i called another place which i forgot their name but they said it would be $22 for a unskilled caregiver and $35-45 for a skilled caregiver so i was like who has unskilled people working for them. SO i finally found this awesome place called Pasadena In-Home Care and they charge $23/hr if its like 5hrs or more for care but its still $23 per hour but if its less than that then its $24.50/hr so with less hours you request for care the more you pay but the $24.50 is the most you will pay per hour so thats almost half of what pearl recovery retreat charges for their nurses to come to your house also its $250/day to get a 24hr caregiver. So you can see how if you got a private duty nurse for 5 hours from pearl recovery retreat then that would equal to ONE WHOLE DAY of care from a 24hr caregiver. Also if you want them to run errands for you with Pasadena then it will be 56 cents/mile how great is that so if they travel 10 miles thats only $5.60 you have to pay them also that saves you from having to rent a car because they will pick you up from your airport or wherever you arrive from to your living accommodations and then to your pre op and surgery and then they will come and care for you at your living accommodations and they will change your dressings, drains, help you in and out of your garment, do your laundry, prepare meals for you and much more. SO i am definitely going with Pasadena In-Home Care and getting a care giver for while im there in Los Angeles recovering.

Dieing of Boredom

OMG I am dieing of boredom with waiting for my surgery all i can do is go in circles on real self where i look at reviews and look at all the recovery stuff. I have homework and work but in my free time all im use to doing is looking at reviews and things but now im tired of that. Time is going by soooo slow i hate that its so far away but it has to be for expense and for finishing school well like getting in some more courses. All i have left to do is print my wish pics which i found out i can get them done at Walgreens for 10 cents a pic with a minimum of 100 pics but i have like almost 350 wish pics but i have 7 picture categories because i initially wanted to make sure that my surgeon knew what i do and dont want as far as my results for my procedures so yah i kind of went overboard but it was because i felt like the doctors in my area didnt give the results i wanted. But i have to make my photo album of my surgery journey so i can post the wish pics here on real self. SO that you can see the results i wish to get and hopefully you will see some that you like as well. The suspense is killing me!!!!!

Photo Album In The Making!!!

OK so last night i finally printed off all of my wish pics i just have to go to walgreens to pick them up. I have 333 wish pictures so im excited about it. My next step is just buying the album and pages for the album. So im 1/3 of the way to getting you my wish pics and i hope i can help alot of you out with what you want your results to be also with what you DONT want your results to be like. I have 7 categories that i will post along with the pictures so this way you can see what i do and dont want.

Youtube Slideshow of Wish Pics!!!

Today when I get off work I will finish separating and organizing my wish pics so that I can make a slideshow of them which I will upload to my YouTube channel so you can see all of them individually before I make my.photo album. I have already posted here on real self 2 ways to find me on YouTube and watch my videos. I hope you guys enjoy!!! ;-)

Feeling A Little Skeptical :-(

OK so i just read this review about dr hughes from today, a woman said that seh went to him for a revision on her bbl and that he hadnt fixed her stomach fat area that they agreed to be lipoed also she said that he was going to fix a dent in her right butt cheek but it didnt appear to be fix since the dent was still there. So im like ummm hmmmm. I havent had any type of bad experience yet with dr hughes nor his staff but its things like that that i try to look out for in a doctor when i go to pick because paying for something to get done and then it not happening is depressing to put all your time money effort and energy into something only to get none of what you expected in return. Dr hughes responded to her post.

As Promised!!!

OK so i have separated the pictures into groups so now all i have to do is organize them from best worst, then ill put them in a slideshow for yall to see.I have 7 categories but the pic on the top right is just one wish pic of how i dont want my tummy tuck to look(she has dog ears).

Here Is How You Can See My Wish Pics!!!

They are on Smilebox :


I hope you all enjoy them.

Feedback on Wish Pics!!!

Let me know if there were certain ones you liked, or if they helped you out with what you wish to achieve with you results for any bodily surgery, also if i did a good job on putting it together. I wasnt able to organize them from best to least just because it was a lot of pictures.

Payment Updates!!

Ok so I will right down the dates that i pay and how much so that way you guys can watch my price go down and see how long it took me to pay it off. I will show the original amount and the breakdown of my procedures and their prices. So once i get down to a low enough amount to where i can finance it through wellsfargo, i will post the dates, payments and all that other info.

Generous Wish Pics!!!

Ok so if some of you have read some of the comments about my wish pics you will see that i have quite a few, 325 to be exact. Feel free to look through them and take pictures of them to have for your own wish pic collection. The pics i have are mainly form other girls here on realself and then a few are from the internet but thats about it. I know its alot of pics but trust me when you want to try and make sure that your surgeon knows what you want, you will definitely want to go through my wish pics. There are 8 categories the last one is just one pic of how i dont want my tummy tuck to look like. You can just click through to the next pic in the slideshow you dont have to just watch it.

DIet And Exercise

OK so as you guys know i do have type 2 diabetes, well i am trying to get my A1C down into the normal range and i have been going to the gym at my community college. So for my breakfast i have instant chia oatmeal or a english muffin breakfast sandwich( with turkey sausage and cheese), then as a snack i have celery cut into small pieces with peanut butter, and i have sliced peaches and small oranges to snack on on the way back home from school. Then for lunch i have one piece of tilapia fish and a salad(containing cucumber slices, shredded carrots, blue cheese crumbles and of course the salad leaves). For dinner I eat whatever my mom fixes or noodles. I take alpha lipoic acid supplement to help with lowering my blood sugar and i have a pack of milled chia seeds to help with the blood sugar too I can sprinkle them on or into whatever food or drink that i have. As for the exercise I get on the elliptical machine at my community college gym for 30 minutes and put it on cardio. I plan to do more exercises but since i work i can only go to the gym on my off days which is like twice a week so i have to make it count when i go. I am trying to make sure that i get good medical clearance for my surgery and the diabetes is the only thing holding me back but hopefully not for long now.

Surgery Buddy...Kinda!!!!!

I found another woman on here that is getting her surgery done a month before me. I am so excited I cant wait to see her results so I can kind of pinpoint what mine will look like but we may not have the same build so idk but the only difference between her and i is that her boobs are going to be silicone and mine are going to be saline.

My Blog!!

I feel like the topic that I have written about will help alot of you ladies because I know that alot of you may have gone through this too because its about how people look down on people who get surgery for a dream body instead of working out to achieve it.

Heres the link:
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

He is amazing i called this morning(August 21,2014) and i had sent in a consultation request and the woman i spoke to told Dr Hughes about me and he started emailing me and he is good about getting back to you and then i spoke with the patient coordinator Adam and he told me my surgery amount which is $23,500 and i just put in $1000 so now its down to $22,500. They were all very nice and informative and supportive. Dr Hughes is very thorough and informative and honest. He wanted me to get all my surgeries done at one time and i liked that also i know he will get every ounce of fat out of you that he can for the brazilian butt lift and then ofcourse some for a tummy tuck. For that price im pretty content with it seeing as its alot of surgery to be done. He is very understanding and is very confident in getting you your results.

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U got this!!!! U can do it!!
  • Reply
Thanks, I just gotta try and keep up with the exercise between school and work. My diet is good. But I will see in November when I go to see my doctor as to how well iv been doing.
  • Reply
Good luck on the diet&exercise, I hope you get it in normal range :)
  • Reply
Thank you.
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Yw Have a Great Weekend!
  • Reply
I enjoyed reading your review and am looking forward to following your journey. You are very mature and have taken great care in researching your options. I'm a 46 yr old mom of two with Lupus. I've been contemplating a TT for many years and now a BBL too. I get courage reading the stories on RS and yours is inspiring. I wish you the best!
  • Reply
Thank you it means a lot to me. I have two twin cousins tat have lupus so my prayers are with you and I wish you the best with your surgery journey.
  • Reply
It was so many pics! I made it to 100ish....and my finger started hurting from swiping thru them on my phone. It was quicker for me to swipe than let the slide show do its things! I hope u get more responses =)
  • Reply
Well that was just 1 category the others are much shorter than that but I did it so that people had a lot of options to choose from as far as helping them to find their own wish pics. Because I have collected photos from other people on realself, YouTube, and the internet so yah there's actually 325 instead of 333, since there were some duplicates that were taken out.
  • Reply
Briannalamar how can we get to your pics?
  • Reply
Copy and paste the link that I posted on here.
  • Reply
Hi, I cant seem to locate it
  • Reply
It's under my post that says here's how you can see my wish pics. It's before feedback on wish pics and after as I promised.
  • Reply
Did you ever find it???
  • Reply
Hi Briananalamar! No I did not. I seen it at one time but now that I am looking for it cant find it.
  • Reply
Ok well gonna try and copy and paste the link to you here in a message.
  • Reply
Here it is: http://www.smilebox.com/playBlog/4e4445784f4455774d54493d0d0a&blogview=true
  • Reply
Thanks for taking the time to send the link. Looks like you put in a lot of hard work and time. Didn't finish it all but good stuff
  • Reply
Well the first 101 pics are just one category the other categories are very short. I probably should have put it differently where the shorter categories were first.
  • Reply
I just really wanted other people to be able to go through them all and find wish pics that they wanted for their surgery and take pics of them for themselves, since i got them from all the different reviews from the women here on realself and a few from the web.
  • Reply
Nice work! I can tell your excited! I know the feeling! Mine is coming up in Jan and I am super excited. Close but still feels so far away! Today I start my weight loss journey and training. I am splitting my procedure bbl and additional lipo in the thighs. Before June 2015 I will get my TT after my body heals! Have a great day!
  • Reply
That's great i told dr hughes i wouldnt mind splitting it up but he insisted on me getting it all done together at one time. I havent seen him but i wonder if he really does have those big muscles, like in his pic.
  • Reply
Briannalamar he is a buff guy! He is pretty confident but I get a kick out of it! I love it
  • Reply
Lol iv emailed him here recently and I was explaining to him why I'll have a lot of wish pictures which because I felt like for the doctors here where I am they don't have good results so I collected wish pics to drill it into their heads as to what I want and Dr Hughes was like you don't gave to drill anything into my head my IQ IS 200 and I haven't met a doctor that is my equal. I was like ouuuu ok then gone on with yo bad self lol. He is very confident but at least he isn't one of those doctors where he's cocky but can't give good results. Omg I can't wait to meet him time is going by sooooo slow. But I'm about to have more money for me to be able to make another payment towards it so thatll be good.
  • Reply
Exciting and I know how you feel! He is very confident....undercover superman. I do like his style and work. Ready to be next Jan seems like forever! I understand Briannalamar
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