30 Yr Old Mommy of 4, BBL &TT to Get(even Better) Pre Prego Body Back! - Culver City, CA

I have been researching surgeons for a couple of...

I have been researching surgeons for a couple of months and finally decided on a DR (I hope I'm doing this posting thing right)
Dr. Hughes has the best and most consistent results! I am now beginning my journey to lose 50 pounds before I schedule my consultation. I just want to make sure I get the best results and according to my BMI I am obese. I am the same weight I was when I had my one year old. Actually, what steps did any of you ladies take before the surgery - weight loss then consultation or vice versa?
Woo hoo I have my bx with dr. Hughes in Nov. Best of luck girl..
Aww I'm so jealous! Only a few months to go for you.. I will be looking out for updates, thank you!
im also having a tt by dr hughes, im scheduled for sept 2nd, im losing 30lbs, so far i've lost 19lbs, not by his request but i dont want to look out of proportion, so i think its a great idea to loose as much as possible. im excited for you! keep us updated!

wish pics

Here are some wish pics that I found. I definitely want more volume, but I would really like a round, nicely shaped butt more than anything. As of right now, I have big booty potential :) but I think i have a kinda big, flat butt -if that makes sense hahahaa
best wishes Big Mama! how you findthe doc to give you that big ol bootay
Well I dont think I'm alone in being obsessed with real self. When I first got on here, I was on here for hours! I started out researching about 4 different doctors and I just wound up really liking Dr. Hughes. His reviews are great, photo gallery on his site is amazing!
Glad you found someone. Well now it's time to get prepared for that Booty. Best wishes for a beautiful journey.
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