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I have been wanting to do the bbl and breast aug...

I have been wanting to do the bbl and breast aug since 2006! Went on consults back then but it never happened! It is NOW my time and I am looking forward to getting my new body!!! I went on about 4 consults and it came down to 2 doctors, Dr. Dass and Dr.Hughes. I felt they both did excellent work but ended choosing Dr.Hughes bases on his excellent credentials and experience! We were able to get a same day consult, within 1 week booked my surgery,did pre-op and paid for my surgery! I'm scheduled for sx on Tues July 2nd!!!! I'm super excited but nervous as well for the healing and recovery process!

Checking out butts

I'm so obsessed with butts its not even funny!! LOL I'm checking this site daily and looked at so many behinds!!! hahah I can't wait to get this done!!! I have been taking my multivitamin and Vit C (500mg) daily and also bought my iron pills. Should I be taking these NOW? I thought I read it somewhere that I should be, lol Anyone know? Also, for those of you Hughes girls, did they offer you more than 1 garment? I am getting bbl and breast aug and I hear that the leaking can get funky and I want to make sure I have a back up if necessary. Also, do any of you have garments that you bought elsewhere and if so, where?
thanks bbl family :)

Getting ready

Getting ready for my surgery this week. I'm planning to get a body pillow, boppy pillow, all of the groceries for smoothies and everything else I will need! Also Gotta get my house cleaned, go to the manicurist for mani & pedi, my estitician for waxing. Anyone purchase liners for their beds from leakage? Also, I was looking at this online for laying on your tummy, someone else on this site posted. Anyone use something like this?

Surgery is tomorrow!!!

I'm so ready to do this surgery!!! My appt is for 7 am and I'm sooooo excited! No nerves yet but I'm sure by the morning I will be! Eeekk can't wait for the surgery to be done with and I hope I heal super fast like some of the ladies on here! Not looking forward to healing and garments with this horrible HOT heat!!! Over the weekend it was 100 freakin degrees and it was miserable!!! Just want my new body with perky boobs and a new booty!!!

Pain and Nausea!!!

So surgery went well wasn't nervous at all. I got to the office super early at 6:15 am fearing I would be late! We were told to arrive at 6:30 , We sat in our car for about 20 min waiting then made it inside. Inside, I met with one of the nurses who took my pics, weight, and signed confirmed paperwork. My hubby and I then waited a lil longer for dr Hughes and met with him just to go over the procedures .
Once In the room, the worst part I remember was getting pre washed because it was freezing , I could not stop shivering! That's exact the way I woke up to, shivering!!! I think I was so dang cold I bit my lip because my lip was so swollen and I had teeth marks inside my lips!
Day1- I slept the entire day
Day 2- extremely sore
Day3- still sore, had Bm, and nausea / weird dreams/ hallucinations & vomit
Day 4- super super nausea and weak, still weired hallucuantions whenever i closed my eyes. i called dr office and emailed dr of symptoms. He was so great at calling me back right away. He mentioned could be either mess from pain killers or antibiotics. He suggested I try Tylenol extra strength to see if I could tolerate it. However, after taking that I work up a few hoours later In pain. So instead, for now I took half of the Vicodin and emailed him.
So far, the worst of the pain had been in my breast area! I woke up the next day from surgery with a sore throat and congestion. It hurts pretty bad when I cough especially in my areas of lipo. That's all for now.

Feeling better!

I must say week 1 of recovery for bbl and ba was painful!!! I was in bed pretty much the entire week drugged up, tired, weak, and nausea was the worst! Pain meds were too strong week 1 and had to be switched out! Once I changed pain meds, things seemed To get a lil better! I couldn't shower at first cuz I was just too freakin weak! I was fortunate to have plenty of help and people taking care of me thank goodness! I had a sponge bath after a few days and my first shower was an experience, got weak really quick and my hubby had to help wash my hair since it hurt to have my hands up! I also had my family taking care of all my food requests, they were so helpful I am truly appreciative!!! I hate to admit but first week i struggled to wipe my backside after bm ;( my dear hubby had to!!! That's what I call LOVE!!!!

I can say that by day 8 or 9 I was feeling stro ng enough to move around and not be in bed 24/7 !!!!Now, I can shower and wipe myself !!!! It's great to be mobile and doing things for myself now! I'm just getting restless constantly laying on my sides , rotation every so often! I don't know how I'm going to keep my sanity! Lol

The itchies!!!! Ugh!!!

I get these insane itches!!!!! its on the lipo'd area on my lower back! It's like I wanna rip my skin off LMBO I read that this is normal but is anyone else have this too and if so, any suggestions before I take skin!

Here are the pics I took today!

I have to admit it, I just began looking at my body this week, actually this past Tuesday after my visit with Dr. Hughes! I have been so scared to look at myself, I tend to be a very weak person when it comes to bruising, incisions, and scars on my own body! I just couldn't stomach to see any of it and the thought of seeing all of that only made me weak to my stomach! LOL So, here are the first of the pics that I have taken. I am happy though with the results.

More pics

I am pleased with the results :)

First day out driving!

So today was the first day I went out driving to run errands around town! I used the boppy and a small pillow for my lower back. I can say that it's not comfortable at all and since I am tall it's very awkward! I did a lot today and since its HOT, it was kind of nasty wearing the compression band, very sweaty and itchy again! Lol I was glad to be out though doing things!

I also had a girls nite out on Sat with a few gf. We went to the yard house and had dinner! I requested a bar stool table and took a neck pillow stuffed in my purse! For the first part of dinner, I sat on my thighs and leaned my weight forward. After that became tiring , I used the pillow in my purse. I was glad to get out and spend some time with friends! I get so bored at home just laying around watching tv. I plan to take some walks in the park later in the week! :)

New dress

I've bought this dress before surgery but never wore it because I didn't like the way I looked. Now I happy with the look!

Before & After

I am not too thrilled with showing my before pics but here I am so you can see the changes. I like all of my results thus far with the exception of my backside image. I feel that my butt could be a lot more fuller at the bottom and I hoping that some "fluffing or rounding or dropping" occurs!

New pics

Lovin the Jeans!

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You look great!!!! Has your butt begun to soften up? And do you have any lumps or bumps on your abdomen from the aggressive lipo?? Thanks so much for your review.. It was very helpful!
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any tips for the this bbl girl to be in less then 23 days??
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Are you going to Hughes as well.
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Look great any updated pics
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Hello Wantabooty, Congratulations!!!!! You look really good with your knew body, and in your Zumba clothes!! I now you were wondering what will people say? Im sure compliments is all they had!!! Looking Good!! how is class going?
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Wantabooty-just checking in on are you doing...feeling the "fluffy" part...does it seem like its all falling into place for you? It's Indian still have a little time to get out there in a bikini!!! -love your results!
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Beautiful results! So was this all inclusive? All lipo, BBL, anesthesia, meds, any extra flanks or chin or anything else he added? Sometimes they do that for you if they think it will help your full result... I'm in oregon & it seems so difficult to find a great BBL dr on the west coast at a decent price who really gets the tiny waist & super round butt! It's all in Mexico, Florida & Dominican Republic! Lol... maybe Hughes is the next big think here!!! Your story & pics will help a lot of us future BBL girls!
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Hi, you mentioned you slept on your side, did you get any fat injected into your sides? You look great, I'm considering Hughes also.
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No side injection , I initially was but dr Hughes said it would make me look wider and I didn't want that plus it would limit my recovery to only laying on my stomach! I would have been miserable !
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Hi, I was reading a comment you made on Icey1 page regarding round-2. You said you wanted a bigger but and not happy with your back rolls. I think you look great, but, I understand your point, we all have a certain "ideal look" we are hoping to achieve and when it doesn't happen we feel disappointed. I have scheduled my surgery for Nov 8th with Dr.Hughes. I'm excited and nervous!!! I don't want a super huge butt, but I do want to see a dramatic difference, if that makes sence? I have a lot of fat rolls on my back, upper and lower! I was thinking of asking Dr.Hughes for at least 1,000ccs on each side. Do you know forvsure how many ccs he gave you? Any advise for those of us waiting for our surgery? Looking back at your experience anything you would do different? Thank you so much for sharing your experience :)
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You look really good! Your boobs are perfect! When you got the lipo and bbl did your jean size decrease due to no more muffin top? Or did it equal out since you got more of a butt?
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Thanks! My size stayed the same since the fat just went from my gutt and sides to my butt! Lol
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You look great!!!!! Workin' those jeans!!!
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Thanks! Abdomen, flanks, lower back, and very little on inner thighs. Hughes said he would do 1000cc each
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what all did you have lipo'd? and how many cc's did you get in each butt cheek? you look good!
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I am scheduled for a BA & BBL tomorrow and was wondering how you slept? On your side, back or breast (with support of course).
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Slept on my sides rotating, I'm not much of a stomach sleeper plus it was too painful at first.
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Wow you look great! Did you get lipo on your back? How long did you wear your binder for before garment?
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Thanks! I still wear the binder most days and when I sleep. I bought a few spanks type tanks at khols(assets by spanks) and the other flexees tank that I love! I also have been wearing a squeem vest waist cincher the last 2 days but only for a few hours cuz I can barely handle it! Lol
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I would love to start wearing garment and waist cincher! Why do u say u can barely handle it with the waist cincher? Does it hurt you? :-/
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